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Last night I had an interesting interview / discussion on "The Real Dana" YouTube channel. It's a black oriented channel where they discuss culture and politics.

First, I'm grateful when anyone allows me a platform to have a fair discussion even if they might disagree with my stance. We varied in what we agreed about and she allowed me to explain myself, which I appreciate. I expressed that I'd love to go back on, so I have no negative feelings about Dana herself at all.

Around an hour or so in, she allows her viewers to join in on the discussion, which was the first time I've done this. It was a mixed bag of people who agree with me, disagree or agree on some of the points I'm making.

The varying thought, in my opinion, is a good thing because everyone of every demographic have certain viewpoints and it's perfectly okay. I respect those that tell me why they disagree and hopefully we can talk about it. One interesting person, George, he sounded as if we disagreed but I made it clear that I agree with most of what he's saying.

One guy came in wanting to talk straight politics and put me into some sort of "trap" of a discussion but that's not why I was there. I'm not a politician and my book isn't overtly political. The majority of what I write about is referencing culture, that's my interest.

I dislike people who shift the conversation into what they want to talk about in order to "win" as if it's a debate. Also, wanting to know my position on a policy means literally nothing, I'm not in a position of power or influence, so why do you care? Even on here, we banter back and forth because he have an interest or concern but none of us believe that every person needs to quit their job and start a's just conversation about political philosophy.

Politics is downstream from culture and this idea that culture doesn't matter, in my opinion, misses the mark.

My goal with writing my book was to express myself, critique what I feel isn't fairly critiqued, and end with a positive message. There were assumptions made about myself, like that I'm a Republican, hence, they know all my viewpoints or that I'm just a cheerleader for one party. I'm an Independent because I simply do not trust either political party. I'm also more Libertarian minded and I don't think the savior for anyone, regardless of race, is the government.

Overall, I'm glad I did it. It was a mentally draining experience to talk for almost 2 and a half hours while being the center focus but I would do it again. I knew my viewpoints would piss off a few black people but I'd rather piss of a few in order to expose others to opinions they've never heard before or listen to viewpoints that they never considered.

BlackoutNJ 7 June 7
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When people of all political stripes sit and talk well, most people realize that we are much closer in our ideas of what should happen than the media and politicians make out. The vast majority of people are reasonable and able to discuss and come to satisfactory compromises. Amazing that there is so much 'apparent' division...or not.

I completely agree


Black hands matter?

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