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I am Sorry For My Family's White Privilege

Being given all this luxury and comfort and privilege because of our skin color was ... well, just plain wrong!

Let me add more context: The bicycle was owned by a local midwife who used it to help with births and sick babies. This picture was taken after she helped with a sick child

Sensrhim4hizvewz 8 Jan 28
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Waiting for the truck to deliver the new fridge with icemaker. Lucky devils.


Nice! You had a bike. Lucky.

The bike belonged to a midwife who used it to visit the ladies and help with sick babies and births


Yup. I have endlessly been a victim of affirmative action and had little to show for an engineering career. Luckily I became an entrepreneur and have done all right that way.

America is not better off for the policies like that. I doubt that anyone is. Those promoted beyond their skills always ended up stagnating or worse. I saw it endlessly.

Yes, God used those hard time we went through where injustice held us back to shape us and teach us to recognize opportunity and then to prepare ourselves to take advantage of those opportunities and then to act on them.

He also provides opportunities we may not deserve, and intelligence and humility and confidence and desire to achieve and strength and health and hope: all of which we would need to accomplish the purpose for which he placed us on this earth. We may think we did it all by the sweat of our brow and because of what came from ourselves, but there is nothing we have that God didn’t provide.

He used hard times and humble beginnings to drive me into the military and other hard times later and experiences in the military to drive me to starting a business and into managing other people’s businesses and so many other failures and successes throughout my life. Now that I am old and retired, I feel my strength, health, intelligence, etc.. declining, but He always gives me whatever I need for the tasks ahead. I still help others when He calls me to and He somehow provides me with what I need, just when I need it to accomplish whatever He leads me to do.

I agree that affirmative action had value when it began, but that just like almost all government programs, it quickly devolved into a political tool to advance the politicians’ agenda at the expense of everybody, especially those it purports to help. It was needed to open the eyes of many to the injustice inflicted by many on a few because of their race, but after one generation it became counterproductive. Now it causes the racism it purports to negate.

@Daveclark5 I disagree. The Constitution protects all our rights equally as it was written. The Constitution as written, including the Bill of Rights, is the pinnacle of Liberty, from which any other direction is down. Favoritism of ANY group at the expense of the majority is tyranny, and directly against the principles of the Constitution.

The Constitution is only as good as the people who honor it. If the people decide to ignore its protections, that is not the fault of the Constitution, and hobbling the Constitution with favoritism of special groups does not fix that; it destroys the Constitution by bringing it down to the level of the prejudiced.

"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential Liberty for a little safety deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin.


You make a compelling argument.

I can’t argue that reverse discrimination is allowed under the constitutional or that we should be able to make unconstitutional laws and I defend the constitution as the highest law of the land,

However, in my youth I saw unconstitutional discrimination against people based upon their skin color. This discrimination was even made a part of the law. (Much of that took place before my time, but the residual continued into my generation.) I lived all over the US and around the world and saw it as an endemic part of life. I don’t argue that 2 wrongs make a right, but I believe the unconstitutional law on one end of the pendulum swing led inevitably to the unconstitutional law on the other end of the pendulum swing. What people fail to understand is that that pendulum has reached the end of that swing and will inevitably return to the other end unless it is reset to the center of the swing.

I don’t regret the swing that led to the reverse discrimination beyond the fact that it didn’t have to be that way if we had simply recognized the error of our ways as a nation and had reset the pendulum to the center and followed the constitution (preamble) by recognizing that all men are created equal by God and thus, worthy of certain unalienable rights. I believe it is God’s laws of nature (Newton defined it as the third law of motion) that determines this.

He also has a law that says we should love others as we love ourselves. That’s not a constitutional mandate, but I believe it has a higher authority than any man made law. We live in a broken world and we are broken, but if we strive to follow this law, I believe we will be miles ahead.

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