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Did anyone get the memo that history has been rewritten, with Canada recast as a slave state?

That’s right. We all thought that Canada was a safe haven for slaves escaping plantations in the Southern U.S., but the daring Underground Railway chapter has apparently been tossed. In fact, Sunday was Canada’s first “Emancipation Day”.

Woke progressives pushing the myth of Canadian slavery conveniently overlook the fact that slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire in 1807, a full 60 years before Canada even existed! Yet Ismael Traore appeared on CTV News Vancouver Sunday talking about acknowledgment of “Canada’s 200 years (sic) history of slavery.” Now that’s a neat trick considering Canada hasn’t even existed for 200 years.

The scope the lie from Traore, a highly paid diversity executive at the university if British Columbia is staggering. Yet the whole Emancipation Day charade is promoted by the fake news media without challenge.

Canadian leftists are using the same propaganda methods designed by the New York Times in their 1619 project, which asserts US slavery began 150 years before the United States even existed.

The highly educated Traore is well aware this type of hate speech won’t benefit race relations. The end game from the woke left is, of course, to promote division and hatred.

GeeMac 8 Aug 2
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i laughed and laughed. slavery in Canada even before it existed. He should know his history before he speaks.


The end game here is simply the rise of cultural Marxism. And in order to do that, they need enough people to believe that all of society is steeped with inequities that the people must rise up and overthrow.

Once upon a time, Marxists used terms like "proletariat" and "bourgeois" to describe the actors in their struggle. But since that didn't work, they've changed the terms to "whiteness" and "oppressed groups." Same concept; different words. Since they can't convince people to overthrow the wealthy, they'll convince people to overthrow "racism" instead. The ends remain the same.

Although I agree with your take on the objectives of the marxists I think they are just one of the groups wanting to destroy western society. Adherents of the Frankfort school have been very successful at reshaping the language and promoting the destructive critical theories at the center of much of the discord today, however the second group causes me more fear. The globalist elites have no great interest in communism but for its ability to destabilize society and begin a culture war. Their plans are in place and have moved forward at an alarming pace. Their desire is global feudal fascism. Their ideal is to have the oligarchs and the elite bureaucrats running a hybrid government/ business cabal which employs, rules and controls the working class whom enjoy limited freedoms and privileges when compared to their "betters". It is similar to communism in that the masses are suppressed and controlled but has the trappings of free markets and democracy without the burdens of actual freedom, the added benefit is that fascism has been adopted with the consent of the citizens without a bloody revolution, perhaps just the fear of a revolution combined with a familiar lockdowns and limitations will bring the citizens to bear?


Their desire is global feudal fascism

Unless we're talking textbooks, there is very little practical difference between how Marxism vs fascism has been implemented. Regardless of the rhetoric, each ideology sees a small group of elites making draconian rules for everyone else and a clear delineation in rights and quality-of-life between the "haves" and the "have nots."

The bottom line is a bunch of wealth "elites" want to run your life. How they end up doing it, I don't think they really care. Whatever the stupid masses will buy into most expediently, I suppose.


When will Islam renounce slavery?


Canada was not formed until 1867 and slavery was abolished in Britain in 1834. How could Canada have been a slave state before it existed? Unless you are talking about indigenous peoples who of course practiced slavery on each other on a regular basis.


Although its easy to see that many people benefit financially from this charade, that is not the primary point of the effort. Its a well known fact that you do not raise up one group by tearing down another, so the advancement of blacks or other races is not the objective (although like I said some do benefit). The objective is to cause division, and to tear down the middle class (which is mostly white, or used to be) and to have only two classes the elites and the working class just like under feudalism. Guys like Ismael are simply useful idiots who benefit along the way.


Hey, why not?

If indigenous can be handed billions of dollars for simply crying “Poor us!” maybe blacks, asians, and mid-easterns can have their share of our tax dollars? Hands out, everybody, white guilt and ignorance will fund you.

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