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@KCSantiago I never said one race was better. You still are missing the point. I wasn't saying one race was better, what I'm clearly able to observe just as anyone would is that all races aren't better or worse just because they're good or bad, it's you that only racism as only a bad thing. How can you speak about whether racism against another race was actually bad or not? I wasn't saying anything, I was just trying to get you to ask that to yourself. Based on what I've just said before, that if there were only two groups of people and the minority had less rights, but if they're to get more rights then it means taking some rights away from the majority, so the majority claims that to be racist because it's not fair... That's the point, that's racism does, it's not fair... It's not that racism exists that, it makes racism such a bad thing, racism is bad because it does bad things to everyone, not just the one, or the many, or the one for all, I mean everyone involved. Are you going to try to justify your reasonings to me of whether or not you are a bad person all just because you may or may not be racist, that's stupid, being a racist doesn't make you a bad person, but you seem to think so, it's not what you are, whether you are a part of a group or want to be known as an individual, that's the whole idea of why not to be a racist. Everyone wants to be known for their individuality, everyone wants to be known as not being a part of a group either, but not everyone can get everything they want just by existing, the truth is, not everyone is actually made equal as others are, it's not going to make you anything, just like how being a racist doesn't actually make you a bad person just because you happen to be racist, that's distasteful and hateful and you know it in your heart of hearts there's no arguing with me, much less a bad person just to realize that to be the truth, but it's when you let who you are govern and control how to decide how to treat others that, that is what makes "YOU" a racist. You talk a good game about being all about peace and equality, but can you represent? Just like I stated a second ago, you seem to think you do think so, so let me just ask you this, if the majority not being the main racists means the minority as an end result may really have less rights than they should, is that supposed to be a bad thing to you, or do you think that the minority should just keep their mouths shout and let the main folk, "probably white people," keep getting to call themselves good people as if they shall vanquish racism by taking the rights everyone else was fighting for away from them all just because they happen to still be thinking that all racism is bad, do you still agree that the majority who have more rights and freedoms than the minority aren't bad people whether either because they actually are bad people or because they just happened to be racist?

I don't care about your equality, fuck you, if that is what white people are supposed to be to you, then that's everything you should know I am against with every fiber of my being, I fight for equality, bitch.

None of you that speak of equality being a good thing and how racism is bad even know the meaning of the definition of equality. Right here buddy. I'm a white guy too. I don't have to teach you this meaning of the word equality for me to be in this respect better than you, I am white probably like you are, but that's not why, I know that I am better than you, because I don't have to be more good than all the racists in the world just for it to make me a good person, unlike you, I just have to be better than you, and then you will know the whole meaning of the word equality when I shove it so far up your , that it ends up behind your eyes. Then you'll be free to judge whether me being a racist is such a bad thing or not, after I take away your jobs because of being white, and after I've told you everything bad that I will do to you because I just happen to be a racist that I've shown you just how inferior you are to me, then you can tell me just all how about that I really am a real racist or not.

You couldn't even tell me that if there really was a world where one group of people were objectively worse than another group of people, that one would be very well more bad to you than the other one would, you just want to call it a bad thing, because that's what you keep saying is what you believe in is equality isn't it? What about the Nazi's, were they bad people because they happened that they were racists? Or what about an entire Elven civilization made of wholly elves, they're subjected for being different, even if they are, "perfect," by all accounts of what the Natzi's believed, but that's because they really do have blue eyes and blonde hair, so when that elven civilization realizes it's not just them that they are racist towards from other races, who may or may not actually be good or bad like someone might believe, then when that civilization rises up and massacres every other race then for treating them worse than the other races, is that supposed to be a bad thing too? Does that make them the real racist then? Well, you know what, but bet you didn't think this through, because, guess what, only one of those kinds of things actually exist... And.. It's not the elves...

My point was, and still has been the same, who the fuck do you think you are, that to you, you think that you can determine who is bad and who is good just because of what they are? Do you not realize just how fun it is that for me to prove people wrong because you should. Don't treat me like I am the same as you, I am nothing like that, we are not the same in the slightest, because that's the difference between you and I, you can try to convince me of how bad of a person that I am for whatever that I am, for being racist even, and you might even succeed I wouldn't put it passed you, this wasn't, but, this wasn't me trying to argue with anything you really happen to think right now, you really think that if I disagreed with you that this would be what I would be doing is going on trying to convince you of a bad person you really are to a bad person probably like you right now is what I would really do right now, I said this wasn't, but, this wasn't what this was about, it's not you that I would be having to say this all to right now, because I've already declared war on all the bad people and everything they do whether it was just me who happened to disagree with them right now.

I won't just be the one talking about what I would do and trying to sound like a good person, like I would really have ever known what that is supposed to be, I don't do this for any of those reasons, it's because if anyone is going to be doing something when no one else will, it will be me, whether anyone wants to call me a bad person for it or not. I do not claim anything, I am not on anyone's side's, good and bad mean nothing to me, and I really don't claim to be like any of you because this is just what I am, this is me, because it's just what I do.

I wish you would... I do dare to try on me with that.. Just try to convince me of how much of a bad, terrible and horrible person that I am right now. I just told you what I will do if you do, this is me still giving you a chance, but I know, I know, no one who tries so desperately to justify their redemption for what they've would have done, is ever innocent, that's why, you are just like me, but, I am nothing like you; I've already just stated that who I do declare war on is all the bad people and everything they do, and I've already stated that, if anyone is, that it's going to be me, because no one knows me better than me and I am ok with everything what of that I am, unlike you. I'm not telling you this now because I valued what your opinion, because if it is you that stands against me, it's not that I am in disagreement to you, I am just going to be the one who destroys everything you believe in, because that's what I am, that's what I will do. Haven't I made myself clear here yet?

You're all just still playing good and bad, like that's real justice, that is what ever really even did anything just like none of you..........! That's just what I am saying. I hope, that if you really had a reason to hate me for what I do, that this would be would be that which gives you that more reason to do so, because to me that's all you are, and that's all that you have been good for so far. That's why, this....... Hello, and welcome to my world...

caseyxsharp 7 Sep 8
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Are babies born as racists, or for that matter theists? All that comes on when adults start the brainwashing.

angelo Level 8 Sep 9, 2022

You think that there isn't someone who is watching and in control of everything? I never found a use for trying to make people believe in God by convincing them just there is one, the best argument that anyone could be making is that there would be one. You're talking to him right now. I'm God, I was God once, now I am the Devil. I do control and watch everything that happens, I've been doing it for years. I don't really have time to talk to you about it is all. I'm not trying to convince you of this or anything right now. You think, you think that the that idea everyone has in their heads about what God is that is he is someone who that has this great mind that controls everything that is to be in the universe, no, that's been exactly the one thing that I have been fighting against this whole time, so personally your discretion towards religion is the least of what I have to worry about right now, you should be happily satisfied that there is in fact someone who is taking care of keeping track of things.

I know what happened and why I am here. Did you really not just expect that if you were going to compare racism to theism, that God was really going to be just the one be talking to you now? I wasn't really planning on making this conversation take this kind of turn until you brought this up. You humans have gotten religion all wrong, but I won't disagree that it's what you would need, honestly, because you need it more than I do. I don't give a shit whether you believe in calling me God, or praying to me as if I am the rock that's outside of your house. I don't expect you to be anything like me, and what the fuck is this nonesense about evil is bad because that's what bad is, the Devil gets to do whatever he wants like be evil, it was never the point to be the one who tries to control what is, because if you do, then this is what you get, you get me instead. Stop calling me whenever you think you can just so I can change what would be happening, that's what people keep doing, whatever it is that you think that I am going to do because I am God, it's going to happen the way you think it will, because I already know you're probably going to be the one to fuck it up and that's why you come to me to change things expecting me to solve all your problems just because that's what you think is that's just what God does. I already set everything in motion, why would be the one to change what would be, all just because you happen to ask me to? You don't know me, you don't know where I've freaken been.

I already just had to live through a world where things had already gotten so bad, that's just they did, they just started saying that it was the end of the world, because they couldn't wrap their minds around the idea that bad shit happens, and then I came along, I wasn't even born yet, they had already started the war without me. Do you know how fucking disappointing it is to look around and see that this is what it took for people to actually start believing in God, all that it took was the world ending for people to start believing in God? It almost isn't even worth my time to do anything to help save any of you humans, but next time, instead of putting words in my mouth and thinking that you can do my job, thinking that you can just be still individuals while saying you just have your own way of being you that does what you do in my name, don't, just let me do my job, and then maybe we can think about me doing something to make you living my world benefit you better.

I'm just saying.

Don't put me in the same lump as with the rest of you that would be dumb enough to only think about doing what I tell you to do and not you being the one to think about it at all, and then calling that religion. All of your religions are shit to me. You would believe that God is being merciful when he's even saying directly to your face that you should get your shit together before I do it for you, because I guarantee you're not going to like it, but, even though this is me just being reasonable with you, this was me just declaring that I just declared war on you that you're going to straight to Hell, because if I have to stop and explain myself for everyone that asks why I do things, Hell would already be a very crowded place right now, except you still think that I am merciful, like God can do no wrong, even though I can just crush you like an ant in the palm of my hand right now. You act as though that me killing people is the worst thing that I can do to you, no. If I wanted you dead, you would know first up, secondly, I can just show a picture of what I really look like, that thing can survive anything that you throw at it, it's what makes it me, you'll be all like, what the hell is that thing, and then I'll be all like, that, that's your executioner, I don't have to do anything, because that's what you're up against.

I was never like any of you. You think that I am just God just because that's just what I am to you. No, I didn't just get to be God all just because that's just what I am, I got like this because this is what I do, I never did any of this for any of you, I was doing this to fight for the world I was going to make, if I was the one who knew, if I was the one who could have known this is what I would be given in return... That's alright, as a matter of fact, you know what, it doesn't matter, it just means it shows that all that I have been and have done so far has been justified, I could have just stayed in bed, but I will be the one that gets the world he wants, because I am the only one who can now, not that you will ever be the one to know. I don't give a shit about any of this shit, you can have it, I don't fucking want it. This is still going to be something that I am going to do.

I have been here this whole time by the way, to you it's just that I have only been here for a few years ever since I was born, you wouldn't have known though that I have in only that amount of time this is what all that I've done with the world and in this universe right now, I know all of human history by the time I turned 7, can you guess how old I am now, I'm 27, all of this that you've been experiencing here on earth to you has all already been happening to me when I was 7 years old. That's when I got my powers, I was already 17 when the universe started after that, because that's when my ability had began developing, what happened when I got my powers was just to start everything, what I had to experience when I was 17 was going through the process of having my body experience all of that time that had passed for me that was as old as the universe, I had to actually do all of those things that I had set myself to do before I could continue as I am now, it's what made me who I am, and also that was all thanks to what happened when I was 7, I had an accident and that's why I had become God, I was knocked out and broke my leg, then when I came to again, I wasn't the same one person that I was before that happened. You all think that what God is, is just some kind of man up in the sky, I know the truth. All religions are meant to do is teach you how to be better than you are now, they each go about it in different ways, and that's why they're all wrong, you think that all that you have to do to be like me to be like God is only to just only keep doing good things because that's what religions teach you is that God is who punishes you if you don't. I never had high hopes for you, neither the less have I ever expected any more from you either. That's your problem, not mine. To me right now, the universe was made only a few years ago. I was God, now I am just me, and I'll tell you just what happened, what had changed when I took over, there was a reason for why things had to be changed once I took control, because in that moment was when I just was tired and just stopped giving a shit about what was made to be me, the me, that everyone expects me to be for them.

Do not think of telling me that I am the one still on your side right now. I spent my time being human for a while by writing a book to write the truth about there would be a God and to recover what I was forgetting all about myself too, and I've done just that, 4 whole straight years was how long I spent learning about God and to learn the scientific parts about all of this in order to do it. If you really don't just happen to believe in God right now, then you shouldn't ask me right now to tell you just why he does exist, because I could do it, I just could actually just do it, if I really wanted to tell you 50 pages worth of only why there would be a God right now right off the top of my head right now. We don't have to talk about God. But, if you really wanted to just talk to me about it, that I promise you I can do. I am not on your side right now though, do not say that I am right now. I would be the one WHO is going to be telling you then, that there would definitely without a doubt would be, right now, and you would have to be out of your mind to really think about asking me, if what it is you happen to believe would be that, all that nonsense bonkers, bodaciously bogus dripple that is what whatever it is that you happen to believe in about this world right now. I am not trying to sell you on some idea that what religion is teaching people is correct, just you shouldn't test me if that's what you would be believing right now is this shit about nothing supernatural exists, like it's actually all natural and shit. I hate talking to people like you, for the same reason why I had to turn the job of being God down already. And just as much as you hate to think that's just what I want to be doing right now because you ask me about what I do. I'm not, I am not going to do that. But I will if I have to with you if it's what I have to so I don't have to talk to someone like you anymore right now. I'm just saying is all. I'm still fighting the real world I can be a part of and it be what I wanted, oh, by the way, now I am Satan. Except this is what I do now, now I have to talk to people like you.

So, there it is, good luck, with replying to that to(or) whatever.


Only way it makes sense to do "antiracism" is if you're getting paid good money, like old Ibram Kendi.

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Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

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