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The Rothschild family red sign. Rothschild literally means red sign in german.

The Israel Jewish symbol ✡

The only difference is the color!!!!!

Rothschild ashkenazi Jews are the same thing?

They control the central banks and enslave nations through loans which gullible taxpayers (slaves to the central bank) must pay back

Frthough 6 Oct 5
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In German it is zum roth schild, from the ghetto sequestering. Banking was the only non-unionized trade economically & culturally that non-Lutherans were allowed to work in. Some what reverse of sending your best and brightest minds into monasteries and taking them out of the gene pool.

Most Ashkenazic Jews are not related to the banking family, due to the royal decree of Denmark requiring all Danish Jews to adopt local residential jurisdiction names.

As for your comment to@eschatologyguy about the crown and that symbolizes that everybody is beneath them that is not as direct as Joe Biden and his pocket square symbolism means.

@Frthough nothing is free, that is a delusion, they may say free but it comes with a cost ~ obedience & compliance & complicity

I thought you Xtian people had a saying like give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Money is just a fiat of economic control of people.

@Frthough My sincere apologies about inferring you were a Xtian, I meant no disrespect to you. Just somewhat remembered reading a give unto Caesar passage and I meant it on the taxes and the unfortunate responsibility of paying taxes as a citizen and not being a miscreant. Peaceful protest is fine or take them to court and challenge the validity of it, but what ever. Sorry again about that.

Yes we use to (and some still do) use a scapegoat for the symbolic metaphor that sins could be forgiven never to return. The other goat was sacrificed in the Temple by the High Priest to G-D for atonement.

It may be irrational behaviour from the eyes of 21st century civilization, but it was a lot different rationale and behaviours thousand of years ago. Surely they would find some of our present day behaviours irrational. Indeed, some of the attitudes and behaviours of the East appear to the West as contradictory, as the actions of the West appear to be contradictory to the Eastern mind processes of today.

@Frthough well that all may be true. Plenty of peoples resisted the Roman Legions, but a soldier could not mistreat a Roman citizen. The saying about when compelled to go one mile, go 2 instead, comes from the rabbis of Israel. It was Roman law that a soldier could conscript you to carry his luggage a mile for him, and legions marched 20 miles a day. The go 2 miles with them was a passive resistance effort, the metaphor symbolism was to help get them out of your country expeditiously.

Everyone picked the cotton not just slaves, people that cut & bale hay understand.

As for accountability, I could go rounds with you on that one. I do not feel I need guidance and safety protection by Jesus; in fact, I may need protection from him and his followers, if you consider the new testament bible verse Luke 19:27

Your so the Bible is about escaping accountability through forgiveness and faith is a misnomer, or erroneous, misguided and inaccurate. It is specious reasoning and fallacious.

Accepting suffering is fundamental component of acquiring everlasting Torah, and learning Torah itself heals one of the suffering.

Then there is the virtue of the Understanding of the Heart.

Judgement entails accepting responsibility for one's actions and not blaming others. Then there is influencing others to virtue, or judging others favorably.

To me, the whole story of the Bible (and I am not referring to the new testament but the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings) is a dichotomy that transcends physical and spiritual, both at the same time.

All it takes is for one righteous poor person to be judged improperly, and G-D will show you what it is like to be in their shoes.


Hey Adolf, Rothschild means red shield not red sign. But that's not their original surname. You think you can find out what it was?

@Frthough And Google's a totally reliable source.

@Frthough It makes a difference if you're concerned with precision. The "hey Adolf" bit was to get your attention. Stop smearing an entire people for the crimes of a few. You sources are apparently framing the information they're dishing out to shape their viewers' thoughts in a certain way, much like what the MSM is trying to do to the rest of us.

@Frthough This is the Rothschild coat of arms. It doesn't have the star of David on it. Why should they advertise their being Jews when the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformers were all patently anti-Semitic? My point here is this: your source made this fake coat of arms (the one you posted) with the star of David so their viewers can associate their hatred for the Rothschilds for a hatred towards the people of Israel. Now people they've managed to hoodwink to think this way are more likely to spread their toxic ideas for them.

@Frthough Your anti-Jewish thinking inertia is quite strong. So you want the crown at the bottom? So you're saying the Jewish people are evil and deserve to die?

@Frthough The Rothschilds don't need smearing. The facts alone show they're without conscience.

@Frthough Oh that. I have no problem with that.

@Frthough Feel free to investigate. Just avoid blaming an entire nation for the sins of a few. Even the Democrats do not represent the entire USA.


The crown says it all. They believe they are our rulers and are entitled to treat us as cattle

@Frthough maybe it's a communist lion of Judah?🤷


That's correct. A "star" has 5 angles. A pentagram (5-pointed star) is the traditional star shape derived from classical heraldry, known as the "Seal of Solomon", since at least the Renaissance period.

The "Magen (shield) of David", represented by an intertwining of two triangles to form a SIX-POINTED STAR. comes from Talmudic Jewish mysticism and is relatively new to the Jewish faith. Alchemists used it to symbolize the union of opposites, and it is considered by some to be the symbolic epitome of “as above, so below.” Many Jews no longer follow sole old testament covenants. They abide by the post-Christian, Rabbinical-based Talmud (teachings of the Rabbis)

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