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The Greens are supposed to be all about loving Mother Nature, but in Canada the nascent party is being ripped apart in a bitter round of infighting over Israel. Now a hardline, pro-Palestinian has quit the minuscule three member Green caucus, saying she’s more comfortable with the Trudeau Liberals.

Diversity - chucking your principles and screwing your constituents to fight foreign battles.


GeeMac 8 June 10
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The Green party is better off and more credible without Jenica Atwin. Let Turdeau deal with her.


A good indication of the Jew hatred in the Canadian Liberal party.

If someone posts facts about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict such as Israel's use of WHITE PHOSPHORUS bombs against unarmed civilian Palestinians, is that Jew hatred?

If someone points out the continuous expropriation of land from the occupied territories for illegal Jewish settlements, are they Jew haters?

If someone points out the genocide taking place since April across East Jerusalem by what Israeli media calls "Jewish extremists" against legal Palestinian land owners, are they Jew Haters? When Haaretz calls the slaughter, looting, beating and burning of East Jerusalem Palestinians a "pogrom", are they self-hating Jews?

I am a Conservative and like many Conservatives, we know Israeli propaganda to demonize the "Arabs" will not resolve this conflict

@Sensrhim4hizvewz The suffering of the Palestinian people is attributable solely to their own leadership.

Arab armies have attacked Israel without provocation five times since 1948, each time losing more land and creating more refugees. Today, Israel has no negotiating partner in Gaza since the self-proclaimed reason for the existence of Hamas is genocide against Israelis.

This conflict will continue until Palestinians begin to love their own children more than they hate Israelis.

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