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Rafael Edward Cruz cares more about Israel than Texas.

JacksonNought 8 May 17
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Although Biden has yet to formally lift all sanctions, all the steam has gone out of the former Trump approach, and Iran has much more room to manoeuvre. It supplies the rockets, money and geo-strategic direction to Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Gulf and North African nations that made peace with Israel, or were considering doing so, see a much less reliable ally against Iran in the new Biden administration. Trump would comprehensively underwrite their peace agreements with Israel. Biden is much less enthusiastic about that.


Israel is the only Democratic nation in the ME.
It is constantly under threat.
The US and Israel have a long history of cooperation.
Are you simply mud-slinging?

Perhaps as an Australian you aren't as well versed in the goings-on of America. This has nothing to do with Israel. Rafael, a Texas representative, sees an issue in Israel and it's planning to travel there to assess the situation in person. Yet when his own state was in the middle of a crisis, with dozens of his constituents dying, he decided to fly off to Cancun for vacation.

So yes, he cares more about Israel than his own represented state.

@JacksonNought Perhaps you are an idiot... no forget the perhaps bit.

@Lightman wow you sure got me there. Maybe stay out of things you aren't qualified to comment on.

@JacksonNought Yeah I know... but hey everyone else seems to have you pegged already.
BTW a quick google and you will see that Texas has many links to Israel... did you not bother to do that before mouthing off? Go Ted...

@Lightman yet you completely ignore Rafael fleeing his state during a crisis?

@JacksonNought Flee? the only FLEA here is you buddy boy.

@Lightman sounds like your have a crush on Rafael.

@JacksonNought I'm not gay like you remember... did you google some relevant information like I suggested or are you happy being ignorant?

@Lightman sounds like you're jealous Rafael didn't ask you to go to Cancun with him. I am sure in your dreams at night, he actually defends you against Trump's insults. Because you're special.

@JacksonNought God you're a sicko... can't you just admit when you are wrong instead of being a total prat?
You are wrong and the facts speak for themselves. Go away...

@Lightman what facts do you speak of? Did Rafael not go to Cancun while his state was in the middle of a crisis? Could you not want to gargle his balls any harder?

@JacksonNought sicko...


Hasanabi is a has been and a nobody. Anybody quoted by the said Jason is anti-American and how the rational is drawn is only imagined in a drug induced coma called leftism!
Cruz is an American Patriot!

Rick-A Level 8 May 17, 2021

Rafael Edward Cruz is a patriot, yet he fled his suffering state to go vacation in another country?

@JacksonNought Have another snort Jason, focus on critical issues. Here’s one you might consider - Dick Sucking it’s right up your juvenile intellectual street.

@Rick-A you mean like "America First" co-founder Gaetz snorting cocaine and having sex with underaged girls?


Israel is in about as much danger from Palestine as the United States would be if we went to war with the New Mexico Navajo Indian reservation.

The Indians wouldn't be supported financially and in arms by Iran. Thanks to things like unfreezing Iranian financial assets etc by Biden and co.


Cruz should run for Knesset.

sqeptiq Level 8 May 17, 2021
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