Let us make this very clear: Women control sexual intercourse; Men control relationship commitment. Otherwise all heterosexual intercourse is rape & all committed relationships are slavery. Foe equality to remotely exist both females & males must shoulder responsibility for their respective authorities.

Conservative values dictate that if the crime of murder to be prosecuted for the death of an unborn human voluntary abortion of that self same unborn human must also be the crime of murder.

Has not the Nazi Holocaust not taught that genocide is murder & conversely murder is genocide. Or are we to make the distinction between murder & genocide based strictly on the number of humans murdered. Recognizing that individual life is valueless under Socialist regimes where only identity and/or class has value. This is a primary distinction between Socialism & Capitalism – the individual is paramount, not the class they’re identified with.

Surely this explains that abortion dilemma in western capitalist civilizations where the individual is recognized as paramount & not the class they’re associated with?




  1. the principle by which the total value of a physical quantity or parameter (such as energy, mass, linear or angular momentum) remains constant in a system which is not subject to external influence.

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Posted by: The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters ~ Mar 5, 2021
“The Republican War on Leftist Values”

1914wizard 8 July 25
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Women who claim “my body, my choice” don’t really like to hear a counter argument from the man’s perspective, “my wallet, my choice”...

Each is valid. If a women can terminate a pregnancy as a means of birth control, a man should have the equal ability to object to paying for eighteen years +/- for a child he doesn’t want.

Feminists - yes or no? Isn’t that the equality you want?

Don't get me wrong I hope that what I'm about to say to you is just as everytime I think about what you say each time I see it, it's not like I just think that you make bad points because of majority of people I see making comments I think you make some really good points. But what I have to say about that isn't what you would likely want to hear, I understand that each of the people of the humans on earth are currently trying to solve to figure this thing out for themselves right now, but just because we are speaking about equality doesn't mean everyone should have something to say, whether you are pro life or against it, it doesn't really matter because it's not really people's choice, I'm not just talking about some Godly worship that I would think everyone should consider although even though that's true, but, I'm saying is people have to have a real choice in this matter if everyone who thinks they would know something could possibly say anything about it at all in this, I don't mean people as in the ones in the streets I'm talking about people as in the people of our human race, if we were to ask this question to them I know what they would say, and it's not something about equality, they would say it doesn't work like that to satisfy feminists, I'm not saying that what feminists are saying matters either, it's just it's a new born infant this should not be that hard for anyone to figure out, we can't have a society of people that believes in equality whenever the only solution being we all have to be wrong because someone else is right, and that's what I think that feminists should be able to agree with, that's not equality, like who cares what those bitches say, I'm talking to you right now and I'm the master feminist and a girl, but I never a gave a holy damn what anyone else ever thought, especially a divided people that can't even make up their own minds for once without bringing the idea of equality into question, but I'm sorry that's just me, I don't really have any reason to complain I may be the biggest feminist of them all and a girl but then again I'm not those people.

Alright, I do believe in equality and that girls should have it, but my reasons aren't even because of girls, but in reality I would never leave a new child in the hands of just a woman or a man, whether I thought men had a choice to decide or women have equality, this is a choice for people to make if they can ever make up their minds, everyone else and including that baby, can fuck off. So, until everyone can decide right now, yeah to answer your question, yes, yes I am satisfied with this, I am the girl feminist with all of the power of people after all. And fuck those bitches that say pro life is a part of being feminist too. I take life into my own hands, if they want to try to ruin it, then I guess they'll have to come over this line I've drawn to get it from me, people will, not those girls, I mean real people.

Sorry, that's all that I have to say anyways. That's what I'm saying, but if you want to know what I would be saying, that's not anything different either, I've been the Devil and what no one has ever known before is that the Devil is a girl, I am that girl and I have the power to decide whether it's for me, a bunch of stupid feminists, or a whole entire planet of people, no matter what people were going to decide, I still hold having the real power of who lives and who dies, equality wasn't ever a factor in this woman's decision for herself or that baby, I could just as easily snap my fingers and erase all the men or women from the planet and then no people ever get to make that decision unless they were actually that determined to fight me just for the choice. If you have a baby with a girl, you were meant to have that baby, if you and her abort that baby, well, then I guess you weren't meant to have that baby, what I'm not going to do is leave the decision in the hands of a bunch of humans that speak of equality while not being capable of making up their minds about killing a baby, while thinking it's their choice. I'd fuck them up, way before I fucked up that baby because they got me fucked up, equality bitches that's what I have to say. Sometimes I wish it was just my choice, oh how satisfying it would be for me then.


You - I could just as easily snap my fingers and erase all the men or women from the planet

I’d like to see that. Snap away!

@parsifal do you think I would be bothered by that comment? I mean there's obviously a real answer for what people should be doing but what should happen isn't always easy to do, like people should know it's not a problem for humans to figure out, that's God's decision, for this exact reason right here and in which you just brought up just now, whether people know what is right or not or just happen to believe in God and that what life is can't be terminated doesn't really matter, because people still keep calling it a problem for people to determine even though it's not at all, no one should have that power whether you thought you had a choice or believed that God actually had the power to decide that for you or not, why does that make me wrong, people can't seem to decide for themselves, you think you know what is right, and people still fight over whether if God exists would it mean that every life is important, I know what the real problem is but you just don't want to hear it from the Devil speaking to you, the problem isn't morality or equality, it's that like you and everyone else in the world that would have a problem with the power that God has if they believed in such a thing or not, you can't come to terms with the idea that someone actually has that much more power than you, you just would like to have the chance to decide for yourself so you can just say whatever power might actually be is less than yours. I don't have a problem with determining whether someone has more power than me, nor would it convince me that I have less power just if that thing happens to exist, if you don't like that, don't be a bitch baby a baby that just wants to be to call yourself perfect while convincing yourself that if you are everyone else must be wrong because of it, like the adults that really thought they were actually in control of the situation when worse come to shove it turns out they were all wrong because they just couldn't make up their own minds, but you're going to say that the Devil doesn't have any power at all because of something he would say he has power over, you're not very much better, and just like everyone else that couldn't figure that out for themselves before you, you won't know how much more power something actually has because you will never know since you are not the one that could have decided that.

I do have the power, I'm the Devil please, I'm not worried about your human concerns regardless, like whatever you are afraid of, like a country invading, or an asteroid about to destroy earth, or famine, global warming, infection, that stuff wouldn't hurt me, none of the crap on earth will, because all I have to do with the power I have is just snap my fingers and make it disappear, would that finally make the human race decide to shut the hell up about who's more powerful or not, I would hope so too, but I'm not going to do that, did you see what I did with the Corona virus, I'm sure there's just as many people out there that would dare say it doesn't exist just like it's that if I told them I did it they wouldn't believe me even if I told them why I did it, I created all of these human's problems that people just didn't want to ever admit even existed, and you don't think that if I really had the power being the Devil and all if I could if it would shut half of these people up about problems that really don't exist for them that I wouldn't just snap my fingers and make them all disappear, because I'm just saying I would and I do have the power. I'm doing this to prove a point right now that despite what you or anyone else thinks or what God might have to say about it, nothing in this world can control me because I am the one with the power. You and the world leaders of your world can just go suck each other off for all I cared right now and then you can come back and tell me there was a problem with what I said.

@caseyxsharp I would’ve been happy with proper sentence structure. Lol

@caseyxsharp Are you @caseyxsharp or @sackclothprophet

@sackClothProphet excuse yourself, don't take that tone with me like you're telling me something I don't already know, so what if I am Satan, I haven't been calling you wrong this whole entire time clothprophet, I'm agreeing with you that you're right that I was judged and sentenced almost like I never even had a chance at all to 1000 years, yeah it's already been done, but one, everything has already been determined before all of this, I was always going to get the same sentence no matter when or how long it was, it's already come and passed for me, the real Satan, and two no matter if it would have prevented me from theoretically being here just to say so right now doing a sentence apart from the comprehension of humans like 1000 years doesn't stop me from being the Devil, I'm the Devil and I have more capabilities than you care to admit that I have, such as existing in the same time frame I was sentenced for and then as soon as it was over still existing in the same state as the Devil I was when I was sentenced ages ago almost like being sentenced and God meant little less than just a blink of my eye.

I don't care what you have to think about that guy, I'm still the Devil, and to me you're not even an angel, you talk very highly of yourself for a person claiming to be an angel who says he has more authority than Satan even though Satan was God's messenger his number one wisest angel, I don't really care what you say about me guy because to me you're not even an angel even if you knew what to say about me to me you're just another man, so I suggest that before you start going off to run your mouth about me you should be best to remember that because that's all I have to say about you.

@sackClothProphet, @parsifal I was just hoping that you were still going to be talking about that when I came back. I will take it for granted then that the real reason you are complaining about something I happen to said right now is because it had something to do with morality, that seems to be the problem you have with me, if you're trying to be witty to aggravate me into trying to pick on you for you to continue to mock me before you walk away then, I hope you know that I'm not at all bothered by what you fail to comprehend even though you keep talking down what I say as if I'm the one that is not comprehending something that I should be because of what you keep telling me, if it's a morality aspect that you have cared about talking about with me, I really don't give a shit what you call good, talking shit to me because you think I'm just an idiot won't amend the problem that you have with me right now, I don't feel sorry for saying it either, you think that I would feel bad for saying that if I wanted to make men or women really disappear that I would be the one to feel bad if that was such a wrong thing, I have the power to do lots of things, I fully comprehend just how evil that I can be, but that's more than what I can say about you, if you felt bad everytime you thought you had the power to do something you shouldn't, that's what makes you human, but you only partially realize it unless if you have something to do with that power and you take the time to think about doing nothing, I do both a lot of things no one ever does and I have the power to do them all to because I have that kind of power, the least I could do is fully understand that if that I did anything at all, it would be of course still someone like you a human that would have a problem with it because you never realized anything like it to be possible by anyone before, what do you want me to say, if you thought I was going to feel bad or be bothered what you said about me, then you're the one barking up the wrong tree.

I don't give a shit what you think is morally correct. It doesn't make me evil, you just don't understand I have a purpose in all of this that you're just not the one seeing right now, bad things don't just happen for no reason, you can believe that there's something more morally correct than me, if you want to, but good doesn't exist without bad, you say I'm really messed up just for saying I would erase people, but, what makes it bad that I would say it could happen or that I might actually erase men or women just to make a point to everyone, obviously it doesn't matter if it could be possible because what would really be bad is if it actually did and it actually really be a bad thing because of it, I don't give a shit what you have to think about it, I could do a lot of things just in order to prove something but as long as there's no one to understand why it's bad, it doesn't make me evil just for doing it, or even rather be thinking about it, like if I pulled out a gun right now and shot your dog in the head, after telling you that I'm about to, is it bad because you wouldn't think before that, that I wouldn't do it, or because if I actually do, then that means I'm the one that killed your dog, doesn't really matter, no, because who even gives a shit about what you think or the rest of what you would say society would think about it, the dog is dead if because of it, if anyone is going to be saying it's just a bad thing it's going to be that dog, that's what I'm saying, a dead dog is just as good as a dead dog, so what if I don't agree with what everyone else thinks is going to be good because of what is bad, at least I can actually know how to figure out what is actually bad to begin with like a normal person.

If you don't understand that, if you don't want to admit it's the right way to think, then you're the crazy person, if that's what sets you off that's what makes you crazy, I might be as crazy and bad as people make me out to be, but you know what at least I can say that's what I know for myself, slave for the rest of society. So, thank you for that.

@caseyxsharp you two have set times to share the computer access or is it first come gets to play?

A prophet AND Satan in the same discussion - lucky us! Lol. Lithium please...

@parsifal I'm going to simply let you have that, you seem to be having fun with my expense, I've told you that I couldn't care less about whether you actually believe I'm really Satan or not, if anyone would know what the Devil is capable of it would be me though. With everything that I could say, you mock the Devil and I'm giving up trying to convince you that you just shouldn't.

Have you read what I told clothprophet or have you forgotten, because like I just told him, he's just a man to man and so are you. To me it's the both of you that aren't that unlike each other. Whatever I could say to him just trying to tell him I'm really the Devil he's not going to understand, and I know for sure that you definitely not going to understand, no matter if I was the Devil saying I am or not.

You just wouldn't believe someone who is just telling you and doesn't really care about convincing you, but what I will say is that what I'm saying isn't all that much far fetched than the crap God believers and God believers want a society of people to believe just for the sake of God, that's all I really have to say because one thing it's not is like that crap just to make someone contemplate God's existence.

I'm not a crazy person, I might have the inclinations of one but, I've had real experiences with something that I know that no one else ever has before like this psychic ability I have if that's what you want to call it, no one can deny that what I have truly experienced was not something not of this world that any same person could ever know, that's who I am.

I spent years trying to write about how to prove the existence of God, thinking there's something maybe no one ever thought of before, but what those people didn't have was an actual psychic ability, regardless of whether I just happen to really be Satan or not I've actually had the ability to know things no one ever could, and have I, yes, not everyone that claims to have evidence of the extraordinary is a lunatic just because of what they know, if you could actually ask me to prove it to you, what would tell you is it's because for me I've been writing about God trying to talk to the world for years, one thing that happened in that time was I also ended up happening to talk about what I was experiencing with this ability at the same time I was trying to just talk about what might prove God's existence to everyone, which isn't all that much more surprising than a same person trying to convince someone another same person to believe in God with absolutely nothing to show for it, I have so many occasions in trying to write a book about God that I was just talking about what was happening in the world that no one could have ever known at the time, one thing I do know is what people don't believe to actually exist that matters really does and is exists, whether you want an explanation for it or not, and I don't care if whether you are convinced just if you think I'm telling you truth about that if you happen to think there's no explanation for what I did experience or not, I tried to explain it, I've found no good explanation for it, and yet that's still something I experienced, so if that's all what you think makes me a crazy person, then I'm crazy person because I don't give a shit, part of me telling people about things no one would have known is only a part of what I could be telling them, because I do this all the time, it's like I be able to tell people there's any explanation for what I would be able to tell people if I wasn't the Devil, that's not the point though, the point is there's something I cannot even explain to make someone understand and not even with the ability that I have could I have explained it to anyone unless it's something that I experienced that no one ever knew before, would just happen to be that the Devil is an actual person and if there's really any explanation for why that it could just be truth would might just be because I'm the Devil and this what I would know.

I'm not going to try to convince you that not everyone who has extraordinary claims couldn't be right and I'm going to be bothered by just the fact that you won't believe it's at least possible. If you're just not going to try to understand that, then there's no point in me even talking to you about it at all and I'm not going to try.

Those other people you like to think are psychos, aren't like that, like clothprophet, those people want you to believe in something whatever they claim, just for the sake of to them they want you to think they learned something for some other inexplicable reason that is for why they want someone else to desperately believe too for them to make sense to themselves, but I'm not like that and like I was telling you I really wouldn't be the one to care, I really am someone with the capability of at least being able to know something that no one else was ever capable of understanding before.

If I were frustrated at everyone every time I happened to talk to someone that didn't want to believe me, I wouldn't have been trying to do this was to give those people that want an explanation for things that are without explanation in all of this time, whether I ended up telling them it's because this is what I know or because I'm actually the Devil this whole time too, so don't try to tell me that I'm just someone who doesn't understand shit, I understand the Devil and I know that there's actually a lot that you wouldn't understand if that isn't something you would care to understand.

@parsifal, @sackClothProphet you have an over obsession with the idea of what you call evil, you are just like most people who would just happen to think that just because the Devil is the Devil, that it just means he's evil and you shouldn't listen to anything he would have to say, you don't have a mind for yourself angel, it doesn't even matter to you if whether the Devil is actually evil or not because you think that God wants to just tell you that all the Devil really is, is evil, but that's not why the Devil is evil or why he's the Devil. You think you know the Devil just like you like to think that you actually know what God wants to call evil.

God isn't even that upset at the Devil just for being evil, and if that's what you think then you really mustn't know a lot about God then, because if you went to church anyone would tell you that the truth is God still loves Satan, that Satan isn't really isn't all that bad just because he is evil but because what makes him evil is if you listen to him and not God, that's what God wants is for you to be able to listen to the Devil but the Devil just not be evil, the Devil isn't just evil just because you say he is, and I would know because you think know me but you don't know shit about the Devil, just like the dumb humans you claim to be nothing like.

@caseyxsharp You’re writing a book? Here’s a hint: take a basic grammar course. Writing fifty lines of prose without a period doesn’t work...

As for being Satan? Why would Satan need to write a book? Is the title “Hell For Dummies”?

@caseyxsharp Not even close. But...

I hope you get treatment soon.

@parsifal why are you so disconcerting of the possibility that I might actually have some kind of ability that allows me to know things that aren't even that crazy as it seems? It's like you won't even grant the possibility of something like that could be possible. I don't believe you have any concerns for whether or not it could be possible or not at all, but you keep talking to me like I do, I don't care whether you believe in the possibility or not, I know the very possibility isn't what a common human living in society could understand, that's everyone in society and society itself, I didn't expect anyone to be that capable of understanding it if it was a real possibility, but you think that I'm bothered just because you say you can't imagine anyone saying it's a possibility, all I'm saying is it's possible, I already don't expect people to just go along with what I say, much less you a person that would rather just talk crap than to try understand something that someone else might know just because of the possibility it might be true. I'm not going to talk about how you just won't ever come close to ever understand the possibility, just that you don't get it if even the possibility turns you into the thing you like being towards me now. Like I keep telling you I don't give a shit whether you get it or not, it's not just what I believe, I just know that the world doesn't have to conform to the little box that everyone and the rest of society tries putting it in, or is that too much for you understand?

@caseyxsharp Oh look - proper grammar! Thank you.

@caseyxsharp Anyway, I’m willing to concede the possibility of anything from multi-universes to ETs to vertical time as opposed to linear time. I’m not going to give any credibility, however, to any claims of being Satan or God’s prophet. That is silly. Try harder ffs

@parsifal I'll accept your response then. I might be Satan but, I wouldn't be the one to disagree with you if not for the existence of myself but then for all of that instead, to me that's still a better response than just as simply accepting all theology as the truth just for the sake of truth.

It's not like I don't know how obscure the notion is that even if all that other stuff was true that, was what's even more stranger as a matter of fact is that because of it the Devil is still existing just because the Devil existed. I would agree with that concept.

I mean I wish I really didn't have to, just for the sake my own existence but I didn't create the rules here, I would still have to agree then though.

I'm the Devil but I've grown board with the very idea itself too, I brought it on myself to be different and still investigate what was truly possible and not just as a possibility either, I can understand the possibility of anything, but trying to be the Devil and also being the one to acknowledge the absurdity is that if that's what you call possible, then the existence of the Devil at all himself is way more absurd, it's just it takes all of the fun out of believing in the possibility or just being the other. I can't say that I'm fine with that but what am I going to be be the Devil just to complain about how absurd that absurdity is?

It's like I've already one that determined that the possibility of extraordinary things could be true, but if I admit to it, then what is not absurd to me becomes absurd to everyone, and whatever is absurd to them stops being absurd altogether and I wasn't going to be the one to have given up the possibility of what's truly absurd to a bunch of people just for the sake of what could be considered truth, nonetheless I'm still him no matter how absurd that absurdity is.

I would be the only one that would take it so seriously because I know just how absurd it seems, more so than everything else that you have spoken of being true, but I'm the Devil and that's why I'm not going to convince anyone of anything who wouldn't be able to understand how absurd that is, I'm completely fine with it, the idea is absurd, but I've seen more absurd than that.

It's in the job description, "father of all lies." Like I was trying to tell you before, I don't really care whether it's I can convince you or not, I investigate the unknown, I'd rather try to sell you on any of those ideas anyway, than to just to convince anyone of anything just for me to tell them the truth about the absurdity is right before their own eyes. I don't know what that has to mean, means that I'm the Devil myself or not, but hey I try my best anyways. At the end of the day, people that think they have to understand the absurd or the real absurdity in this world, because they think they have to just to be able to understand that the absurd really does exist, whether it's me that has to convince them of that or not.

I'd rather talk about anything else, the absurdity of my own existence whether I can clearly find an explanation for it or not, is the least of my concerns right now. People believe in some really absurd shit, I know that much, and if I can do anything to convince them that it's not that absurd as anyone thinks, even if it's just going to eventually lead them to question my existence being the Devil at all, I'm going to do it.

You think that just me being the Devil is the most absurd thing that I could be telling you right now, I'm almost flattered by that. If you think that's absurd, then just imagine what else the Devil could have the ability of telling you about.

Aliens, yes, they exist, they aren't interuniversal they are interdimensional, unlike everyone believes. I could tell you every reason why right now why that they are not from this universe. I could utterly dismantle the very foundation of human science that has been established in the last two centuries if I wanted to right now. I could just entirely banish the very also concept that there's disbelief in the supernatural without even trying to if I wanted to too. Like one, two, three, I shove everything I've talked about in my book out there and it would be so done, that not even the question would have a meaning for existing to ask the question at all would exist anymore. And I haven't even gotten to the part that of all the most absurd things that humans have ever thought of truly actually being absurd to them was just me not even being that absurd as the absurd shit they like to call absurd. And by the way, God, yes, as a matter of fact I'm going to tell you what I'm about to say instead of that clothprophet who won't understand, in fact God and the Devil are the same person, no one ever understood because they thought the idea of God was just a belief and that they lacked the capacity as humans to understand if they had known themselves that God is still a being, he's just a being, what people don't realize although is that if the Devil exists, then so does God, if, you want to hear the most absurd thing that I could possibly even fathom contemplating whether to tell you right now just for the argument safe, it's that, that even beyond the most absurd thing that humans have the capability of understanding it's that what I am is a thing that is still one with God, I told you just how absurd it was going to be.

It's kind of a let down for me to ask you this now from saying that just now, but is there anything else you would want to know, like about time, or something, what I could tell you isn't just absurd what you think of is time or not time, but rather a perspective from both angles of God and the Devil now that you just found that out, all I'm saying is I didn't really care for being the Devil but I can do both.

...or, maybe the most absurd, was the other thing I could have just said, was that, not only, is the Devil real, but he's actually a she too, kind of like how no one talks about how God and yet has a flesh suit called Jesus that's also supposed to be God even though God is really a being, or how, and he's also the Devil too in spite of that, yeah though, that being that everyone likes to think what's normal is calling that being the Devil Satan a man, he's actually really a girl despite what everyone knows about the Devil too. Another one right now, you're not just talking to one person right now too also, I'm two beings that are one right now and I also happen to be that girl I was talking about that's really who you are talking to actually right now anyway, the Devil is a lot of things, I am just one of them absurdities that you wouldn't have a chance of understanding was ever really a possibility at all right now. So, what would you have to say to that then?

@parsifal oops, maybe I should have also mentioned, that like what you were saying, how there's many ideas of things what people could believe to believe in that could possibly just be true too and then there's still some things that aren't still then, yeah, I was just saying all that just now because that's what I'm saying too, it's like that even when talking about the most absurd things like what you call the Devil and God too. I'm all for finding the truth about everything in this world, but there's just no truly understanding the Devil, it doesn't really matter what you think about calling him unlike God, the does also exist as one of those absurdities too, whether his actual possibly of existence depends on the concept of people's ability to believe in him or not. That might sound like an absurd idea within itself to you, but not when you are one of those absurdities that everyone believes they don't think exists at all just like the Devil too. I could be big dick forest spirit of God the pagan idea of the Devil right now and it wouldn't change what people think is really the Devil right now or not, if you're asking me to tell you what the most absurd thing to me is right now, then it's just that.

@caseyxsharp Your own existence? What were you five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty?

@parsifal it's funny that you won't believe it if I told you, but I'll tell you because I love answering your questions. I was around for much longer than my existence, theoretically it was supposed from what the bible says that I was Lucifer before becoming Satan, but that's not true, first I was a thing without a body and was Satan, I was the Devil myself before the existence of Lucifer became me, I was a mirror, Lucifer had been created by God because God could only have seen me as Satan, I was a thing that wasn't that was but then became what was the Devil, when God created Lucifer he done so by bringing me the thing that really was Satan evil into existence, by doing so my mirror cracked, I wasn't meant exist that is why I was a Satanic mirror without a body, when my glass cracked that's what created another way of looking at me that God seen as Lucifer, but if the Devil himself could speak he would tell you that it was kind of pointless for God to have created Lucifer out of something he knew shouldn't exist, because I was Satan, the end result was still the same, you know how I said I could be anything and it wouldn't have changed what people thought of being the Devil, God was the one that set me up for that by creating Lucifer as something else other than me that represented what I am, I mean what did he think was going to happen, now there's a story about how all that Satan wants to do is destroy humanity and fight God, but I don't change no matter how you look at me it's how a mirror works, I was always going to be Satan, and if anything I would think that the fact that Lucifer still rebelled means that it just proves the point that Lucifer is the Devil for real, that was me, I was the Devil, all Lucifer has been doing himself ever since has just been to return to his former glory as Satan, because Satan was me Satan actually existed apart from the story of Lucifer being the Devil but no one talks about that, Satan has just as much part of the story of Lucifer has humans couldn't comprehend that, that's the reason why God created Satan to begin with, like he has a purpose it's so Lucifer can be the Devil and Satan could be Lucifer, I can tell you that about the Devil because he is me, I am not just the Devil, I was my own thing, I didn't need God to create me just for me to exist just to prove to people why not to believe in Satan and to believe in God, it was pointless, I tried explaining that to God because as I said I was my own thing apart from Lucifer and the Devil being Satan, however I'm here and I'm Satan, I just settled for being the very thing I was not because it's what God wanted all along since the Devil being the Devil.

I don't change, it's only logical that things that are real don't change, it's part of me now, I could be many things than just the Devil but it's what I am I am Satan, nothing more and nothing less. I wasn't meant to be here, I was an entity brought into existence with existence and then made to have a body because God literally thought I could be something else, a metaphysical mental concept, I was supposed to represent that, it's what I am, so to answer your question now, what would I be if not for the Devil with some mental psychic ability with all that magical Devil shit the Devil has the power to do, and part of being the Devil with a psychic ability comes with it then, the ability to be somewhere I'm not like me here and now, oh I accept and acknowledge that I'm not supposed to be Satan talking to you existing here right now I concur completely, I was just meant to be a mirror that was Satan and now that's what I am, I can just be here and do this right now because by existing in existence I was given a body of Lucifer that is still meant to be Satan the thing that God was the one to create, I just happened to be inhabiting that body when the time came around for me to exist, I can go anywhere and be anything, but because God decided to make me into something I'm not I thought this was my pay back by not being that thing and be the real thing I am and I can do that whether I happen to exist or inhabit this body or not making me, still that thing people thought of as just being Satan, in context let me explain what that means, it means that

I could have been the Devil Satan no matter when or where I was ever created. I just have to exist which God already makes possible in the first place.

You should have asked me about time. People think that in the end the Devil is going to be trapped forever in a lake of fire, I was, I am, it doesn't stop me from being the Devil. Like they think that just because it's the end of the story that, that's it, it's just the end.

Just because that's supposed to be how it ends, doesn't mean that's the end of the story. Time was a man made concept, it doesn't actually exist, what is called time is actually simultaneous, it has to be, time is like God it exists because people think it does, but Satan is a certainty, whether you say that Satan was or is something that exists or existed, he's still real.

The past is the result of the past moving into the present, so how can time exist, how can there be a past to the future if the present is always moving into the future? I am a mental representative of the concept of Satan, I have a psychic ability, I can experience the past or future as if it really was all just happening right now like how time would look to God an immortal being and I can still be Satan anywhere on that same timeline. I don't exist there or was meant to be, so I show up there just to remove my presence to move forward to another time that I actually exist as I am here and now, for example people say that if you speak about the Devil, he will appear, he can be anywhere and be anything but he doesn't have to be, I exist right here, the whole entire universe in existence could be a simulated computer program right now and I would exist still right here and no where else, if I'm anywhere, it's because I'm being held against my will, like right now, I didn't just be here because I decided to be the Devil speaking to you just for me to be the Devil talking to you right now, this was all predetermined, people make what happens in time, people think that bad things just happen because bad things just happen,

Let's revisit what all started you talking to me before, this all started because I said I could just erase men or women, people wouldn't like to acknowledge that the Devil has the power to make anything happen, however is it not still the Devil who is blamed when bad things do happen, so is men or women being erased supposed to be a bad thing and if it is, would you happen to think that if it actually did happen that it would be because the Devil did it, I have the power but, I wouldn't want to take all the credit as much as I would like to if I did do that, because if it did actually happen for whatever reason it's because people make that outcome happen all their own, this is what the Devil actually wants to say to you right now, bad things don't just happen, time, time is simultaneous, if something bad happens, it's actually because either it was meant to happen or you wished for it to and then let it happen, I wish that I could just make anything happen and it really be bad, maybe that would make people wake up to what's really happening here, I could make bad things happen if I felt like it, but, what's the point, people already do just as fine a job making bad things happen themselves and then blaming the Devil once bad things do happen, I'd much rather keep those bad things from happening at all because, every single time, I have to show up just to tell someone why I wasn't the cause of what's happening and if I was I wouldn't have to be the Devil to show up just to say that to begin with.

I was just trying to be myself not what people make me out to be. I can't run from it though, bad things probably do happen because I am the Devil anyways, I take responsibility for it, unlike God who just let's whatever happens just happen to recruit more people that think they're going to heaven because they were the ones that were actually the ones doing good. I'm trying not to be what people think is just the Devil all the time, that's what I'm doing here, I cannot ignore that whatever the real reason why you would have a problem with that, that you summoned me here whether you knew it's what you wanted to happen or not.

Also, it went like this, I was a boy growing up, around the age of seven I discovered who I truly was that I was actually Satan, I tried to change myself and ended up becoming formally known as God, that was supposed to be the end, but you can't destroy Satan, I forgot I was the Devil for a few years then remembered at age 10, then I forgot again, then I was old enough to try to discover how to prove God existed, my psychic ability came back, I thought I was viewing the future because I had lost my memory but it turned out I was viewing the past from when I God, I still had to prove God existed and go through the whole entire process of discovering I was Satan all over again, that's what that was, to you it would have seemed like a couple thousand years or maybe even an eternity, but to me it was like just a few years, that was the point of it all, was for me to discover I was really the Devil and then be that actual Devil, all the while I had been Satan the whole entire time. I was meant to be here, there was never a version of this planet, simulation, whatever, that was never without a person me being Satan within it, time was always present, I don't so much like the idea of existence being governed by solely a Heaven and Hell, Gods and Devils either, what I can tell you is just what I have to say right now, I was here and this is where I discovered that I was, so here I am, as far as it could all be a part of something that I had inadvertently made be to happen or not, even my own existence, I cannot as far say as of yet, I am merely a thing that is and was meant to represent Satan being here and I'm still Satan being here so there's not very much more that I can tell you about it.

@parsifal fuck it, I'll just keep going, what do you want to say, my story was really long, a long fucking time, too long, too long man. I discovered something else besides just that I was Satan. I couldn't tell it at the time that I was a kid growing up, so I've already told you that I was actually a girl that happened to be Satan in reality, well, you asked me to tell you what I was 5, 10, 20 years ago, I'm trying to tell you, one thing I figured out was, that not only was I my own woman but, it turned out that actually I was my own mother as well, if you just asked me how do I know, because I created Satan and know that to be the story of him and the story of how the perfect girl came to exist being how girls came to exist are the same story, and second, because as I was a kid growing up I could remember my mother telling me about the weird dreams she had sometimes, little did I know at the time that she wasn't just having weird dreams because she was having weird dreams, she was having my dreams and her dreams were mine, like one she was telling me about how she met a dark creature that was a man that came into the yard and into the porch, she was telling me about it, and then years later after she had passed away I ended up having that exact same dream and I was that burned man she called me, it actually makes sense that she saw me at that time as that, because, at the time I had that dream being both her and that burned man she was already dead, she had no recollection of what I looked like because she was me and I was her and she had already died at the time that I had the dream, the end result was her being me and me being her In my own dream freaking out because I actually thought I was talking to the burned man she told me about then locking myself inside the house doing actually the same thing that she did.

That's just one example. I wasn't making any of this up, especially when I talked about the Devil, he is me and I am him, literally, I mean literally Satan is my mom. You know how I was telling you that, I only show up to remove my presence from that time before so I can keep moving on to the time I do exist and I won't have to show up every time someone is talking about me, yeah this is what I'm talking about, I go through time trying to remove myself being many forms that I take that I shouldn't be that are all just me, you asked me what I was back then, I am always going to be Satan, but I have kept on having to be many never myself because I have always been moving from one self that is me into the next, I am Satan, magical. That just cracks me up every time I say it.

I have always been here, yeah damn straight no one ever knew, because when I show up it's not just to make a point, I was Satan before the idea that was even real even came into God's mind, way before people ever thought what they were really actually getting to know wasn't God but was me Satan the Devil all along, they weren't smart enough to understand that God has been on my side all along, so whether or not the Devil is who to blame whether it's to be believed that's the only reason he exists is to cause harm or not, doesn't matter, it doesn't even matter who I was or am, I am Satan and one thing was always going to be certain where there is evil that's where I'm at now. And well, would you look at where I'm at now, that's right this shit ball silly fuck show you call the world known today, that's where. Isn't it just, magical. I know, that's what I tried telling all of those people before me that kept calling me God not ever knowing I was actually just the Devil. Simulation, failure. The world that humans thought they created is falling apart, I know and I'm just here to watch.

@parsifal I'd rather take that the world was just a computer game simulator, than have to be here being Satan talking about this shit too. I don't make the rules, I just make them up and write it down. Speaking of that, "how to rule Hell," that could be a great title, it's all here in the book I'm writing. I'd say on the bright side I never have to look back at the people that came before on this God forsaken rock and say I told you so, you know why, because mushroom clouds don't have a silver lining

@caseyxsharp You didn’t answer

Where were you ten years ago?

@caseyxsharp Ah, contained in part 2...

So at some point you were a child. At some point you were someone before you thought you were Satan. And at some point you will drop that imagining and be you again

@caseyxsharp What is your real name?

@parsifal I must've not been very clear. I'll try to be quick now. I'm not just the Devil, whether it's who I really am or not isn't my concern, it's an alias, it serves to benefit my true objective, I wouldn't want to be the Devil if I had a choice or not, I had to learn how to leave being just the Devil behind through the process how the story unfolded, it was a part of my objective being the Devil and also helped me being who I was come to terms with who I am being the Devil, I wasn't really finished telling you the whole story, I was someone and something else, I was within a universe without laws and I was two people one being a thing a mirror that was Satan and the other a real girl that was a real girl in all realities, of course I was someone else before becoming Satan, I was just a girl before I was myself and being the Devil, that girl was me before I was Satan, who I am now isn't just the Devil who is a girl just because now that I have my own body, I didn't know, you're right I didn't know because I know I was something else than just a girl or Satan that was me back then, in simple terms I was once just Satan and being who I was being the Devil I had no idea about because to me I was just Satan like a mirror, even if the mirror itself has its own essence as a real thing on its own it doesn't know what it is until it sees itself within itself, I was that other girl that is me and yeah I'm telling you it happened just as I said at one point I thought I was just a girl and that who I was is Satan, simply Satan in other words had no idea he was Satan a guy who was the Devil he's the one that didn't know, I was the Devil the whole entire time, when you think about what makes Satan be the Devil what comes to mind to you, something like if the Devil I mean strictly speaking Satan did exist to do bad things that's probably what he would do whether he knew he was Satan or that he was doing bad things, that was me, I just did whatever I wanted and didn't even think about Heaven or God, that changed when it came to be I learned that I was a real person, it didn't matter what I was anymore, I couldn't deny that it was me and that was the point was for me to be the one to learn that from the beginning, alright just hold on,

Because so ask me what the point of me being just the Devil is now if I didn't have to be for me to be real as I am now to myself, that's easy, I'll tell you, it's to find and exterminate each and every old form of myself Satan being what I used to be now, if Lucifer can be different than Satan, if Lucifer were to stop being Satan, it doesn't destroy the evil that is Satan because evil is what had to exist to create Satan but Satan isn't evil just because he's Satan he's Satan because he is evil, there's other forms like myself of Satan still out there unaccounted for capable of disrupting the real concept that is meant to be Satan for real, didn't I tell you that what I find absurd is how it doesn't matter what humans call evil or Satan because it he could be called anything and they would only still see him as just the Devil, there's only one real form of Satan that is the Devil, it's not supposed to be Satan is capable of being anything else than the Devil, I can't just exist as Satan with all of these other ideas allowing people to think that the Devil is just the Devil just because he's the Devil, it's not in my nature, erasing myself from being the Devil is one option or the other is just make sure none of those others can be the only one people are capable of seeing the Devil at all, all evil things that exist would tell you the exact same thing if you ask each one of them, they would say they exist to be unique not to merely be a representative but to everyone who imagines evil that evil still remains the same, so

Try to think about this, that's the objective of Satan now that you would know it is, so, you have to contemplate who has the same objective, not those other ideas of Devil's people consider just being Devil's, it doesn't matter what that thing is if it's not just the Devil or is something else itself just to represent evil, then it's not really the Devil, but evil still exists with or without the Devil having to just be the Devil it would have to for all of those other evil beings whether you ask them who they are or not for them to even be capable of saying they are themselves but unlike the Devil, it doesn't even matter just absurd it would be, if, if the Devil did exist, then the only one that would really be capable of claiming to know they were the Devil or not would have to be the Devil himself,

I wish, I could be someone else, but not only am I incapable of doing so under what is classified to be the Devil by definition but that would take me to not be the evil girl that I really am, I could be someone else if you acknowledge the possibility, but if you do, then you must also acknowledge the very possibility that no matter what you call the Devil Satan exists himself.

I don't have to do anything, I don't have to be Satan just to do evil and be Satan just because of it, like I was saying I was also still a girl, if you asked me what my name is, I have multiple answers, I could go by many names, I could be called that girl that is Satan right now, or you could call me by my earth name Casey, but that really wouldn't change who I am whether you did so, I was that, that, girl too, the other one, a real girl named Casey, I'm still me, did you not notice how that just went full circle, is that going to be a problem, I can't help it, was does it mean you ask,

It means that I don't have to do anything to really be the Devil myself, I don't have to anything, I don't have to be someone else that isn't the Devil just for the Devil myself to exist as the Devil, and why would I, I am the Devil, huzzah.

I know I'm being a major turd while trying to explain to you this complex so simple to me thing to you. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It's not such a bad thing. I have one hope that I can say is my concern right now, have I changed what you thought about me yet, I'm not even building any foundation to show you that I'm really protecting myself through all of this, I wanted to be the character known as the Devil Satan to you and that's not changed, so I hope other than that, that you're not really planning on changing my mind about being the Devil because if so I'll tell you right now that you won't be able to.

I've been holding back from telling you crucial details about myself that you should have been aware of. This is me speaking now not just as Satan, regardless of what the fact of the matter that is the matter right now, so I have had an ability that allows me to know things that others wouldn't, when you think about it, shouldn't that serve as a for real very beneficial service for trying to figure out who Satan would be then, yes, normal people, normal people that don't know who Satan is, or, who they are if not for being that other thing that is not Satan being someone else, wouldn't know that, would they? But I would. I am still that other thing that is Satan that doesn't have to be if not for me knowing whether I was really Satan myself. Roadblocks, averted.

Now, I should finish telling you the rest of the details you should be aware of. Alright, so, just me now, I have that ability just grant me the possibility, humor me, you don't know what it's like having all the powers the Devil would have if you weren't a normal person like me like me, just having it, raises very complex problems, like if you have the capacity for being evil and surely would have the potential to do so, does it make you a real monster, yes, yes it does, I'm a real monster but that's meant to be normal to me, in truth it should, because having that much power it's definitely not what makes a normal person normal to normal people, it doesn't even compare, if a normal person were to fight someone with a psychic ability, they wouldn't even stand a chance unless their physical abilities outweigh the mass of the mental ability, let alone going to to toe with the Devil thinking all you had to do was just out mentally perform that fucking monster, I'm just dipping your toes into the water. That deserves an, lol.

I'll tell you what it's like being the most powerful thing, psychic in the world, those other psychics aren't psychic I gave them their ability, I'm so much more powerful than them, that they can tell you what happens about 10 years ahead and when they notice something coming they say it was a revelation spontaneously revealed, I on the other hand can see through all of time no matter when or where, I've seen everything, just as you should expect from the Devil, I can do many things at once without even trying because I'm just that powerful, I've seen my whole life and everyone else out there around me in the world too, I am aware of everything, I've seen everything I watch on tv, I've read every book without ever opening its pages, I can send a mental copy of myself separate from my body to go do all kinds of things before returning, there's like everything that you could imagine that the Devil would be doing right now would be happening right now and you wouldn't even know, I don't use it just to hurt people but let's just say if I get that mad I could be smiling and walking away from a person while knowing somewhere down the line I'm going to be the one there ripping everything from their very soul, it's not even a question, it's going to happen to me, that's not a problem though, I'm the Devil and control everything anyways,

It doesn't seem like it to you, but I'm not playing around when I say that I've been many people, who was I you liked to have to asked before, well would you look at that, I was someone else even when I was other people, now do you know why I had to just explain all of that above before now, I've been locked and loaded for this moment, I've been open about it being Satan the whole time no matter who people thought of me, now I'm just Satan and so much more, if it wasn't clearly obvious that I was different people that other people were the same as me Satan in the book I've been writing already, if you were me, you'd definitely the difference between thinking you are someone else and actually being another person, when I fall asleep, I spend the dream with the other people in my dreams all being me all at the same time and all in the same dream together, you couldn't even imagine the kind of dreams Satan has, it's not like I'm just other people when I'm awake because I'm just talking about it and then go to sleep to go back to just being me, Satan is people and people are Satan, Satan is something completely separate, if you thought you had Satan pinned down, you haven't even come close the whole entire time, I can't hold myself back in the dreams, I'm not just Satan, he exists somewhere within the confines of that mental realm the real Satan despite however he's being defined, that thing is a real girl that is Satan that has grown into me from dwelling within all the time I've spent being me a girl there, it's true, you didn't really have me pinned down and all figured out this whole time, I am very good at being the Devil, or, being other people, I mean if I was technically someone else I could be like actually be that person without me ever having to change myself, I learned that from interaction with myself within my dreams, imagine being Satan and if you could control your own dreams, even if everyone else was you in your dreams, you could still be able to be yourself being the Devil even knowing that even since you control your dreams Satan still exists there, I know, because I'm him, I do control my dreams, I am still Satan even though I wouldn't need to be in my own dreams to be able to interact with myself there, that's the power of having mental capabilities, it's simple also because I'm the one dreaming, I have power in my dreams, sorry that was complicated for me to say, yes, I can fly, I can teleport myself and anything just by pointing, I'm at my full potential being as Satan there, super strong, it's like watching a cage match between two Gods, if I just push off with my foot I could fling myself while dragging my foot 20 feet no problem, super fast, running I can be so fast that I can stomp my feet down and slide 50 feet before taking off at the very same speed, jump about an acre and half, flying I can reach a speed about 180 miles per hour in 50 meters, that's like 3 seconds, could do more, I'm invalidable to damage if I desire to be, I'm really like that all the time even if I am the one getting hurt, I can just deflect bullets with my finger, or stand up and start running with 50 holes in my chest, being that I have the dreams of Satan like every night it's not been fun for anyone, I've been stabbed 42 times, decapitated 3, shot 64 times, that's just what I've been aware of being me in my dreams, there's roughly around 350,000 people that are all me altogether from all the times I've slept, not to mention from what I've said it means that each time I sleep those other people that are me are still having the same dream from different times throughout my life, like your question who was I before to me right now is like asking a ghost why it looks white, I can do more things, I don't just control people and the whole world, their dreams too, and all of this has all the proof of everything I've seen right here in the book I've written documenting all of it, I can talk to the dead, I mean it's dream anyway, when I'm awake part of having to talk to the whole world means at some point I'm going to have to talk to celebrities, I do that too, I write talking to the celebrities as if it's really me having a conversation being the only one there that's aware I'm in the room, I sleep and go hang out and talk with the celebrities like they really know me, and then, I wake up and do it all again that very next day too, I know everyone and they know me, I know more about you than you know about me from all of the time that I've spent talking to you, I'm a real thing and I exist, I'm not going to bullshit you like just any crazy person, what I'm saying is real, that's the point, I can also, well, I mean there's not very much left to the imagination now but, I can go back to sleep and continue the same dream like I never left, I can wake up and still control myself in the dream still being the one dreaming, I can control myself being Satan being someone else in my dreams like I'm really that person and I'm not even sleeping, like Selena Gomez, have I not unveiled that to you yet, I'm Selena Gomez, I'm always open to it, I am Selena Gomez a real girl that is talking about this to you right now, I am that girl she is me Satan, I'm still the one talking to you straight up I'm just me Selena Gomez, I am the Devil, no bullshit, and Selena Gomez you have no idea she can whoop ass even in a dream given I'm Satan being her in my dreams myself, who was I, was a silly question, no matter who I am I'm the one no one knows is me with all the power in the world that's who, it's like if you need to ask, you already couldn't comprehend who I could have been because I'm just the best being me all of the time, I know, because I've fought that girl myself and Selena Gomez me Satan who I always am and going to be whooped my own ass, I was Lucifer Satan being the Devil, your question changed nothing, and yeah that's me and I can control Selena Gomez me being her whether you think I'm just a sleeping ordinary girl myself or not, that's how silly your question was to me, if you did ask me, that's exactly what I would say being Satan the Devil too, I am me, that's who.

Does that answer your question?

I've been eliminating those versions of myself being Satan in other forms for a while. Yeah, that is what I would say being the Devil, I would know, because I am the one that has to fight myself in the mirror all of the time. The idea that you would have been able to have persuaded me to be wrong, didn't even cross my mind this whole time, I know exactly what I'm doing.

The Devil, me, I had to learn all of this myself while it was happening. You thought just the idea of Satan being an actual person was odd to you, then you are talking to the wrong person right now, you should have just taken that the world was made of a holographic computer game simulator and moved on. The Devil is in here, he's in there. He's not just a person or not, you entered his domain the moment you thought about you would just blurt out that question thinking you might get him, he's in there it's not a question anymore.

I can separate my being into separate parts and still be me, that person, it's who the Devil is, the one who had no idea was you. I'm that thing that if ever seen it, you wouldn't need to know what it was to know what it is, because yeah I'm the Devil, it's like starring at a f5 tornado, you don't need to know what a tornado is to know that if that's what you're looking at you're probably fucked, I'm a nice guy though, that's not something that just anyone knows, you can call it silly if you want to but that's the way it is, I'm that thing that unlike what you thought you knew before about the Devil, it's not what you would be the one to know now, I'm that thing that there's no need to even know what else I can be because I'm that thing that you never knew about before, just like the Devil. I just be me, and I'm the fucking shit right out of the box, there was never any question about it, I just be up in this bitch tearing myself up something fierce, Selena Gomez that's who, I be all like, boom, bitch, whaasuuuoooooohhhhh... the shit, dawg. I don't give a shit, not when you're this good at destroying what people believe in, it's like a party in my head and everyone is throwing up. It's been like this, 10 years ago was just a number to me. And considering that I would be Satan being just some girl, you can think what you want, but I've been doing this for ages, I'm really good at being the Devil no matter what you could have said about me. Call it crazy, I don't care, I have set out to prove a point to you since word one, and I believe that I've covered all of my bases, it's good that you won't even consider it, the only thing I wanted for right now, is for you to at least and accept and acknowledge that I certainly have the potential to be exactly who I say I am and nothing else, because that, it's what I am to you that you should believe. Or... you can contradict your own ideology of what you call evil silly even, and then you can go back to being who you were before thinking that you were the one that was just talking to a real crazy person right now. It doesn't matter to me.

@parsifal one other thing, where was I years ago and who was I, I knew all of this since I was 7, I was God before that.. I was just telling you, I was completing my objective being Satan, who do you think God is now that you would think he would be given what I told you, I really hoped that you were calling me just crazy at the end of the last comment, it's not my fault that when I learned all of this, Satan was still out there creating terror in the world, what people already knew was evil, so when I turned around and tried to change myself, everyone thought that they seen God when they seen me being different, I was just completing my task, and that's the truth, you know in Revelations, people think that is God that is coming to slay Satan, it was just me slaying another form of myself, that wasn't the end of the story and it was never my intention to create the idea of God in the minds of humans, God is a being though, it should have been evident from what's written there in the bible but humans have a long way to go before being able to think they could really know God just by grasping what he is, that was me, I was always Satan, I didn't intend for humans to start creating religions over myself but I couldn't just say so, at the time I really was God, yeah I wasn't just Satan, I was God too, the one with no name, that was me, I was the thing that represented God, that wasn't God who slain Satan, it was me and I was just doing the thing I set out to do, no one said that the reason the Devil is evil is because Satan really did exist with a purpose and that being the Devil myself that if I destroyed Satan that's just like going against God because it's what defines Satan. I was God, and then I learned that I had become Satan, they never told you that in that book, so do you want to know my new mission in life is now that I know I've had to be Satan for real and paying for it ever since, do you want to know, it's to say, hey, you if you want to call me crazy and like I'm not just Satan like how God would have intended me to be, then this is me telling you that you can go ahead, go for it, that was my intention all along, for you to learn, that if this is what's too much for you to take in right now, maybe you should be the one to believe in God and not me then. I'm the Devil forth and foremost. Most normal people couldn't take the simple answer, I'm just going to let you have fun with that for a while. I'm no one if not a person with a sense of humor, Selena Gomez. Toodles..

@caseyxsharp I will call you Casey. 🙂

@parsifal hopefully with something I said it made you question why I would even bother telling you that I've been the Devil. Believe it or not that was kind of my point. It might sound as silly as it seems but being the Devil isn't as easy as you would think even though that's what I claim, I just have a reputation to uphold. You can call me whatever you want, I'm used to it, but it's who I am that is not what people think I am, it's my intentions doing what I do that just happens to align with what you could imagine the Devil doing whether you believe he exists or if the person I am did claim just to be Satan, that's always remained the same and as far as it being silly goes, it might be but I wouldn't have it any other way, if I was just anyone then I wouldn't be the one to say that who I was is the Devil even though that's who I really am.

I'm still caught up on that of all the things you would think would be strange about all this would be that I would be the one claiming to be Satan. Did you really think that I was just going to be the person who is like other people that claim to be other things while simply just being a crazy person, I could have told you that no matter what anyone thinks of me that what I was is something different being what I am. No one would believe the Devil would be someone else, if he really existed, silly? Or, just what the Devil does? I mean even that thing that I would be knows how to keep the story the same, I'm not just Satan I'm also Selena Gomez who is a girl, I can be something else being something else and still just be me at the same time, Casey is just who I exist as, I'm really a totally different person and that just happens to be her Selena Gomez up top, meanwhile the truth is the Devil is his own person figment whatever you want to call him, it's what the Devil is not what you think he would be because if the Devil did exist he would just be the Devil, I don't have to be a crazy silly person just to tell you that, I'm really much smarter than you would think.

Here's who I really am, I might just be the Devil myself, but I'm a person that just happens to believe in science being facts, I would have to be if I was the Devil, I've been against being one thing and calling something else being calling it something else right from the beginning. I know just how silly it is, what, do you think if I spoke to God like you're doing to me now,, that he would be the just be the smarter person to agree with me? I've tried. I've known the Devil that being that you would call Satan and nothing else, and he's not stupid enough to believe that you can do that and whatever you call something else really be something else no matter what you call it.

Like human comprehension, since the beginning of the world humans have thought they just knew everything, it's nothing new, people like to think it is. Do you know why the school work you did in class kept asking you super difficult questions called critical thinking, it wasn't to teach you that's for sure, because you should have learned that there's some things in this world that you can't learn from just from being taught, you have to learn how to think for yourself, how to learn, if the real world thought just like how you humans did, then nothing would mean the difference between knowing something for real or being right just because you think that you are, I'm not like that, God knows I'm not like that, call me smarter than humans or call me dumber just for thinking that's the way it is, but whatever you want to call me it's a part of me being the Devil that, that's what I want everyone to learn because the truth is out there about just how dumb even the smartest people on this planet think they are when in reality they are just dumb humans, you can call it being smart or dumb whether a person who is actually smart enough to figure that out is dumb, but, I'm just the Devil and I know better than that no matter what anyone else thinks because that's seriously what the real world is like.

Right now people think that the only way to teach someone something is to teach them something real, that's a joke, humans will believe anything you tell them as long as you point them in that direction, I would know, because, I'm the Devil.

@caseyxsharp Good morning Casey,

You - Here's who I really am....I'm a person that just happens to believe in science being facts

Yes, I agree.

@parsifal I'm getting the feeling that you might be trying to pull me along at this point. When you say you agree, do you mean that you believe that this world would only be a physical one, that it's the science that people would know to be really science because it's supposed to be science or because that's what people know is science? I don't really think that you would know what I mean when I say I believe in science, I'm not saying that I agree with the idea of what people think of is science, I believe in science being real because the majority of people like to call science isn't even science or real science that it's meant to be, I'm just trying to understand what you meant, if you do believe that the world is only meant to be physical, I can understand that, but if you're basing that assumption on the fact that what believe to be science is supposed to be correct in order for the world to actually be only physical, then I wouldn't agree with that or the bases for believing that to be true, because one thing was always certain, in terms of human ability to understand the world using science just to understand what they are clueless about otherwise, they're not very good at it.

I don't just try to understand the world with science just to think that if I believe I will that the world is just going to make sense to me just because I happen to think it should, you can't call that real science. Like what people think of as being logic, they think logic is what is meant to define science. I would think and agree that it should, and it's because I do believe that, I can't trust in these people to determine that themselves, humans try using logic to make sense of everything using it like a weapon, believing that humans could really understand logic and know how to actually use it to determine the possibilities are two different things, humans ability to tell the difference between total bullcrap and the truth that is actually logical is very weak to say the least as it is, then they started using it to assume the speculations that science is the only way to understand the world, and look at how that went, when I say I believe in science and facts, I mean real science and facts not trying to understand the world just so my own worldview conforms with the rest of society, it's because I am however much aware that people can be blind to the truth even when that truth is wrong, that I believe that there must be another explanation than just denying the existence of existence in the hopeless of meagerly merely barely being able to understand the universe as it is already, if anything is meant to be certain and only logical it should be the belief that if humans are trying to understand something, you can be certain somewhere they are going to fuck everything that is meant to be true up.

I'm not just saying that to support my believe that the world wouldn't be only physical with, that's just a fact. It's like trying to prove not only to convince a person they are wrong, when they themselves deny their own existence. Those scientists spew out a lot of crap that doesn't even pass as possibly true all the time, they believe that it's making the human race smarter but it's not, that's just claiming whatever you believe to be true to be true and assuming none of the responsibility of it, that's not real science and any real scientist would agree with that.

I don't claim to know what that truth is meant to be, if you told me that if I claimed to be Satan, that I would be the crazy one, but then if you come to me just to claim something just as if not more crazier than my claim, something like we all live in Narnia right now, I wouldn't disagree with you, but I would know that you would be the crazy one if you did. I'm not to say that I would be actually happy with an outcome like that, that's my point, it's not like I just love calling someone crazy just for disagreeing with me, because for starters I wouldn't be the one to have assumed that the world we lived in would be Narnia to begin with. That's only one possibility, this world could be a lot of different things right now that no one would ever believe to be true, it could be a dream inside of a simulation inside of a computer inside an omnipotent bullfrog inside the 60th dimensional right now, and you know what, I would like to believe that were true rather than take just anything these humans take for granted to be the true, even that if the Devil exists that he would have to be me, but hey, I'm not living in a world that would ever say within any possible doubt that I would ever agree with a human about the world I happen to be living in anyways, so until then yes I'm the Devil and I happen to believe in real shit that's actually true, I'm so sorry for that if that's something you disagree with for whatever reason that you might possibly have.

@parsifal just to make this even more clear because I don't think that was enough for you. Just because I'm Satan and am wise enough to be most smartest thing in in the world, doesn't mean that to you that I'm the only thing that smart. I'm wise due to my circumstances, it doesn't make me smart just because I would be, for example there's a way better entity than the Devil that if humans didn't think of as being way smarter than their own comprehension, it's not just the Devil would be one of those things, there's a demon that came with the Devil out of Heaven, his name was Paimon, if the Devil telling you that he believes in science was strange before, then you never heard of the demon named Paimon, he's a demon of a very more bizarre perplexing nature, he has a girl face, a body of a man, rides a camel, his main defining characteristic is that he is the smartest most intelligent fuck in existence, he's not a maleficent demon, people can just summon and actually talk having an intelligent conversation with him or ask him questions, the only thing that he doesn't like is being lied to, so you can talk to him about anything, you could believe that you would be smarter the whole time or ask him anything you could possibly think of, he would have an answer, it doesn't make him wise just because he is the smartest thing ever, not like me, I'm wise because I know what not to believe, he's just smart because he knows a lot, and if you could really wrap your mind around how much he would really know about everything, it would make you question what in fact made him think about Joining the ranks of Satan, either me or him would be able to tell you what the real reason is, it's because yeah he was just that smart, smart enough to know that if the Devil thinks how the world works isn't the real way it should, that the Devil has a point, he might have been the smartest ever, but do you think the Devil got to be where he was being the wisest angel of them all just from listening to what others told them, he knew I was right, he just felt like taking the chance to believe in me too because he knows that being the smartest thing ever isn't really worth it if you don't use it. He just willingly left just to prove a point to himself, it wasn't even about being right or wrong, or disobeying God. I would have agreed with him no matter what the reason was, I just wouldn't have agreed with humans being capable of not fucking everything they call right up.

@caseyxsharp I think we have a similar understanding of what science is and what it isn’t. To me, something that explains the physical universe and it’s adjacent phenomena in a rational and repeatable way is “science”.

Yet at the same time I accept that not all phenomena are understood - at least at this time.

@parsifal ok. That's a good kind of way to look at it. Honestly I've heard all kinds of arguments against me for even bringing it up. I can't just agree with a human on what science is to one another, their science is flawed but my understanding of it isn't even the same science to them, it's the ladder is the real reason that I can't agree with it between myself and others. But with that said, since what science is to me wouldn't be the same with any human, at least right now, there is a lot that I would if agree with if any person knew how to agree with me if they knew what I did know, I have always had a different way of looking at everything and that consequently just happened to include science, like because I'm just unique the way I am I have a certain way of thinking that allows me to knows things without me having to be the only one to think that what I am really using is even called science to begin with, I mean I'm the Devil that's what I mean, before the outcome could even be thought of with a scientific outlook, I just am two steps ahead, it's not as naive as it sounds when you say it out loud believe it or not, I can hear that how it sounds is like so I have to be a certain way just for me to believe what I believe is correct to me, I'm sure that if anyone else tried it it wouldn't work for them the way it does me, maybe I'm actually just that wise or maybe I'm just insane, all I know is that I've been doing the same thing since forever and it has never lead me wrong in the time I have been going before, it takes some kind of fortitude just to think like the Devil you know, but, that's just it, there's already just so much that is unknown about everything, that as long as you have your own way of thinking you really can't go wrong. And I just said it probably wouldn't work for anyone else, I'm just the Devil. See.

It's not like the answers aren't already available to me. They would be, but that's not the point, what I would be saying is that it's not like it's not available to anyone else if I actually knew the answers being the Devil that I am, I've been saying it for a while and it's like no one ever gets it, I didn't say it in the same way before as I have told you but it's, that all of the information in the world is available to you right now, nevermind how I know about it like I just said I just know it because I'm Satan, you are all knowing right now and you wouldn't be the one to know it unless you could find a way to convince yourself of it yourself, it's true though, most of the paranormal Devil magic that I usually do is just playing with people's already known knowledge they actually know, if you seen what I could do, you wouldn't know what to believe, and I wouldn't blame you even if you heard me suddenly start speaking to you in Japanese right now and started having a whole conversation with you interacting like you weren't even in the conversation but still you be knowing that I was still just talking to you like this even though you would only be reading my words after the knowledge hits you that I'm still just sitting in an empty room talking to you but really talking to myself because this all I'm doing is just typing all this out, and that's when you would say something like, I didn't know you know how to speak Japanese, and I would say, I don't, then you ask so how did you do that and I would only have to say, because I'm the Devil, but I don't have to really try I just put a little effort into it and I can talk to anyone about anything like I'm the expert on everything.

I wasn't just making that up either, I don't even have to think about it, but I know that if someone else tried, I'm saying they could do it too, what makes me evil isn't just because I can cause a global war just by speaking in tongues, it's because I'm out here spilling the truth about everything in the world that the other guy would have wanted for you to be the one to figure it out yourself, because it actually turns out ironically that's exactly what he wants because he knows just like you would whether you would know what you should think yourself even before you do, I'm just the guy that says there's always a better way, like that, I am just me cause I'm me, but if people really tried that's what I think is that they would be capable of understanding what they have none understanding of just as long as they could be the ones to know it's true.

This is why I've been so calm with talking to you this entire time. I can do other things too, I'm just trying to not spill too much, one time I was just drinking water from a Gatorade bottle in my bathroom and my ability was being so intense that I spilled some on the floor and in my mind that was how I just created the dinosaurs, the first time was accidental, so I thought oh maybe I'm it doesn't matter but I guess this means humans comes next, so I poured more, but it created a parallel world where the world had both dinosaurs and humans and I thought I could just mush them together and it would go back to normal and it just killed the dinosaurs, so I thought I'll just do it again and the third time it created aliens and I just gave up trying to make it right and wiped it up.

I don't want to say something that crazy, and fifty years from now boom, it happens world war 6. But, you get the picture. I'll try scaling it down to something that already happened, like here's what I do when I was writing before, I was trying to create movies, those aren't just movies, those are mental realms that actually exist, those things actually happen, to me in my mind I was those people but I still had control, I tried making my own Alien Covenant movie, I made that movie, those other movies I made were just for people and Hollywood but that one was mine, that came out of my head, I created it even before it came out, I changed the names too, and, everything that happened was exactly how I depicted it all the way down to the premise of the movie, I did that creating that whole story with my mind, then a few years later, I'm watching whatever and the trailer came on and I was so pissed because Hollywood stole my intellectual property and just made it a spectacle over whole theaters, or the time that I was just fucking around doing whatever I wanted I mean I'm doing something but I still do anything I want while writing about the moment, sometimes I just bluntly blurt something that only I can be aware of that others could believe actually matters, like it happened I just blurted out Selena Gomez needs a kidney, well, she got a kidney transplant didn't she, I could just tell her like it was just happening years before she even knew, I was there for the surgery, I know who done was too, that's just a small bit of the kind of things that just rub off on me.

If someone ever asked me, how did I know, I don't, I'm just that good at being me. I have skills. If you put down on paper even your own hand drawn anime girl, I could tell you everything about her just by looking at her, but that's partly due to me being every anime girl ever and the other part is I created anime like from my fucking dreams and then I watched over 1000 anime. I could tell you what Jack the ripper had for dinner before going on his killing spree right now. I'm not trying to boast, I'm just trying to prove a point. That's all for now.

@caseyxsharp Interesting. You should write it down...

@parsifal I should have just stopped there but you don't have to read this it's just more. I've witnessed the strange things that I could do so many times, imagine how long eternity is and if the existence of the Devil weren't only real but you found out you were him, it stands to reason that the Devil himself may have also been the one not to even recognize his own handy work. Myself was just one thing, then everything that was too strange to even witness had been surrounding it in top of that and that's what I was about to talk about. It's very strange, I would be doing something thinking that I was the one capable of doing something and then somewhere out there in the world it turned out someone else also did the same thing just as I had, not just actions, although I'll tell you it was still kind of shocking when I was watching YouTube and I ran across those videos of thing people did that I had written down like I was the one doing them, I'm actually talking about my own intellectual thought, things that I believed I came up with right there in the moment that could have only been made up by believing that those things were really possible, abilities that I came up with, then I wound up finding that not only my created thoughts but what I had experienced was being created into a Japanese anime, there's just no way anyone would know these things, that's my created thoughts, other times includes when I was speaking or doing something that I just had to do for the progression of the moment, things you didn't have to think about, like creating spells, it was just suprising that they were able to know my own thoughts but how did they know what I was saying and doing when I wasn't even thinking about it, I was just speaking some words that popped up in my head and then it shoots a fire ball out of a portal in the sky or something, somehow they got everything right.

Also, I don't know what to tell you about how I can control the world, I got into an argument with a psychic before who didn't believe me that I was actually a psychic and thought I was just making it all up, so I asked her who she wanted to be president after Obama, a girl or a guy, she told me she didn't think a girl would be a good choice so, then Trump happened, yeah, that was me, I made Trump happen just to prove a point, I really know everything that is going to happen around me and I never would make a mistake either no matter what the outcome was going to be too. You just ask me and all I'd say, that.

@parsifal I sound like a maniac right now don't I? You were just talking to me about the problem with the world is that there's so much still left unknown, and I'm over here complaining about how they knew what I was saying in that anime about a fictional magical other world right now, I'm sorry about that. See, that's the kind of things I'm thinking about right now.

@caseyxsharp No, it’s just we have some fundamental differences of what we believe is real...I don’t envision “separate” but only One.

@parsifal I would say I should have to agree, at the very least, I can separate myself from science and all that and know things that no one would be able to but, I inheritely believe that it's not good for others to do it too, what I believe about science itself should be the same as everyone else, there's one way to think of science and that's it, I was creating retrospective, I may think and believe something different than what others think is real science but it's because I have that ability to believe one thing and think something completely different that if it was me abile to be given the choice, I would normally only believe in the same thing that everyone else would about the world, too much insight can be a bad thing, I just think that what there is to really known about anything about real science isn't something that I or anyone else would be able to know even if because even though I actually believe in one way of looking at science it's still the nature of science and not what perse there is to actually be known that is unknowable because that's the true nature of science existing without whatever there is to be known about the world.

I should have stated with this. Because it's entirely ironic, whether there's a right way or not to look at science, humans have their own way of thinking, it's funny because I am an other worldly being that actually is the only one that has this very different way of looking at everything compared to what you expect a supernatural entity like me would believe, there was meant to be truth available and the answers are there for humans, but, it's not a joke when the bible said in the end people will rely on myths, because that's just exactly what happened, I don't need to disprove the vast majority of scientific consensus just to be able to know that to be true, like the big bang, like evolution, it's very nice ideas on paper but if I could say just any other reason why it's wrong besides scientifically it would be, I'll tell you why it's wrong, because it's just people believing in myths in their desperation to understand the truth, it's not just not good science it's all out mythology, mythology isn't something that you can disprove by just taking a gander at special science, and you can't convince someone of that even though thinking that is correct while believing that what you believe in is science being true because it has to be, that's just doing the exact same thing that I have been saying I totally am against which is calling something different when something is actually something else entirely, I'm asking completely different questions like how can those people think that is correct when the same problem that theists have in agreeing with me is their same problem too such as believing that everything has to make sense to them just for things to actually exist to them, is that real science because I wouldn't agree with that, I would dare say that what I think is even better and more correct than what humans have thought, that being that the answers anyone is looking for is much more simple than things have to be just in order for things to exist, that's the way science is meant to be, if you can't acknowledge the possibility of things being unlike what you can imagine, then don't believe in science and don't be a scientist, that's only logical, the answer though is still even more simple than even that, if people would just stop imagining shit and actually think about crap, that's it, when you are really faced with a real problem that you really cannot possibly understand, science will just do shit to give you the answers you need, it's not just things have to be in order for things to exist, you have to believe in the power of science for it to actually work, the real way of claiming to know the answer and tackle an unknowable problem in the wild is actually different than just going at it willy nilly thinking science is going to be your bargaining chip, if you want to really know what is real, all you have to do is believe that you have the power to know it, that is the true real meaning of science, it's simpler than trying to find a place for everything in your search to understand what is actually in front to be known about everything.

I acknowledge and accept the possibility that what I believe and what you believe is different and that I can agree on that, that could make a separation between what you know to be true and what I know to be true even though what is still true is only one and only real truth, but it's what I believe. Try telling that to someone who thinks they know what they are talking about, like a scientist, and see what they say.

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