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3 months after the American Declaration of Independence, the Staten Island Peace Conference was held. Britain was represented by Admiral Lord Howe and America was represented by Franklin, Adams, and Rudledge.

Staten Island was a British loyalist stronghold, and the Peace Conference was held in the house of a British loyalist. The Brits had no respect for America diplomatically.

Britain refused to negotiate with America unless America first renounced their independence, and America refused. The Peace Conference ended after 3 hours and the Revolutionary War resumed.

Democrats can't handle the concept of independence. If someone dares declare independence, Democrats emotionally melt down. If someone dares have an independent thought, Democrats emotionally melt down. Democrats feel they're entitled to control Republican territory and they cry like babies if they can't. Democrats are exercising "tyranny of the majority". They're using their federal majority to tilt the playing field and pour salt on Republican territory.

Democrats will never respect Republicans. Democrats will never stop working to hurt Republicans. The only way forward is independence. Republican states must secede.

Nolte: Democrat run suburbs will be destroyed under Biden infrastructure plan.

Marlow: Andrew Breitbart taught me the left doesn't want compromise. They want to crush you.

Democrats are obsessed with wealth re-distribution. How about power re-distribution?
How about re-distributing federal power to states, and re-distributing state power to counties?

After all, power = wealth. The Clinton Foundation was a factory for turning power into wealth.

A nation fails if all the wealth ends up in the hands of a small number of oligarchs, or if all the power falls in the hands of the federal government. A nation fails if it becomes a 1-party state, which America has.

America is a failed nation, and it has bigly debt. Get out now and leave Democrats holding the debt bag.

Excommunication is a powerful weapon, up until the point where the excommunicated form their own protestant church, and then it's game over. Excommunication only works if used sparingly. Democrats are trigger-happy with excommunication and they excommunicated more than half of America. Nice job knuckleheads. It's time for a glorious religious schism.

Institutions invariably drift to oligarchy, leftism, bloat, and corruption (Wikipedia Iron Law of Oligarchy). Institutions invariably grow by merging with other institutions. It's easier to fuse power than to fission it. Independent thinkers should ditch institutions and let institutions collapse. Return to a world of individuals.

Britain's solution to America's Declaration of Independence was to start killing Americans. This established that Britain had the moral low ground and that independence was justified. Suppose Britain had won. Now they have on their hands a hornet's nest of independent thinkers that are very very angry that Britain killed their friends. Nice job King George.

Ask your Democrat friends the question: If Republican states secede, what should the federal government do? Should it let them go, or should it act like King George?

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jaymaron 7 May 16
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Stop saying 'democrats and republicans'. This is free men (led by high trust whites) vs a very a small anglo-jewish central banking cartel that's creating a neo feudal slave state through stolen money and brutal 'problem, reaction, solution' control techniques.

Medieval Feudalism was fought against for hundreds of years and finally eliminated in 1918. What was left in Europe after WWI was the establishment of constitutional republics. The British Commonwealth did remain a constitutional monarchy as did a few other nations. Of course, Russia became the only communist nation and started forming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
One shouldn't mistake what is happening today as Neo-Feudalism. Feudalism is a system of class but is not a fluid class system. It is more a caste system. It is more a form of socialism known as fascism. What is happening today is the formation of a communist society, supposedly classless, but with a powerful ruling elite that is desperately attempting to globally engineer civilization.

One must look where law is crafted as being along the top tier of a hierarchical structure. The elected officials are on the same plane as the central bankers if not slightly above them. The bankers do have the advantage of knowledge in economic, monetary and financial matters so elected officials are somewhat dependent upon central bankers for their economic policy. The general public has almost zero knowledge of banking, high finance or even money itself so they are easily led by the nose. That is the result of a public education that has turned into a public system of indoctrination.


The root of the "deep state" or swamp is the banking system, which was clearly shown in the 2008 banking crisis to have caused the global financial meltdown through market speculation and manipulation.

The ability of a privately held bank (Federal Reserve) to issue the money of a nation is the equivalence of putting a pack of coyotes in charge of collecting the eggs each day from the hen house.


We’ve seen just how difficult it is to dismantle what you’re describing: the deep state, the swamp. That power=wealth entrenchment won’t give up easily. But it’s what is needed. Our traditional means of government may not be strong enough to dislodge this.

Garsco Level 8 May 16, 2021


The Founding Fathers put DC in a swamp to make it undesirable to be there. Then politicians drained the swamp and built a comfortable bourgeois city. We need the swamp back. Flood the swamp! Flood it until politicians flee DC like refugees. Mosquitos laugh at the Capitol Wall.

Once upon a time, the Roman city of Pompeii exploded in a volcanic eruption.

San Francisco is way overdue for a bigly Earthquake that will sink the city into the sea.

Alligators love to eat politicians.

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