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What to do? What to do?

Accusations of Democrat treason have been met with denial from the Democrats. Accusations are useless. Many Americans, and citizens in other nations, see the incredulous deception of their respective governments. All denied by those same governments. Soon just their denials will not suffice at which point the yawning will end.

I think the various oppositional political parties will settle for indecision and uncertainty until the crimes can no longer be contained and the lid comes off.

In America, if the GOP takes congress, there will surely be an opportunity to at least look at unconstitutional activities. But there will be no real breakthroughs until a credible source to both parties breaks the truth or enough whistleblowers come forth, making the crimes undeniable. Then there has to be some confessions from credible Democrats (I know. That's an oxymoron at the moment).

But the seeming apathy from the opposition is due to any resistance to the progressive political direction of the Democrat party being immediately and overwhelmingly slapped down or ignored by a compliant legacy media and collaborative social media.

So there is no real conversation occurring right now and it looks like apathy. It is just doing what can be done until there is enough evidence piled up that will create an opportunity to do more than just make accusations.

The breakdown in western social democrat nations isn't solely an American phenomenon.
Treaties have allowed for the usurpation of national sovereignty from signing nations. Treaties on climate change, on migration, on the environment, on the distribution of wealth, on the use of non-renewable resources, on human rights, on energy, on transportation, on manufacturing and the list goes on, have centralized authority to serve global, not national, interests. The people no longer have a say in their nations unless they elect representatives that do not serve global interests.

Global interests may well be the interests of nations and the people of those nations but they may not be. Like in the redistribution of wealth, the allocation of resources, the production of energy, the population level, etc. All collectively determined from a central authority. Agreed upon, of course, by all national governments who have only their national interests in mind, I'm sure.

FrankZeleniuk 8 Sep 21
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Democrats went on a spying spree, confiscating the personal electronics of Republicans. Republicans should go on a spying spree. If Republicans take the House, they should impeach 1000 Democrats and subpoena them to the max.

Democrats are launching frivolous lawsuits at Trump and other Republicans. Republican state AGs should launch frivolous lawsuits against Democrats. Do it at maximum intensity until Democrats beg for peace.


IF the GOP wins a majority in the house, the senate or both it will be time for them (republicans) to put up or shut up.

iThink Level 9 Sep 21, 2022

The military takes an oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTC.


Joe and Hunter are sweating thinking about the hearings Republicans will hold if they take control of the House.

sqeptiq Level 10 Sep 21, 2022

Who can say for sure that the two won't be Epsteined.

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