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Mostly Peacful London’s Machetes of Peace

Keeping those of African heritage at the centre of history, while ignoring all other ethnicities

Sep 6, 2022 The word ‘diversity’ signifies, in reality, more black people. In the same way, ‘slavery’ refers only to the experiences of those whose origins lie in Africa; the suffering of all other ethnic groups is, in this way, brushed aside and disregarded. Africa and those whose ancestors came from that continent are thus fixed firmly at the centre of both past and present history of the entire world. The 1619 Project is a perfect example of this trend.


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Krunoslav 9 Sep 6
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Clearly, machete control is needed.

It would not help, they would find knives, guns or whatever. The problem is culture of wild youth that imported and than placed no restriction on it. The police will police mean tweets but not real crime, because they are gay AF!

@Krunoslav I was being sarcastic. It would help about as much as disarming the law abiding gun owners helps. In other words, it won't.

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