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LINK Let’s see how this can be pinned on the Cops?

He left his cell phone at the Scene.
A 24-year-old Florida man with a lengthy criminal history has been arrested after he allegedly stole a truck, sword, laptop and other items from a home in St. Petersburg – but left behind his cellphone, according to reports.

Rick-A 8 May 17
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Man commits crime. Police arrest him. What's the problem?

It’s too complicated for you to understand.

@Rick-A perhaps it is too complicated for you, if you can't see how cops arrested a criminal in a normal fashion isn't a problem.

@JacksonNought Jackson, I agree with you comment!!!
The question has become, "why are these criminals, with lengthy records, on the street victimizing more citizens"????????????????????
And why isn't the "Criminal Justice System" correcting that issue???????????????????
Is it the Criminal or is it the System????????

@Serg97 it's the for-profit prison pipeline which prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation, criminalizes poverty (bail and fines which cause an endless cycle), and churns out repeat offenders.

@JacksonNought A large portion of them never see the inside of a jail cell!!!
Again speaking from over 25 years experience!!! I personally arrested ONE guy for over 250 felonies, and that does not count the arrest made by the other officers I worked with!!!

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