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There is no possible way for either the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of this United States Government to serve EQUITY without infringing on the EQUALITY of other citizens – and deliberately so, I might add!

I know of no where delineated that life shall be made EQUITABLE to all, other than at the hand of GOD – in fact, q1uite the contrary is true? And The United States Government IS NOT GOD – is it?

Equality exists only before the judgment seat of GOD HIMSELF – not before any human tribunal!

Socialism is a GODLESS ideology that falsely represents itself as capable of providing EQUITY to all – that’s the long heard of utopian promise of socialism that NEVER manages to materialize.

For any branch of This United States Government to provide anything to anyone, regardless of their status, it must first take it away from some other citizen. For example, ‘student loan forgiveness’ isn’t actual forgiveness because those loans where guaranteed by the United States taxpayers by way of their representatives. In short, the taxpayers pay the check without being given a choice in the matter? It’s not forgiven money, it’s stolen money from the taxpayers?

Forgive any mistaken terminology, but we not only have a problem with ‘Judicial Activism’ we have just as much of a problem with ‘Legislative Activism?’ They both exceed their limits as prescribed in our founding documents without a democratic vote of the people to do so? THEY BOTH HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO EXCEED THEIR FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE CITIZENRY?

Judges and/or Legislators don’t escape their ‘fiduciary responsibilities’ to the United States citizenry simply by being elected to office or court?

It’s GOD alone that can heal the infirmed – not any form of human government?

PS. The way to identify a ‘social activist’ is by what they’re trying to influence – is it Equality of Opportunity’ or is it ‘ Equity of Outcome?’

Posted by: Sowell Explains ~ Sep 21, 2022 ~ 4,012 views
“Judicial Activism: When Judges Cross the Line | Thomas Sowell”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Male-Feminist.
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy of life.


Excerpt from The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America:

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal,…….”

{Do you see anywhere in the founding documents of this United States that all men are created EQUITABLY? Why, because you have to know that it wouldn’t be true, would it?}


equitable adjective

eq·​ui·​ta·​ble | \ ˈe-kwə-tə-bəl \

Definition of equitable

1: having or exhibiting equity : dealing fairly and equally with all concerned
an equitable settlement of the dispute

2: existing or valid in equity as distinguished from law
an equitable defense

1914wizard 8 Sep 25
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