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I keep hearing about "inflation", but if you give some serious thought, you will realize that is truly "deflation" of the American dollar, not "inflation"!!!!
I heard tonight that goods coming from China have increased in cost 80% this year!!!!
And to add to that the cost of moving those produces from the docks to your store has increased 200%!!!!!!
Who do you think will get to pay that bill??????????????
Have you noticed how many things are NOT on the shelves anymore?????????
The "Dirty Thirties" are going to look like a party compared to what is coming!!!!
ARE YOU READY????????????

Serg97 8 Oct 12
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What is an economy where everything is locked in, if not a prison?


Capitalism has given us fragile supply chains and little means to manage crises like pandemics and climate change.


I understand where your going. its clear though that you don’t understand your terms.

this is a feature not a bug. in order to pay for contracts signed today we must lower the value of the medium of exchange over the term of the contract. “OtW you aint gettn shit.”

RobD1 Level 7 Oct 12, 2021

Yeah the goods and services decrease even though everyone has more money. 24 hour fitness closes at 11 not even open 24 hours anymore. You have more money, but there are less things to buy now. Everyone gets happy when they got more money but its like Venezuela, less stuff to buy. Everyone in Venezuela has plenty of money, they just can't buy anything with it 😥

I,m glad you have more money than you can spend, enjoy it while you can!!!!!
You are going to be surprised on what you can not afford, no matter how much money you have, shortly!!!!!

@Serg97 invest in assets that pay you, they will keep up with inflation. Buy things that keep up with inflation. Anything but the dollar really.

@Serg97 the problem isnt that the Venezuelans don't have money, it's that they can't buy anything with it. Theres nothing in the stores.

@Beachslim Welcome to the new U.S. of A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 In old Italy they used to carry the lira (paper money) in wheelbarrows to buy a couple of things at the supermarket.
Pretty soon this gonna happen to the $ If Biden keeps on printing and spending like a drunken sailor.

@Saigon2o If you can find the loaf of bread to buy, good luck!!!!!!!!

@Saigon2o, @Beachslim That is my plan!!!!!!!!!


It depends on your point of view, doesn't it? One thing's for sure: stuff is getting more expensive!

sqeptiq Level 9 Oct 12, 2021

Well, when you print 5 trillion new dollars that are only back by a promise, what happens to the 5 trillion that is already in circulation!!!
Remember "Supply and Demand" is a fact the LIBS likes to ignore!!!!!

@Serg97 only good for toilet paper

@Saigon2o And that may be the only TP you can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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