Could the great pyramids of Egypt have but one purpose – to convey a single message for all time, or at least as long as humanly possible? A message fully in tune with what we generally know as The Judeo-Christian Holy (pure) Scriptures. Writings far too much effort has been expended to refute – like a few others held sacrosanct round the world.

So what is this message you probably ask? A very simple message that Hierarchy is everything – apart from Hierarchy nothing else exists. Although Hierarchical Concept could be applied EXCLUSIVELY to power as Karl Marx did in deed do, that application is (I SUBMIT NOW) is far and away too simplistically crude & beastly in itself. Karl Marx did an ALMOST unequal disservice to humanity when he introduced power as the be-all end-all of human existence.

Marxism is morally below disgust expressing itself, among other ways, with the poor Jews that piled their own naked bodies up in a pile within the Socialists’ gas chambers trying to grasp just one more second of life fleeing the creeping poison gas.

I was recently admonished to not use the word Socialism so flippantly broad but be more specific with words like BLM (Black Lives Matter) or SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) or Feminism & the list goes on & on BECAUSE THE BEAST HAS MANY TENTACLE extending from its body – its body which is Socialism. And there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of people wanting to do the bidding of the beast either – not just willing but wanting! Would these people be accurately described as anti-Christs as appose THE ANTICHRIST forewarned of long ago – THE ANTICHRIST that existed even then? How else could you have many ant-Christs if they weren’t tentacles of THE ANTICHRIST? Inquiring minds would like to know.

But I digress from the central objective of this post. Objective being a mutually agreed upon simple premise that the structures depicted in this video are MAN-MADE structures – not constructions of mystics or little green men from Alpha Centauri or some such nonsense – that’s all?

PS. To give an indication of where my mind goes, I believe the factualness of Genesis 2:17. And that the word “day” means a portion of time – not necessarily humanities concept of time. In short, humanity is dying physically & mentally – not the inverse.

Genesis 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. (kjv)
Posted by: Mystery History II ~ Jun 8, 2121
“Deep-Sea Man-Made Artifacts Continue To Baffle”

1914wizard 7 June 9
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If it was an accurate and true history you would not need a department to oversee it and make sure all discoveries conformed to the narrative.

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