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Governments have screwed up things so badly that they are just blaming all our "crises" on the fact there are too many people on the planet and the only solution to them is to ensure the population shrinks. It is all the people's fault who have lived too high on the hog for too long.
No. It is government's fault for not managing society just indulging itself in the production of the populace. Now it is in the situation where it can no longer just increase taxes to solve social problems they have neglected while giving themselves great wages and privileges. Politicians have bought all manner of schemes because of their ignorance in the subjects they should at least have a working knowledge in if they are going to engineer society. "Experts" in psychology, sociology, economics, medicine, have all managed to convince some politician that their idea is the best when in fact it is best for their field of expertise to have government giving them huge taxpayer funding. Political ignorance opens the door to all manner of fraud in areas that affect us all.

Have bankers bamboozled politicians? You only need to look over the last century to see that our monetary system has moved to bankers having full control over money, its supply and its flows. Politicians don't even know why money is important. Taxing and spending to them have absolutely nothing to do with the economy. Is there any doubt as to why western nations have huge debts. Debt is good they will tell you, if you should be curious enough and brazen enough to ask. Why is inflation high? Why is housing increasingly not affordable? Why are tent cities springing up like mushrooms? So taxpayers suffer!

Have behavioral scientists bamboozled politicans? Don't ask them why people are dying of overdoses in the streets of our major cities. Don't ask why Johnny can't read. Don't ask why men and women can't form bonding relationships anymore. Don't ask why crime is rising. Don't ask why there is a growing number of homeless on our streets. Politicians don't know but they will ask the experts they have been funding for the last century. The experts need to be kept funded and important so they will come up with a plan but they can't make behavioral problems go away or they will no longer be valuable to society and be able to claw out the big bucks from the taxpayer. So taxpayers suffer!

Have pharmaceutical companies and medical insurance companies bamboozled politicians?
Well, do I have a safe and effective vaccine for you. Great. We'll fund that. It is a crisis, ya know.

Naw, We're not funding any gain of function research. Well, thanks be to, Bob. Here's some cash to make sure you stay on the straight and narrow and do the important work we know you are doing.

We have developed ways to more efficiently detect when children need drugs to help them learn. Excellent, here is some more cash so you can do further research.
So taxpayers suffer!

"Science" says the climate is changing which, incidentally, it has never ceased to do. But now we are the cause of it changing. Does anyone ask a politician what percentage the anthropogenic contribution is?
Meanwhile to tell if the climate is changing we need about a century of data. Not a severe winter storm or a drought. That has to do with weather, not climate. Here's some cash so you can tell us what to do to stop the climate from changing because it should never change. So taxpayers suffer!

All anthropogenic crises - climate change, pollution, resource depletion, wealth distribution and whatever else you can think of that has to do with humans can be solved by bringing the population down. Well, we, the people, aren't trying to bring the population down. We'd like to see good management of our planet and experts say the solution to all human problems is to keep the population from growing and actually bring it down to a sustainable level.
So it's easy to sell gullible politicians that good management is population control. The biggest problem with that is they will start to determine who has a right to live. Certainly not all you bonehead conservatives and republicans. It hasn't come to that - yet. But it is headed that way in leaps and bounds.
By now we are at the breaking point of what taxpayers can suffer.

Environmentalism, by the way, is not just managing the environment, it is super-control over human activity, lest you water your lawn on the wrong day without permission. It is probably true that you shouldn't even have a lawn. It's dandelion soup for you with a side of locust wings. Politically, what would you call that supercontrol of behavior dictated by a central authority - you got it - socialism.

These politicians aren't idiots they have just made it impossible for you to figure out what they are doing. It looks so bizarre. They don't want you to know they have reached the limit of what the taxpayer can bear and so wish to have a re-try by decimating western civilization and doing socialism the right way because noone has ever done that.

FrankZeleniuk 8 Aug 25
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