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I know and you know. We know...

andaleyutro 7 May 16
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no its not. its the egyptian jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ 4th reicht. the bible states jew"ish" are the synagogue of "satan"/ego... hitler was jew"ish" and sacrificed 6 million innocent Jews to temptation. hi, im marcus one of the prophesied sack cloth prophets (elect of Judah) etc. as you know WE are over a year into tribulation...? out of 3 years 5 months 2 weeks and 1 day to shorten days (the days were set to prophecy... brilliant isnt it...) by half for the chosen. if YOU should choose not to unite and we are killed by satan in your complacency. then YOU will face Jehovahs wrath then revelationS... see if my math is correct the days were set to prophecy arent quite 3.5 years... theres like 13 floating days... i don't know details of them... can tell ya, are YOU sure WE are the "goyin". "unite as lions and sheep" or lions to sheep and sheep to lions... this is the time repentance is being accepted. this bs is just racism. were all from 2 tribes. the 4 sacred shades of the tribes:
red - yellow = tones of gold
black - white = tones of white... grey
egypt mirrored and inverted the ways, traditions, dress, etc of Judah with help of temptation... then exhiled aramaic and hebrew israelites to americas... and this time yall are trying to wall us in the united states of babylon the great... were not here to judge but yall are pissing Elijah off. my best witness to you is recommend you search like youtube for testimony from your own brothers and sisters who met (war chief) Jesus. EVERYONE WE HAVE EVER MET OR HEARD OF ... has been lied to since the day were born... "goyin" don't exist unless you want to put it in your forehead... ive faced (war chief) Jesus call of spirit to self judgement and WHEW found myself judgement free... your soul turns to naked flesh as you enter the beautiful garden of ... self judgement... was it Eden... the grass was soft like fern... the air perfectly cool and oxygen rich, but your only aware of that. you sit on your knees as a lamb then your mind ... blossoms and you start searching EVERY second moment incident instance etc at once, with Jesus eternal wisdom. yall are kinda right... we turn into Gods ...right before YOU self judge for eternity. Jehovah and (war chief) Jesus "power" ... is existence


Watch out for little hats!

sqeptiq Level 8 May 16, 2021

i don't think so it's the freemason who many are zoinist jews! that's my best take on it.... []

Freemasons have that "Chosen" attitude. A "Chosen" one would be opposed to the idea of walls, because they have criminal minds, and criminal don't like walls and door locks, and they resent women who only have one man.
Zionists believe in border walls (a least for Israel).
The International Jews are Globalists and don't even like Zionists, and believe that the whole world belongs to them, and woe to he who believes in private property.

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