To begin with, there’s nothing wrong with nationalism – it is an acceptable Christian Scriptural arrangement on earth. What’s wrong is when an adjective is connected to it – such as WHITE nationalism or BLACK nationalism or national socialism.

Nationalism in itself isn’t evil – its modifier usually is. Whereas I can’t say the same for socialism – which is invariably evil though the degree may appear varied.

In pulling up a definition of ‘nationalism’ I couldn’t help but notice its explicit Marxist/Socialism derision. Is it any wonder we have so much controversy with academic spewing out & force feeding such bilge water to students on a regular basis. If you can’t see the Marxism in “…….especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations:” you likely have already been proselytized to the state socialist religion?

I’ve had several antisemitic comments over time – which I largely ignore. Hate is the worst motivator there is – yet it keeps being used regularly. The Nazis used antisemitism to motivate their nationalist ambitions. Today, though creeping, the straight white male is being used in the exact same way. Although, in the absence of straight white males it would just be another group of males singled out as the German Jews were. You see, feminism is a motivator of male hatred – having ran out of one bogyman feminist will just move to the next that might threaten the matriarchy’s dominance in society. Marxist/Socialism can’t exist without perpetual revolution of the oppressed class (always them of course) against an oppressor class (which can be any group – any group at all.

A good example of how deceitful Marxist/Socialism is the UNDER REPORTED fact that when President Trump negotiated his new North American trade agreement part of it he insisted upon was a pay raise for Mexican factory workers – DID HE REALLY NEED TO DO THAT? WOULD THE CHINESE HAVE DONE THAT – THINK? Did it fit the description of nationalism by Oxford Dictionaries that say nationalism is: “…….especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations:”?

The GOD-less have had their opportunity for one world government & squandered it – or don’t you realize that’s why humanity has sop very many languages with which to communicate with one another. OR DO YOU NOT YET REALIZE THAT INTENT MATTERS – IT DID THEN & IT WILL NOW! Now the GOD-less want to do it all over again -WHY?



  1. identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations:

"their nationalism is tempered by a desire to join the European Union"

Powered by Oxford Dictionaries
PS. To set matters straight, I for one oppose Zionism as I understand it to just be another way of saying Jewish Nationalism – TWO WRONGS WILL NEVER MAKE A RIGHT! The Nation of Israel is completely understandable. In addition, in all matters of property right the Right of Conquest has stood the test of time throughout human history. The Nation of Israel is on sovereign ground (unless they lose it to someone else of course) just like the Australians, Americans & Canadian aren’t stolen ground – THEY’RE CONQUERED GROUNDS – PERIOD! And though not for this post, the idea of decolonization is an affront to the intelligence of all human beings.

If you see something in error (not bigotry) please do correct me?

Posted by: Defense Update ~ Aug 21, 2020

1914wizard 8 July 24
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Israel is no more a scary power than Iran is. Israel is dependent on a corrupted system to keep them in power. They receive BILLIONS from other nations each year. They steal technology and spy on the world for profit.

Israel is being run by a group of vicious, malignant Ashkenazi Jews who are CONVERTS to Judaism and who have usurped Judaism for their own power and wealth gains.

Not all Jews support the Likudites in Israel!


To begin with, EVERYTHING is wrong with Nationalism.


Makes sense for Jews to have a country of their own in the Mideast. They always had a precarious position in majority-Moslem countries before the modern state of Israel was founded.

sqeptiq Level 9 July 24, 2021

Israel is not supposed to come until AFTER the messiah arrives and announces the nation to be built and the temple to be reconstructed. This is in their scriptures. Ashkenazi Jews have usurped Israel for their own purposes. ZIONISM IS ILLEGAL!!!!

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