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You're welcome for proving my point with that informative comment you just made. Of course, you wouldn't get it and you would only have a problem with what words I say. I'm just letting you know that I'm not afraid of what you might say. I'm sure it's you and everyone else here that have so many problems you find with the world, I mean here you are talking on a culture war group like you know something and what you have to say really means something, and what might that be, I know, that you have so many all of these problems you have with the world, of course it is because that's why everyone is here right now really and just like you have a problem right now with what I said, the question is do you really think that what you say would really mean anything, you gotta be joking isn't that right, no one here can not be just kidding yourselves you all would rob an old lady and laugh about it afterwards if you thought that it solved your problems and changed the rest of the world, that's like the only thing you're good for is fucking everything up all in this name of righteousness, but you know what that's just pathetic, you have all of these problems with the world and yet that's your only solution, and you really call that good at every chance you get, you can talk about what you think is right all say and it won't change anything, you act like the best and only way to solve your problems is to beat them over the head with a rock like cavemen, I bet you can't even have a serious conversation without telling people what your problem is with everything, and now you expect me to believe that you really even gave a shit about anything, the rest of the world isn't your problem and I'm just telling you so, because you are the problem, it's you and just like everyone else that says they have a problem with what I says. You better be joking with me, because you couldn't have actually thought that you wouldn't be and I would have actually taken you seriously, like you could ever tell me about what the problems I should be having with the world, and you still believe that, you're just sick, and that's the problem with you that you have so many of those problems with everything else in the world. Do something, like me right now this is me doing something about what I don't care for, I'm calling you wrong for thinking you could change all of the world's problems and I'm laughing at you right in your face right now, and I'm not even joking.

caseyxsharp 6 June 20
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WOW I mean WOW!

Yuh, what can I say? Wow? I tried but could not rational make and sense of this rant.


You'd do well replying to the comment instead of posting a topic.

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