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I am so tired of marxist SJWs consistently telling anyone that questions or stands in opposition to the epistemology of CRT that they don't know or understand what CRT really is. In response to their elitist racist drivel I'm posting this two page overview of CRT to add to your repertoire of responses. We must be prepared to provide a cogent response rather than just saying CRT is bullshit and racist even though these sentiments are accurate. James Lindsay's 'New Discourses' provides a wealth of information on CRT, critical law theory, social justice, feminist theory and queer theory.


dd54 8 June 11
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Thank you for the links and POV


Simple answer is...if you understand Mao's cultural revolution - that is CRT.
Between the racial aspect, gender aspect etc - they all use the same talking points and arguments. Just replace the original notion of class struggle with race/gender/queer whatever, and there you have it. The only difference is the new terminology they've created to confuse people (as it doesn't make sense and has liquid definitions), to make it difficult to argue against. But ask the proponents of CRT what was good about Mao's revolution, how this is any different and what results they expect considering it's been done before...
The obvious answer here is that it's all about division, submission and conformity to authoritarian rule (where everybody will be worse off) - that's been proven in the past, it's up to the proponents of CRT to prove otherwise.

Tom81 Level 7 June 11, 2021

Agree that Critical Theory advocates and activists should be required to prove their theory but it is important that we are informed and knowledgeable about their theories as well as tactics to disrupt their narrative otherwise people just capitulate.

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