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Using music, comedy, and mockery to push back against the "snowflakes" may be the only hope left to save our culture before the Marxists completely destroy it.

Andrewwho 6 June 8
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plus he states in the video both sides are our oppressors. they delude that by imolying its political leaning to deflect and bury his truth into their hitler sereal killer worshiping agenda.


ignore "jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ 4th reich propoganda title. there is no left or right american. its not "marxists" destroying our culture"... its "jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ destroying another democracy. see how they slither


are you retarded to the point your trying to use this vid as a political platform after he called out fake ass politics as our hueman oppressors

I would not label any one of our members as a retard. It isn't polite. Thinking that to oneself is acceptable, however.

@WayneHawthorne i said are you retarded to the point... actually read the question and look up definition of retarded before you pretend to be a "super super good hueman" victims advocate protector from words. but thanks for answering my question

@sackClothProphet My humble apology. I was confused by your unique sentence structure and spelling.

@WayneHawthorne apology accepted πŸ€πŸ™‚. I AM 1 of the 2 selected witness of Jehovah aka sack cloth prophets. I AM marcus, a Heyoka (of Christ) mountain lion spirit of the Elect of the house of Judah (tribe of Adam/house of Jehovah) (we didnt eat the innocent). bloodline to the honorable prophet Jeremiah also referred to as Geronimo. WE are ancient spirits. WE speak ancient aramaic structure like WE used to but with english words... the language of babble. complicated... the only difference between ancient aramaic and henrew was a varience of announciation of letters through symols instead of vowels. YHWH = Y'H'W'H translated to some language as YaH. WeH... not one word, undefined, incomplete translation, unknown language. could be hebrew for english translation to Jehovah, could be Jesus hebrew name... not in accordance to be used AS Jehovahs name in our guide book bible. letters are links or endings of the word. YaH (stressed H end) WeH (resumed normal tone). ancient aramaic Y'H'W-H = ("YaHoWaH" ) (one breath) only you can utter it as you can utter it like a vocal fingerprint. your sacred sound. but WE WILL know him by the english translation of ("YaHoWaH" ) to Jehovah as instructed and warned in the bible by (war chief) Jesus our lovely soon to be Chief of earth and Jehovah our lovely Great Everything. "YOU can only serve one Master (Elohim is ancient aramaic for "Master" ). tares are being sifted as truths are being revealed. its gettin down to pick your possessor ... demon possession through satan or Holy spirit possession of spirit through Jehovah.
angels (meekness) vs demon (egoes) ... loool who knew "dungeons and dragons"/"steampunk era" existed/is cgonna exist. there never was a steampunk era in this realm lol. and the bible talks of dragons, history talks of dragons... hebrew and aramaic israelite legends talks of victories over giants. "goliath" was a fallen angel creation (as possibly dinosaurs(?) ... i wonder what native tribe David was... here is a discernment challenge for you. what was the factor king david was lookin for when he selected his army by how they drank from the river to discern their spirit?

@sackClothProphet Rev. Paul Wallis waxes eloquently on the subject of Genesis and the Elohim here.

@WayneHawthorne no religion is stated in the bible, ALL religions are false doctrine distractions. I AM 1 of the 4 huemans honored to be on Jehovahs heavenly council... I AM 1 of 2 of Jehovahs witnesses aka 1/2 sack cloth prophets etc... why the hell would I listen to a false prophet of babylon? at no point in my truths did I ask for anybodies opinion. Elohim is ancient aramaic for "Master" more like chosen Master. what a satanic title by shallow people... "escaping from eden" WE didnt "escape" our home Eden, WE were banished for dissobedience. no thanks to your offer of blasphemy

@sackClothProphet I apologise. I mistakenly thought you had an open mind. -30-

@WayneHawthorne deleting your comment don't make you right or change the facts of my burning pearls


Actually liked that

Fleabag Level 6 June 8, 2021
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