A completely accurate assessment of western civilization of today. While there is a ‘whitephobia’ which is an unaccountable hatred of white people – it doesn’t carry much significance by the search engines looked it up on. But that’s no surprise as I’ve noticed definitions change to conform with feminist dogma before. Just the not giving any credence to the word ‘whitephobia’ is proof positive of the racist maneuverings by these socialists currently in the drivers seat.

The only problem I have with use of ‘whitephobia’ is that it’s not inclusive enough to cover all the hate the socialists have backed up inside themselves for liberty & western civilization. Just like the Nazis & Communists they need to focus hate (THEIR DRIVING FORCE) on some group – looks like white males have caught the brass ring of socialist hatred this time around – after all that has always been their mode of operation before they spectacularly FAIL!

As long as you’re not white male you have a chance of escaping the notice of these socialist morons.

I did come across ‘Anglophobia’ which seem to epitomize their animal lust for carnage best – at least to me it does. These creatures hate the very ideas of merit & liberty – probably because they chafe at being equal before the law. They just need an oppressor to hate no matter who or what it is – with Hitler the Jews, with Stalin the Kulaks and the list goes on & on.

Anglophobia (or an Anglophobe) – the fear/dislike of England or English culture; or Americanophobia.

Please do correct any of my failings in writing this?

Posted by: DoctorRandomercam ~ Premiered Apr 27, 2021
“The Escherian Euphemism Treadmill”

1914wizard 7 May 29
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it is the "new world order" = egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reicht. prophesied in the bible. ALL democracies are under coup, same script different actors. this is over a year into tribulation. phukin witness this shit

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