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Masculinity is the sweetest thing because it is a free gift from GOD!

Just one of the lessons socialists (feminists or otherwise) absolutely refuse to learn is that the keys to ‘life’ have been placed in the hands of men, not women.

Posted by: Smarthistory ~ Jun 7, 2013
“Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel”

Another one is that creativity is a heritage of man. Whether or not women display creativity is a matter of opinion at any given time? None-the-less throughout human history it has always been men at the forefront of creative ingenuity that’s saved the day for humanity.

Today we hear of war scares, of famine scares, climate scare, even of land scares as socialist stupid as that is. And the socialist scares goes on and on endlessly. The only scare not perpetrated by socialists, at least not yet, is that the proverbial sky is falling – and I’m looking for that any day now?

Masculinity creates responses and remedies for catastrophes that befall mankind on a regular basis – just as it has from his creation. And ‘love’ is all that HE has ever asked in return for HIS care!
Al Bowlly is considered by many, if they’re still alive, to be the first ‘rock star’ – that being in the 1930’s – how say you? It’s masculine creativity regardless of ‘rock star’ status?

Posted by: warholsoup100 ~ May 25, 2011
“Al Bowlly Ray Noble - Love Is The Sweetest Thing 1932”

Then today I saw something that immediately upon its sight the words ‘the sweetest thing’ tumbled out of my mouth. Take a look and let me know if that’s your first impression?

Posted by: 22plinkster ~ Jul 19, 2020

The ingenuity of the masculine creativity that’s the heritage of man is absolutely limitless! Everything is within man’s grasp except ‘the tree of life.’ Control of that ‘masculine creativity’ is now and always has been the goal of socialism (feminist or not)?

Birthing a baby, can be accomplished, from conception to birth, by a comatose woman – proven, no question about it. It’s masculine creativity that holds the value socialists really want control of?

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Male-Feminist
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy of life.

PS. For no particular reason, here’s an excerpt from Dvorak’s Symphony No.9, simply because I favor it.

Posted by: Berliner Philharmoniker ~ Jul 11, 2014
“Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" / Karajan · Berliner Philharmoniker”

1914wizard 8 Aug 4
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Their mothers who bore and raised and taught them are...

This division is unholy, not of God.

Jesus gave men a far rougher time than women,
who he treated well.

That's one reason I worship Him, creator.


Long after Isaac Newton’s death a small chest (if you like), belonging to him, was discovered and subsequently auctioned for a considerable sum of money. Possibly the purchaser was hoping to find hidden wisdom they could monetize – who really can attribute motivation to others?

As it turned out, this genius was secretly interested in studying the The Bible – yes, the Judeo-Christian Bible. His other pass time turned out to be alchemy of all things, but if Newton thought it remotely possible who are we to disagree?

Considering the former, however, I’d like to suggest considering it for what it actually is – a collection of short books along with an assortment letters, rather like Newton’s mysterious box?

What I’m suggesting is that you consider thinking of IT as THEM as if they were the papers contained in yet a more mysterious box? Writings that someone saw fit to bind together – just forming one large book with them. Because that’s precisely what the Judeo-Christian Bible is – it’s a collection of writing that spans thousands of years.

What I’m getting at is I’m suggesting that you PERUSE those writings just as you would Newton’s mystery box – who knows what gems of knowledge you might find for yourself? After all it is GOD’s own mystery box, and Newton was interested in it?


verb [ T ] formal
UK /pəˈruːz/ US /pəˈruːz/

to read through something, especially in order to find the part you are interested in:
He opened a newspaper and began to peruse the personal ads.

Now I don’t claim to know any motivations involved, but “Hallelujah” can’t be said too much – it translates ‘Praise-Ye-Jah’ with Jah being a shortened version of GOD’s personal name!

Posted by: Ashley Dubisson ~ Jun 12, 2022
“Hallelujah for Patrick Swayze by Johnny Depp”


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Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

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