So I would submit that how a person PRESENTS themselves should rightly indicate to the observer how they wish to be addressed & related to – pronouns & otherwise.

If I understand the issue, “CIS Gender” (if I’ve spelled that correctly) simply means that a person PRESENTS in a typical way most commonly PRESENTED by their biological sex be it XY male human or XX female human.

Gender Identity however falls into conflict with required norms of civil behavior when Transgender individual insist that others, each with their own exclusive Gender Identity, MUST BE COMPELLED to participate in their illusion delusion or fantasy (or whatever else it might be called) to the exclusion of their own Gender Identity.

The best I can discern, EVERYTHING wrong in society today can have its roots traced back to EXCLUSIVELY to Marxist Ideology? And the misconception that everything (LITERALLY EVERYTHING) is about grasping for POWER TO THE EXCLUSION OF ANY OTHER MOTIVATION OR PURPOSE!

Correct me if in error, but couldn’t Thomas Hobbes & Karl Marx have been sibling (twins even) in some manor – they sure thought the same despicable way?

As for me, I’ll just put faith in the only human SELF OWNERSHIP MANUAL rather than any of these self absorbed narcissistic fools. And in that Self Ownership Manual it states:

Genesis 3:16 “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” (kjv)

I don’t see how it’s ambiguous open to interpretation in the least. What does appear to be overlooked is that the edict ONLY addresses the male female relationship within the context of marriage. From what I can tell, feminism advocates for women to receive ALL the benefits of marital status without any of the responsibilities expected thereof? Yet this is what the feminist gynocentric state has imposed upon marriage(s) – ALL-THE-WHILE men are lead to believe they’ve entered into a sacred matrimonial arrangement. One could even say they (MEN) have had a Bait & Switch confidence scheme perpetrated upon them – BECAUSE THEY HAVE!

In one respect Hobbes & Marx were correct on one thing. Strangely enough Lex Luther said in a line from the movie ”Superman” that “People are no damn good.” Whereas Jesus Christ said “No one is good but the FATHER. Socialist SJW’s capitalize on this readily acknowledged human imperfection like infantile children oh so sure that they not only can do better than their parents BUT THAT THEY ARE BETTER THEREFORE WOULD DO BETTER. That’s also called Self-Righteous HYPOCRITICAL NARCISSISM. And there they so stand with such purity of heart & conscience eagerly ready to CAST THE FIST STONES – sad.

There is so much wrong with Socialism & SJW’s that this, one of my favorite thinkers, youngster is on her third video trying to nail the subject down. None-the less, here it is partial as it is.

Posted by: The Prim Reaper ~ May 30, 2021
“The Lionizing of Weakness - Insidious Aspects of Social Justice 3”

1914wizard 7 June 2
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