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Economics is important but secondary to tribal supremacism of Jews.

After all, if the military-industrial-complex really ruled everything and wanted more wars for profits and power, why doesn't the US go after Israel? Israel can be charged with crimes against humanity and it could be bombed and invaded(in the name of protecting Palestinians), and it'd be great for the war industry and it'd be fun for imperialists who just love to play the game. We can't even imagine such a thing.

Foreign policy is directed less by profits than tribal interests. Most of these wars are 'wars for Israel', and US deems as 'the enemy' any nation/people hated by Jews.

Also, leftism, in promoting mass-migration and immigration, makes the problem worse. Palestine-Israel problem wouldn't exist if Palestine differ suffer the Great Replacement via mass Jewish Immigration. More diversity means more division.

If you want to know what's happening in the West, just ask one question:
"What do Jews want?" That explains things 90% of the time.

  1. Jews want 'gay marriage'. Check.
  2. Jews want tranny craziness. Check.
  3. Jews want Great Replacement of whites. Check.
  4. Jews want election fraud and rigging in their favor. Check.
  5. Jews want interrracist propaganda and ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs. Check.
  6. Jews want white goyim to kill and die in Wars for Israel. Check.
  7. Jews want white working class to die of opioids. Check.
  8. Jews want to rob us via Wall Street and Las Vegas. Check.
  9. Jews want goyim to become idiot potheads. Check.
  10. Jews want Censchwarzhip to shut down BDS & free speech among goyim. Check.
  11. Jews want US whore politicians to favor Jewish supremacism over justice for Palestinians. Check.
  12. Jews want to f Trump in the ass and have him beg to suck their d. Check.

We can go on and on. If Jews want it, they get it. Jews lead, goyim follow. Jews demand, goyim deliver.

andaleyutro 7 May 20
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The Great Displacement goes on in Africa, too. Fulani displace Igbo. Buhari must go.


Never forget the Congolese holocaust. Zionism is worse than Leopold.


The truth is that Jews really don't like non-Jews, especially Christians and this feeling is strong inside Israel. As Americans and Canadians cuck for Israel, they don't realize they are supporting a people that have no use for them.

I wish folks would do their research and keep out of the Israeli conflicts. Not our monkey. Not our circus. If Christians lived under Jewish rule, we are seeing exactly what life would be like as a second class citizen. This is not hating the Jews. This is written in their Talmud


Pretty pathetic

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