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[] - Our constitutional rights on hold during the Obiden regime.

Daveclark5 8 Sep 21
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Will we get them back???

mmaadd Level 6 Sep 22, 2022

Those driving the destruction of the Constitution have been winning battle after battle with Republicans, who pledge to defend the Constitution. They are winning by deceit, slander, passing bills in the dead of night, intimidation and even murder. They are very committed to removing every obstacle to their power. The Constitution is the only document in the World that limits government, and that is what makes the stakes so high for Democrats.

Democrats win because the people are fooled by their slander of Republicans. As long as that happens, and the people remain generally ignorant of the history of the Democrat Party, we will continue to lose our rights under the Constitution.

The only thing I would add to this is that they are successful partly because of RINOs (internal saboteurs within the Republican Party). Even when republicans hold both houses and the executive branch, they refuse to take action to shore up our liberties and reverse the damage caused by the demoncrats. They are either impotent or complicit in the destruction of the country.
This isn’t to say it is worthless to even try to vote in republicans. I mean to say we need to root out the enemy within the ranks and throw them out when we have a replacement. We need to seek God’s help and His perspectives. Only with His help can this nation be saved from its current trajectory toward annihilation.

@Daveclark5 That's why We the People must diligently vote out anyone who clearly is not committed to defense of the Constitution. "Republican" voting for gun control? vote him or her out.

@TimTuolomne Exactly. That requires a willingness to actually know the candidates for whom we vote. We have to vigorously seek out their voting records is they are the incombant and their platform stance on each of the issues (e.g. the murder of babies, free speech, fiscal responsibility, smaller government or larger government, 2D amendment, etc… ) .


Now under biden it is getting worse. where does it say you have to shut your buisnus and go down the tubes

rogerl Level 4 Sep 21, 2022

For almost 100 years, Marxists and their sympathizers have been chipping away at the US Constitution - the ONLY document in the World that LIMITS government, thereby protecting citizen's rights above government rights.

The problem with the US Constitution is that it limits the power any representative may exercise. Democrats have consistently attempted to exceed Constitutionally defined power, and to amend the Constitution to compromise citizen's rights, such as FDR illegally coercing the Supreme Court to abdicate the Commerce Clause, thereby allowing the Federal government to dictate to farmers what they could and could not grow - much like Soviet Central Planning.

That increase of Federal power morphed into a vast unaccountable Federal bureaucracy, eventually leading to Obamacare - a power reserved for the States in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.

Excellent, intelligent response thank you.
I hope you don’t mind my copying it

@David42 Spread the word brother. Too many people are completely unaware of what it was in the US before FDR, when it was truly a free country. That generation is completely gone, and what they knew will only continue if those of us who know make the effort.


The Founders would not be impressed with Sloppy Joe!

sqeptiq Level 9 Sep 21, 2022

I believe they recognized the need for a bill of rights when they were ratifying the constitution. Although they intended this legally amended document to be the underpinning of our laws and the final word on running this country, the Obiden puppet regime with the help of the Demoncrats has undermined and endangered our continued existence. Only with the help of God will this nation survive the internal corruption and moral rot that threatens it.

@Daveclark5 I wonder how many Americans have actually read our constitution and billing rights

@Daveclark5 []

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