The female mode of operation – aka TOXIC FEMININITY? Could such things as Cancel Culture & Political Correctness plaguing society today be manifestations of Toxic Femininity? After all, every single affliction society is being forced to endure today perfectly parallels typical conduct of female adolescents.

Listen closely to virtually any male, closely I said, sooner or later all-though-it-be brief they will divulge that at sometime in their lives they’ve been the victim of females lies – THAT’S CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!

Men will confront each other head to head, sometimes physically & other times not – BUT THEY CONFRONT EACH OTHER ENDING THEIR GRIEVANCES WITH EACH OTHER THEN & THERE, BE DONE WITH IT.

I suppose that what I’m questioning is whether or not Woke(ism) is actually Gynocentric Communist Socialism? I posit this hypothesis because it quakes & walks like a duck – IS IT A DUCK?


Though sure to meet with intense opposition, I’d even go so far as to throw the UNREASONING NATURE of POSTMODERNISM in there with the other characteristics of that already overloaded duck? But that is pretty fast.

PS. These are ALL traits on display within a gaggle of adolescence females – look for yourself. And NO I don’t care if the idea is misogynistic – might even be better if it were.

Ask any female, shell tell you what’s wrong with you – get my point? Professor Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life” seem more than appropriate for the modern female – just posing?

I concerted the descriptor of communism primarily because the feminist movement was high-jacked by them way back in the 1950’s – even though I’d submit they were already a Marxist ideology long before that – just noting.
Just like the NEW meaning of anti-racism is actually RACISM – like the application of a double negative reverses the meaning.

Posted by: The Sun ~ Jan 23, 2020
“Comedian Andrew Doyle takes apart woke comedy and political correctness - BQ #5”

1914wizard 7 June 7
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It's black woman gynocentrism.

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