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LINK THE TRUTH About The Muslim TRUCK ATTACK IN LONDON - “Islamophobia” Is NOT Your Enemy!!! - YouTube

The NDP leader is busy making political virtue points by throwing the country that gave him his fortune and success under the bus. Apparently, an attack on a Muslim family by one mentally disturbed teenager is enough to make Canada an unsafe nation of racist, murderers! 🤡

WorldSigh 8 June 9
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I am wondering if it was just a boy girl thing. He was twenty. the daughter was about sixteen. Were they connected as teens are apt to be. Were they torn apart. Was it a family religious feud. Sometimes it is just a Romeo Juliette thing.


only muslim lived on that "un safe street"? just more egyptian jew"ish" naz👁 4th reich propoganda drama. look at these forign communist trolls below... WE know what their doing but theyre so egotistical they post this bs still thinking their are "intelectually superior master manipulators" to vain to realize they are just poking us with toothpicks... look what happened to the "jew"ish" naz👁 when WE THE PEOPLE joined the war... and hey washington dc, the "jew"ish" naz👁 4th riech came to WE THE PEOPLE this time tryin to create "naz👁 america" concentration camp... cops have become the ss. "fema" = mobile concentration camps. trump is the "jew"ish" naz👁 4th reich leader threatening attack against our democracy. lock and load. they need to cease and desist this is their last chance to repent and unite to rebuild (war chief/chief) Jesus third temple|the body of christs ... us or their fate is written.


Racism = Hate. It is impossible for a minority race to be racist toward whites because they have no power. Therefore they cannot hate whites. But all whites are white supremacists by the fact they have privilege and implicit bias. All Orwellian political word games for the purpose of "dividing and conquering". Who is behind it, would be a fair question.
Jagmeet Singh is on board, knowingly or unknowingly. Jagmeet is race-baiting. Understandable, I suppose. But he takes an incident of an obviously mentally disturbed person and applies it to the general population of Canada. Well, perhaps it is a warning to others not to come to Canada.If I were planning to migrate to Canada as a Muslim I would think twice and if I were living in Canada and listened to his generalizing tirade I would seriously consider leaving. That is not what he wants though. He knows it is not true. He wants, knowingly or unknowingly, to contribute to the fundamental transformation of Canada. It's happening in Western democratic nations everywhere. Hands up if you noticed? Democratic nations must be weakened. Political leaders like Jagmeet know not what they do. I don't think the CCP is interested in a more socially just, more diverse, more inclusive, society. People to them are just masses of protoplasm that need to be managed.


It’s standard practice to blow it up as a hate crime when it’s a white perpetrator, even if it’s a mental issue. In any other scenario race or colour becomes minor detail.

Rick-A Level 8 June 9, 2021

But the reverse is also true to the other side of the aisle: It's standard practice to classify any crime by a Muslim as "Islamic Terrorism" or any crime by a black person as "all blacks are criminals", but then any crime by a white person is a "mental issue" or just a "lone wolf" no matter the affiliation.

In 2014, a college student murdered his classmate. The murderer spent hours watching Christian conspiracy videos on YouTube. He claimed he did it because the classmate "was practicing witchcraft" and that he had "strong Christian beliefs". Yet the police captain claimed the case had "no religious implications". If it were a Muslim killing a Christian for similar reasons, the first thing announced would be "Islamic terrorism".

@JacksonNought And, then there was the Gasoline tanker driver that rammed an incoming jet in Toronto. Complete suppression of name, colour, race, or creed. If he was white, his name and photo would have been plastered all over the news.

@WayneHawthorne You agreed with him? You gave him a thumbs up for what? Everything he says was basically anti-white. More black on black crime than any other demographic.

@WayneHawthorne hence it seems to depend on what side of the aisle you fall on to see where you direct your selective outrage.

When asked why Trump took so long to make a statement about the white supremacists in Charlottesville, he said he didn't want to "go quickly and just make a statement for the sake of making a political statement..I want to know the facts". But when EgyptAir Flight 804 disappeared, he rushed to Twitter at 6AM to make a statement that it had to be related to terrorism. Same with the Central Park Five, where despite their exoneration, he decided to take out a full page ad in a newspaper calling for their deaths.

George Floyd is killed by the police - he was a dangerous criminal who deserved it, let's dig through his past and bring up all run-ins with the law. Ashli Babbitt is killed by the police - she was a freedom-loving patriot who was unjustly killed by corrupt authorities, completely ignore her past and her run-ins with the law.

@Rick-A dude, just admit your a racist.

@JacksonNought You can’t deny the facts. Trump was right, you are wrong as usual. You can never see the trees for the forest, your biased and fake. Talk about the border, talk about Fauci, talk about tripping on stairs, talk about senility, talk about corruption, talk about an entire election that was purloined. Give you head a shake!

@Rick-A what was Trump right on? He was wrong about the Central Park Five. They were innocent. He was wrong about the wall - Mexico was never going to pay for it, and he constantly had to increase his estimates for the cost... he also said it would be impenetrable and unclimbable, which was easily proven false. He said COVID would disappear magically, and barely anyone would get it. Also false. He claimed he won the election and it was rigged. Also false.

So please, do tell what facts Trump was right about.

Just admit the fact that you are racist, and we can call it a day.

@JacksonNought Just admit that the only answer you ever have is “racist”. Your past is rooted in the KKK, were your ancestors slave traders? Now you think that’s a valid excuse for you to point at me? You are, as I have previously said, a nut bar!

@Rick-A What I gave a thumbs up to was not automatically assuming a person is guilty because of race. And, I disagree with suppressing the identity of any criminal because they are of a certain race. It is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. BTW, welcome to our vast named-as-racist club. As Vlad Putin says; "anybody who makes such accusations is probably guilty of the same thing. Cheers.

@JacksonNought He was 100% right about people like you and Biden.
Get your head around this, Trump is coming back.
You are the racist, you hate WHITE people, just admit it.

@WayneHawthorne I only call racists racist. You haven't said anything that makes me think you are (at least not from any interactions I can recall) so I don't think you are one.

Rick-A however is an unabashed racist. Every interaction has some sort of disparaging remark towards black people, and they contribute nothing except hyperbole and ad hominem attacks.

@Rick-A, not sure what past I have with the KKK? I am not a Democrat, and I am Jewish - so no, my ancestors were not slave traders.

@Rick-A you might want to make a new post. Your current post count is 666! The devil will get you!

@JacksonNought The difference between 666 and 647 is how much? You can’t even add or subtract correctly!

@JacksonNought "Sticks 'n stones, Jack, Sticks n' stones."

@Rick-A wtf does that even mean? Your post count is currently 666. Are you dumb?

@JacksonNought You said are you Snorting again?
You said my post count was 666 a few posts back.
My post count on Slug is actually 647!
Pay attention because you are decidedly shy on truth, details and reality.
Just in case, I got a photo. You did this once before!

@Rick-A wow, do you even believe your own bullshit? Your lies are all so easily refuted.

@JacksonNought Photo 1 “Your post count is currently 666.”
You said it! Liar?

@JacksonNought Photo 2 May stats.

@Rick-A as I already showed in my screenshot, your post count appears as 666. Anyone else in this thread care to back me up? @WayneHawthorne?

@JacksonNought The Intellectual Dark web is too classy to host a big piss-up. Forgive and forget.

@JacksonNought Fraudster!

@JacksonNought hitler was jew"ish" too. you "nice people" refer to us "non jew"ish" as "goyin". define what your word goyin means.

@sackClothProphet you keep saying that. No, Hitler was not Jewish. And you are not a prophet. You are, ask Rick-A says, a fraudster.

@JacksonNought hitler was "jew"ish" and slaughtered 6 million innocent Jews. the rest is irrelevant opinion. are you "jew"ish"? trump is "jew"ish" naz👁 4th reich too isnt he? don't you agree its makin more and more sense for WE THE 99% to cull the self claimed "1% eliter huemans" and their bitch sheople off the face of our planet for eternity? you egyptian "jew"ish" naz👁 have destroyed every civilization WE created in your 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th failure to "establish" your nut job "new world failure orders" right?

@sackClothProphet do you speak English?

@JacksonNought lol, im sure theres an app to translate believer language for you borg puppets


Remove kebab.

sqeptiq Level 8 June 9, 2021

Remove short trite, repetitive, cut and paste replies. Earn those first comment double points instead of harvesting them.

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