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Do any of you feel betrayed after defending the uber-wealthy and now finding out that they don't really qualify as taxpayers? []

WilyRickWiles 8 June 10
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File this under: no shit.
Elon Musk doesn't live off a weekly paycheck from Tesla.

The Communist idiocy of the national income tax (plank #2 of Marx's 10 Planks of Communism) doesn't touch people like him. It's just another collectivist lie that sucks the life out of the middle class.
The "uber-wealthy" make money by using the money they already have... wisely, not by punching a time-clock. They are taxed on those profits when-and-if they actually realize the profits.
The American proletariat, on the other hand, under The People's Tax Code (thanks, commies)... have their paychecks pillaged before they even see it, through the FITW.

rway Level 7 June 10, 2021

I've known for a long time that if you have money and you want to keep it you need to retain a tax lawyer and a tax accountant. Thubut I s you can avoid over-paying on all your taxes. Even the upper middle class has the luxury of employing experts to minimize their taxes.

I really don't see why you would blame the income earner when accommodations for them are made by congress? But then again the rich are your bugaboo.

The middle class generally can't afford and perhaps doesn't really have enough money to retain a lawyer and accountant who probably won't save them more on their taxes than
they cost anyway.

If you want to complain about government revenues coming from mostly the middle class then that should be your target. Not demanding higher taxes for the rich. The rich have means to skirt what ever legislators throw at them and legislators don't want to disappoint because they get a lot of support from them in donations. Can't take that away!

As usual, you are a very shallow tinker when it comes to economics. I'm no economist but I have read enough to know your leftist view of attacking the rich is nothing but that - a socialist trope.
You're talent is race-baiting, better stick to that!

What thinking exactly are you commenting on? All I did was post a link and shame you all a little bit. I didn't share any analysis of our political economy.

@WilyRickWiles Your leftist ideological bent is what I'm commenting on. What other reason is there for posting this Marxist pablum. We're wise to it, Wily.

Play coy. Just another leftist tactic. Still pretty shallow. Are you sure you're not here trolling and baiting for the Chinese Communist Party? Be honest now.


Anyone who wants to pay more tax is a moron!

Astute business people know how to minimise tax, legally - thats why they hire tax accountants!!

w0tn0t Level 7 June 10, 2021

Nope. Taxes are theft!

But they're not taxpayers 🤔

@WilyRickWiles rich people pay more taxes than poor people. I felt betrayed because rich people pay taxes.

@WilyRickWiles obviously, working people pay higher taxes than entrepreneurs

@Beachslim You're such a good servant!


And how do you benefit society?

If you are not a producer you are making others your servants.

@wolfhnd As a professional in the US and not, e.g. a gig worker, yes, I am somewhat complicit in that system. Though I try to be as aware of that system as much I can, work against it, and minimize my harm as much as possible. At the same time, I am not a member of the corporate elite, so I have no real power. And to be clear, I'm not making claims of individual morality, as you did against me. While I did not go into details here, I am making a commentary on the material reality of our political economy (i.e. the system, not individuals, and material, not ideological). More here. []

@WilyRickWiles so a guy working for the government, as an extortionist.

@Beachslim A professional who lives in the US. That does not make me a government employee.

@WilyRickWiles all professionals are extortionists

@WilyRickWiles as opposed to honest laborers who get slandered based on their profession

@WilyRickWiles gay hairstylist, dishonest mechanic, mexican bricklayer, etc

@WilyRickWiles doctor lawyer, etc dentists are extortionists

@Beachslim What's an honest living in your mind?

@WilyRickWiles working at McDonald's


You missed the point. What the government taxes is future productivity. The question then becomes are the "uber a wealthy" productive. It's a question that is difficult to answer. Wealth is not static and value has a subjective element. You come to these questions with the perspective that the problem is one of distribution but it is always about productivity.

@wolfhnd I mean if you're just accumulating assets, charging rents, receiving passive income, neither you nor your investments are making capital expenditures, and you're capturing power over politics, public goods, and labor while not paying taxes, I'd say you're not productive!

@WilyRickWiles false. But if you sit on your ass, watch Netflix, pornhub, while collecting a check from the Government, that's not productive.

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