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LINK Get Ready For Constitutionally Protected Satanic Prayer in School

In a 6–3 decision authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Joe Kennedy, an assistant football coach for a Washington State high school who was fired by his district for praying on the field after games.

The case forced the justices to wrestle with how to balance the religious and free speech rights of teachers and coaches with the rights of students not to feel pressured into participating in religious practices. The outcome could strengthen the acceptability of some religious practices in the public school setting.

The decision is also the latest in a line of Supreme Court rulings for religious plaintiffs. In another recent example, the court ruled that Maine can’t exclude religious schools from a program that offers tuition aid for private education, a decision that could ease religious organizations’ access to taxpayer money.

JacksonNought 8 June 27
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Sadly, I expect the federal government to increasingly only protect the "natural order."


Maybe we can set up altars in each end zone for the sacrificial slaughter of goats and sheep. Bring in a dhabiha butcher on Fridays. Get real Circus Maximus on it all.

Or maybe just let people pray. I dunno.

People are allowed to pray. Just don't get upset if you see someone praying to Satan on the 50 yard line, or if players feel compelled to join in.


I can understand why the state would get their panties in a bunch. But, high-school football games aren't played during school hours, so separation of church and state does not apply. However, should religion be allowed in during school hours, all religions are going to have to be allowed, not just one. There still is freedom of religion.


There's no need to accept satanic stuff in the name of fairness. It'd be a lot more fun to suppress it using state power.

sqeptiq Level 10 June 27, 2022

Can always count on you to troll.

@JacksonNought Vigilantes tolerated by the state are also a possibility. 😉

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