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And no, this post isn’t actually about sailing! This post is about political maneuvering. More specifically, it’s about the political maneuvering(s) of Marxist/Socialism (aka communism). The failed political/economic system of communism, having realized the futility of their global campaign in the face of the proven superior political/economic system of capitalism, charted a different course to their destination, a more deceptive course, but a course change none-the-less?

The destination of Marxist/Socialism never changed, just the tacking maneuver(s) they’d have to adopt facing the strong headwind of capitalism they discovered? Instead of the workers of the world (their original destination) they sought to seduce with their ideology of victim-hood (oppression) of the working class, they charted a new course towards the normalized bleeding hearts of academia – the self anointed elitist do-gooders that hadn’t done a days work in their whole lives? Finding that parent don’t just roll over at their child’s whimper, it became apparent their still had the ferocious headwind of capitalism to face? Capitalism being the most successful economic system ever devised by mankind? Their victims could afford single family houses and automobiles for themselves – worse still, they could own them as personal property?

TACK1: Students have got to be convinced that the prosperity their parents earned, and squandered upon them, was ill gotten at the expense of others – doesn’t matter who’s expense as long as it’s anybody but them or their parents? TACK2: Next, the kind and benevolent Marxist Professors mollycoddle these poor oppressed students with safe spaces and soft gentle words of peace and security offered by Marxism if only their parents were capable of understanding its kindness? TACK1: Average people on the street must be convinced by Marxist trained individuals that the reason they haven’t achieved anything in their lives is because institutional racism and/or sexism is holding them back – not their own lethargy? TACK2: Back and forth tacking is how headwinds such as capitalism are defeated. Here is where I link you to the benevolence of Marxism again with this video? It’s an easy thing to be duped by these socialists, they offer absolution to each and every customer! Unlike Christianity, Marxist absolution doesn’t require anything of you – well, except for everything including your redemption by Christ?

PS. Could’ve used the old carrot and stick analogy just as well, as long as long as the subterfuge of socialism is displayed going back and forth repetitiously?

Posted by: The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters ~ Oct 15, 2021
“Marxist-Leninists Ironically Defend Academic Freedom”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

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Tacking (sailing):

Tacking is a sailing maneuver by which a sailing vessel, whose desired course is into the wind, turns its bow toward and through the wind so that the direction from which the wind blows changes from one side of the boat to the other, allowing progress in the desired direction.[1] The opposite maneuver to tacking is called 'jibe', or 'wearing' on square-rigged ships, that is, turning the stern through the wind. No sailing vessel can move directly upwind, though that may be the desired direction, making this an essential maneuver of a sailing ship. A series of tacking moves, in a zig-zag fashion, is called beating, and allows sailing in the desired direction.

This maneuver is used for different effects in races, where one ship is not only sailing in a desired direction, but also concerned with slowing the progress of competitors.

The need for tacking:

Sailing ships cannot proceed directly into the wind, but often need to go in that direction. Movement is achieved by tacking. If a vessel is sailing on a starboard tack with the wind blowing from the right side and tacks, it will end up on a port tack with the wind blowing from the left side. See the accompanying image; the red arrow indicates the wind direction. This maneuver is frequently used when the desired direction is (nearly) directly into the wind.

In practice, the sails are set at an angle of 45° to the wind for modern sailing yachts. Rotor ships can tack much closer to the wind, 20 to 30°.

The opposite maneuver, i.e. turning the stern through the wind, is called 'jibing' (or 'wearing' on square-rigged ships). Tacking more than 180° to avoid a jibe (mostly in harsh conditions) is sometimes referred to as a 'chicken jibe'.[2]

1914wizard 8 Aug 13
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Didn't catch any errors, but I am running on low at the moment. Mollycoddle was good, and the tacking could be code word for tactics, if it ever came down to that. Like using the tea drinkers and a cup of tea for the jabs.

The back & forth analogy was good explanation of the tacking used by the Marxist trained indoctrinated detractors who try to demoralize the resistance of the average man on the street.

The absolution redemption clause is like the placating to the feelings of the agnostic/atheist being inundated in a religious society and tolerance for them, yet, then why can they not have tolerance for the religious society if they are demanding tolerance for their views and forcing everyone else to capitulate by coercion, shaming projection, and sheer ignorance.

No public prayer in public school, so, they can't just can't put there head down or their hands over their ears; and try not being rude or disrespectful is a demonstration of tolerance. Like bending their knee at sporting events for the National Anthem, just keep your hands at your sides, bending your knee means you are a slave unless you are bending the knee to the King of America, you're being disrespectful & egomaniacal. They want tolerance by being intolerant, and it's infantile thinking & delusional of the mollycoddles.

The demand of paying tuition means that they should get a say in the education system and free no tuition means you have to accept whatever it is they tell you it is....blimey!

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the agent entity reminded me of Ray Epps and was really phishing and trying to get incitement going and at the same time being a professional detractor and political influencer. Used mostly narcissistic tactics and all of the Big 5 manipulators. Red flag on almost everything.

When I confronted about the possible incriminations, he/she/it denied it in three expressly short lines. I took it as subliminal Fruedian slip of a Judas. Even thought of trolling back and asking how much silver was he getting paid. He/she/it also bragged about the ineptness and lax security here and how easy it was to hack and that the @Admin was unresponsive and no where to be found.

Thank you anyways though for your sincerity.

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Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

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