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[] - The Scoop Politics - Congress Erupts As Rand Paul Slams Entire Democrat Party | Facebook | By The Scoop Politics | Back in the 1800s, people were a lot smarter.

Daveclark5 8 Aug 23
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@Daveclark5 @Garsco @eschatologyguy

Imagine a rural community that takes care of business by itself. It has its own schools and it has a college. It has proper access to natural resources and it's self-sufficient.

Imagine the County Commissioner of this community, Boss Dogg, giving a speech.

We take care of business all by ourselves. We don't want government help because we do a better job, for less money.

We refuse to give tax dollars to the government to spend on other communities. We take care of our own business, and they should take care of their own business.

We're willing to pay federal taxes, because we recognize the need for national
defense, and for national law enforcement. For everything else, each community
should take care of business on their own. Behold the example we set, and be
shamed the shambles of Democrat communities.

We paid taxes for a national military and national law enforcement, and you used the money to attack Republicans. You didn't use the money to beef up the military. You weakened the military. We want our money back.

What our community wants is to take care of local business by ourselves, and to not have to worry about national business. This was the way things were done in Classical America. Today, Democrats crippled the military, they weaponized the FBI against Republicans, and they weaponized the FBI against parents.

Democrats are jerks. They claim to be tolerant liberals but they're the opposite. They claim to be live-and-let be but they're cultural conquistadors. They invade Republican communities with evil DAs and evil school board members. They won't leave Republicans alone. Democrats forced Republicans to waste energy to defend against Democrat bull. We shouldn't have to waste this energy. We're busy raising kids. We're angry that you made us waste energy. We're going to sting you back. Hard enough that you won't do it again. Deterrent yo!

Democrats are degree supremacists. Degree apartheidists. They feel that a college degree makes them superior to the Amish.

The Amish are better farmers than modern Democrats.

Democrats are jerks. They bully the Amish.

The Amish are the modern Jews.


Would anyone like to give a rousing speech?


Give people access to natural resources so they don't need as much social welfare. Modern Democrats deny access to natural resources, which forces big social welfare programs.

Classical America helped its citizens get access to natural resources.

Absolutely. Getting out of the way and allowing people to honestly work for what they need, barter with neighbors and take care of each other without unhelpful government regulation, overtaxation and misuse of resources.

As it stands, people are afraid of helping each other out for fear they will be taxed on their help or show up on the government’s list of people to watch. A community barn-building somebody whose barn burned down or was destroyed by other causes is almost unheard of anymore. People used to gather their spare resources and join together to help their neighbors get back on their feet, knowing that they may need some help from them some day. Give and take is never evenly spread, but it leads to better neighbors and less dependency on a supposed benevolent government (no longer exists).

@Daveclark5 Yes. The government bullying of the Amish farmer in Pennsylvania is a prime example of this threat to everyday folks.


Today, common sense is uncommon.


A whisper in a hurricane. Unfortunately.

Garsco Level 8 Aug 24, 2022

Forget PC. They don't own the language. Time to go back calling a spade a spade.

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