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One does not simply change the Constitution.

Either you have rules or you have anarchy. Democrats hate the constitution, which implies that they hate rules, which implies that they want anarchy.

Democrats love to propose rule changes, but every change they propose benefits Democrats. Lame.

America's rulebook is the Constitution, and the Supreme Court is the referee.

The Supreme Court's job is to be logical. Congress makes rules, and the Supreme Court interprets them, with logic.

If the Supreme Court issues a decision that Democrats like, they say yay! If Democrats don't like the decision, they say boo! Democrats are all feelings and no logic.

Neil Gorsuch (paraphrase): Your job is to interpret the law with logic. Often the law sucks, but you have to respect it. If you feel good about all your decision, then you're not doing the job right.

The Founding Fathers are laughing at modern Democrats. The Founders were smarter.
The constitution says "right to bear arms", not "right to bear an AR-15". It says "shall not be infringed".

The constitution says: "Powers not delegated to the fed are reserved to states." Brilliant!
Prevents a power grab by the fed. Democrats hate this clause in the constitution.

jaymaron 8 June 26
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There is a set of discoveries that transformed humanity. Each of the discoveries could have happened at any time in human history, even before 3000 BC. They are:

Decimal numbers (1585, Simon Stevin)
Writing (-3300, Sumerian civilization)
Political constitution (Sparta -770, Lycurgus)
Steam engine (Newcomen 1712)
Gunpowder (850)
Battery (Volta, 1800)

The Spartan constitution was one of the first constitutions, and it led to a strong Sparta. Athens copied Sparta and made their own constitution, similar to Sparta's. This is why Sparta and Athens dominated Ancient Greece.

The Spartan constitution was democratic and contained checks and balances. It
was established by Lycurgus in ~770 BCE and was endorsed by the Oracle of
Delphi. The offices were:

2 Kings

5 Ephors, which hire and fire kings

Gerousia, a legislature. Open to all Spartans over age 60 and serving for live. It consists of 28 elected members plus the 2 kings.

Apella, the assembly, open to all Spartans over age 30 and elected by the Spartan citizenry. It elects members of the Gerousia and Ephor, and can veto the Gerousia's proposals.

A requirement for Spartan citizenship was passing the military training, called the agoge.

To vote, citizens had to show up personally and be identified by their fellow citizens.

Sparta and Athens almost never admitted new citizens. This is why they stayed strong.

The American Constitution was an advance for humanity. In my opinion, the Spartan constitution is cooler.

The Spartan Constitution glorifies grassroots politics. The Apella is the grassroots body, and it chooses members of the Gerousia and the Ephor. The Ephors choose kings. The Ephors can fire kings.


The Demon-rats can't get enough support to change or do away with the Constitution, so they try to redefine it into irrelevance.


Yo Democrats! What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

Gandalf: You shall not infringe!


Today is a good day for those who did the work and studied the Constitution. The Constitution is a glorious weapon, but you have to understand it to wield it.

Biden claims that Republicans are against the Constitution. I claim that Biden is a jerk. Biden's claim is so untrue that he's a jerk for making it. It's equivalent to Biden saying that he hates Republicans and has no respect for them.


The Constitution is all about limiting government power and maximizing individual power.

The Democratic party is obsessed with amassing federal power. The Democratic party is precisely the thing the Constitution was written to oppose.

The Democratic party is formally on record for opposing the Constitution, and Republicans are on record for supporting it.

Trump did what he said he would do. He campaigned with a list of 20 Judges, and he chose from the list.

Many voted for Trump because they want Constitutionalist Justices. That's partly why Trump won. Democrats are oblivious to this.


Politicians are usually pretty good at skirting the law and writing in ambiguous terms to make it easier to subvert the will of the people and purposely misconstrue the purpose of the founding fathers and the documents they created. They have gradually changed their interpretation of the constitution and it’s amendments for their own benefits.

They’re trying to limit/change the interpretation of “arms” to exclude certain types of arms. Many have proposed that it exclude any fare arms at all (leaving swords, clubs, etc… ). As they become more creative in their subversion they also try to change the meaning of words (woman can now include people with a penis; marriage is no longer just a union of one man with one woman; pronouns…, etc).

Soon they will say that amendment protects your right to wear short sleeves or even no sleeves at all. With the growing illiteracy of the populace as a whole, they’ll likely get away with it.


Yes but, many if not most States are in lock step with the ideologies and practices of our Federal Government. Sooo what we have is "six one one and half a dozen of the other"

iThink Level 9 June 26, 2022

Gov't without "rules" in the context of this discussion is not "Anarchy" - The Communists ideas of governance are pretty much the same thing as Monarchy - whereby the Communist Politburo sits in the position of an absolute King or Queen. Although Monarchs and Politburo "rules" tend to be arbitrary and lacking of the concept of "fairness" to its subjects It is, again, not Anarchistic. It is by definition Authoritative and often malevolent.

Anarchy is a condition of NO affective AUTHORITY of any kind. The best and most accurate example of Anarchy that I know of is displayed in the main theme of the series of movies known as "The Purge".

If you have not seen "The Purge" it is, simply put, a day of Government Sanctioned Crime including Murder - no questions asked, no investigative activity after the "Purge" itself. One day per year a person can commit any act that on any "other given day" would lead to that given person being arrested, charged and prosecuted for whatever crime he committed.
In other words - during the day of the Purge you get to kill anybody you choose to kill; with impunity.
"The Purge" is the purest and most starkly represented presentation of what "Anarchy" is.

BTW, a real life example of Anarchy was on full display during the Summer of 2020 in our (USA) major cities across the land. In that case there was an intentional and deliberate vacuum - absence and neglect on the part of ELECTED AUTHORITIES to do THEIR SWORN DUTY which would have been to intervene; To put down the rioting by any means necessary.
Anarchy in that case was not only allowed to occur but it was criminally encouraged, aided and abetted by Elected Civil Authorities. Which was an obvious and extreme example of Serious Crime unto itself.

The deliberate failings and abdications of Elected Civil leadership went unpunished. Which is yet one more abdication on the part of (apparently, theoretically speaking) the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY in our Country - "The People".

I submit that failure to act is itself tacit and sometimes explicit approval.

What the American Communist Party (aka Democrats) wants is "Absolute Authority" with the ability to arbitrarily apply it.

iThink Level 9 June 26, 2022
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