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Is It Too Late to Prevent Emerging Police State?

Here are a couple of interesting posts I became aware of due to email subscriptions:

o Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: Who Will Protect Us from the Government’s Standing Army? (Activist Post)

o A Banana Republic? Yes, I think so. (Rudy Giuliani)

1st article exposes Federal Agencies who ARE NOT law enforcement yet are being weaponized. The 2nd Rudy Giuliani – also a notable recipient of Dem-Marxist political persecution – discusses America transforming into a One-Party State.

SO ASK, Is it too late to prevent an emerging police state? … SOMETHING TO PONDER: []

JohnHouk 8 Aug 19
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for decades i use to always think that if need be the military would protect us (support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, bear true faith and allegiance to the same), BUT since they are now SO woke......I believe all the Senate makes a similar oath of it comes down to the citizens to decide ultimately, Pledge Allegiance to the Republic or become a minion of the New World Order and apply to become an expendable citizen at the Human Resources Department

seen anything lately on the alleged Patriot Front militia? with such clean shoe treads and not a one member could fail the IRS guidelines for physical fitness, 31 prime candidates or so it was said. But nothing else since, that I know of, (but I am heavily shadow banned and my news sources are all disabled) and one would think that such an event would be used to terrorize the general populace about these 'insurgents', and possibly other sleeper cells just like them, or at least they could be weaponized propaganda fodder like Jan. 6th

seems strange that they could co-ordinate with computer technology until they got together and had a lapse in memory about co-ordinating, not to mention escaping in all directions in multiple escape vehicles.....


So you also agree that the DOJ gassing a bunch of protesters so that Trump could do a photo op with a Bible was also weaponizing federal agencies and turning America into a police state? Or Trump announcing that he would deploy the US military to attack BLM protesters? Or when Trump bragged about sending US Marshals to specifically execute a man without due process in Portland?

That is BS propaganda. On the other hand treasonous Communists should be tried and convicted.

@Focus complete non sequitur. Who is talking about religion? Keep on topic.

@JohnHouk propaganda seen with ones own eyes?

@Focus pointing out my hypocrisy... by bringing up random religions a some sort of retort to Trump weaponizing his federal agencies? And what exactly makes you think I love Communism? I take it you are just a troll?

@Focus name one thing.

@Focus you'd be hard pressed to find an American who doesn't support taxation in some form, unless they are an anarchist or a hardcore libertarian. The righties love taxes, mostly on poor people - how else can they continue to bloat defense spending. My city recently had the US Supreme Court (6 out of 9 righties, 7 out of 9 Catholics) force us to send our tax dollars to a Catholic adoption agency - something supported by the righties.

But if you want to throw out blanket statements, it's not hard to figure out the position of righties as they are all hardcore religious extremists who want to turn the country into a theocracy and go around murdering people who think differently than themselves.

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