News Note: I’ve just come across a Yahoo News headline that reported that the DOJ has recovered million in crypto currency ransom paid – I hope not as the United States currency can no longer be a trusted medium for your savings.. The more money Biden prints the less the money in your wallet is worth – Socialist how that works.

Such words as Socialism (Socialist) can mean a thing or umbrella many things just as it does – none good to my knowledge

Like BLM (Black Lives Matter) being a Marxist/Socialism revolutionary organization bent on the overthrow of Capitalism. Quite a lot to pack into just three upper case letters – isn’t it?

Or like Socialist Feminism being a man hating organization bent on the overthrow of a mythical Patriarchy which if existed at all would only signify Human Male Liberty – rather duplicitous don’t you think?

Think of it. The male human courts the female human IF SHE AGREES! After which he may (or may not) as her to marry him – SHE’S REQUIRED TO AGREE TO THAT ALSO!

For this mythical Patriarchy to be made up of some ogre-ous thing(s) it’s sure not doing a very good job of ogre-ing – is it? Or perhaps this mythical Patriarchy is made up of ogers – in which case it’s still not doing a very good job of oppressing female humans – or am I wrong? I find it interesting that no matter whether it’s a Patriarchy of ogres or ogers they’re both derogatory words for men – doesn’t tell you something?

At-any-rate, what a word or appears to mean very likely doesn’t mean that at all. Just like Social Justice has nothing what-so-ever to do with justice, Had they called themselves Vigilantes or Mob Justice or even Personal Justice they’d at least be more accurate in their expression.

Whatever all these fools purport to be, young Men consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy of life as far away from these lunatics as possible.

Posted by: DoctorRandomercam ~ Premiered 94 minutes ago
“Take the Foot - James O'Brien”

1914wizard 7 June 7
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I really like him. The point I like the most is that BLM is an ORGANIZATION that you can evaluate and in doing so, seek to disassociate with over it's goals.

Saying I don't like BLM is not the same thing as saying I support Black Lives.


What's groovy is to be double trans: a man who identifies as a woman who identifies as a man. That way I get double the oppression points as a tranny, without having to make any changes! 👍🏻

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