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Why Can’t They??

2peros 8 Sep 12
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Suggesting the banning of alcohol is awake?

Another sleeper during the history lessons. Geesh.

I think you missed the point. The suggestion -as I inferred- was that the aim of all this is not the saving of lives or the prevention of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors but rather CONTROL and if it results in the early death of a few billion people, well that's a bonus!

@Geofrank No, the history is missed. Yes, mask BS is just that, BS. It's been shown by CDC/WHO that the bloody things don't work. But, in order to demonstrate control (as you infer) the elites go ahead, anyway. Shutting down was to rid the elites of the troublesome small business owners (who, knowing how to balance risk) are usually conservatives.
Banning something, however, especially a vice, has been demonstrated to be a complete and total disaster. The then-Karen's succeeded at that by preying upon emotions -- just like today.
REgardless of all of that, science and history, the ruling elites will do whatever they are allowed to get away with. 10million Kulaks were murdered in the same way by the same type of people. Those people rejoiced then, and when billions die tomorrow (as you imply) they will also rejoice.
There is only one way out of this.


Frightened of itsy bitsy widdle masks are you....
not everyone wears them or has to and its not all the time when they do.
Wide awake thank you... and you?

That was not at all the point he was making.

@Hanno Really? Taken at face value it's a false premised based on a lie.

@Lightman What exactly would be the false premise and what lie is it based on?

@Geofrank I suggest you read it again it should hit you in the face almost immediately.


Masochistically begging for more curtailment of freedoms.


Maybe it's because there's no money to be had in that?

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