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Post political opinions you want on social media all you want i don't care. if you want it to be your pulpit thats fine but then let it be your pulpit. also be prepared to defend your position there as well if thats what you plan to do. or hell don't engage in squabbles thats fine too but don't then tell me you care about free speech and are sick and tired of cancel culture when you turn around and delete my comment and/or block me. you don’t understand how we got to the point Mr Potato head gets cancelled? this is how YOU are the problem when this is what you do when every little thing offends you. sure mr potato head may not offend you but it clearly offends someone and we’ve now set the precedent that this is how you win, yoi just get rid of the opinion or thing you don’t like woth out actually talking about it and rationalizing.

Joehlert11 7 May 31
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Some context here might help. I have no idea who you're talking to or what to make of this.

not really targeted at anyone specific more a general comment about the issue at hand of deleting comments and blocking people after they disagree on a political post you make


Okay...again, what's the context? Are we talking about something that happened here? On Facebook? On Twitter? If it was here, what was the group, the comment, etc?

If you're just venting and don't want to have a conversation about it, that's fine, I'll let the matter drop. But I'd made the assumption you brought it up to foster discussion.

@Alysandir i mean inthinknit kind of speaks for itself. it doesn’t matter what social media it was on just that if you do post on soc media you open yourself up to criticism. but then people want to complain how cancel culture has gone too far yet this is why. when you start “banning” every little thing that offends you by means of deleting comments and blocking people, this is how we get to that point.


I would say the context matters because it depends on who is doing the censoring.

If you're railing against Big Tech, then that's happening because you don't subscribe to the groupthink and they feel no obligation to allow diversity of opinion while at the same time loudly protesting their right to First Amendment protections.

If you're railing about a specific group here on Slug, then that has to do with who the group moderator is, and there have been several occasions of people posting very angry responses accusing Slug of taking their content down, when in reality it was just the creator of the group censoring ideas he or she didn't like.

As for the greater idea of cancel culture - at the risk of repeating things I've said elsewhere - that's simply an extension of the university "safe space:" a place where students could go to escape from being exposed to ideas that they don't like. Well, uni is done, they're now out in the real world, so they are attempting to now create a virtual safe space where the only people who get to speak are the ones that agree with them.

And like actual safe space at uni, they are doing themselves no favors by hiding from differing ideas or challenges to their status quo. This is nothing more than groupthink and the vilification of those with different ideas as horrible people who don't deserve the right to speak or even common courtesies.

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