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2024 Presidential Run discussion Starting at (51.25) Robert Barnes nails the reason why Trump is using L.Graham, and clearly explains N. Hailey's and DeSantis' position in the next presidential election. After watching this, his view definitely changed my decision to vote for DeSantis if the man decides to run.
Actually the entire video is over 2 hours long but well worth the time...IMO
The Duran on Rumble

FEWI 8 Feb 3
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Derf posted this recently. I have not yet verified:

“DeSantis wants to make non-homicidal crimes punishable by death. He just lost my vote. This comes from centuries of false teachers and leaders who believe our Lord has given them permission to murder. That it is a forgivable sin. DeSantis wants to base these decisions on believing that mankind doesnt lie, and if they do they will be forgiven. Again, false teachings from those whom accepted the temptations satan has produced for them.
Lord, give me the strength to continue to help open the eyes of decievers an false teachers whom do not trust in your words, an your words alone. AMEN!“

Robert Barnes, being a reputable attorney, is more than likely stating facts on the man's background and his reputation in Congress. I was not aware of most of it.

So you are saying that people who threaten to destroy the lives and property of others should already have been killed out of self-defense?

I believe you are right though, the State should not have the right to end a person's life. But what is more heinous is doing so and pretending it was a suicide or a random act of violence or an accident or the worst, a senseless war.
I'd like to know if the CIA was involved in the assassination of JFK and end the rumors.

Senseless wars are an end run around State murder. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine are examples. Not to minimize the bravery of the men who fought in those wars for the freedom and liberty that their Constitution promises them.

The Vietnam war was an ideological war against communism or so it was said. If government is so afraid of communism why are they not informing their citizens through education exactly what communism is? Now it is here and too many people don't see it or they even embrace it.

Iraq and Afghanistan are moreso religious wars. Muslims there constantly threaten western civilization but out of some ideal of brotherly love and compassion they are welcomed to become citizens of America. The Iraq war was one of blind retaliation. I don't even know what the Afghan war was all about - Bringing democracy to Afghanistan? In which case, why aren't American soldiers in China right now? If the people of a nation want democracy they should be the ones challenging their governments not the US. And speaking of democracy, why aren't people taught what that is. If they knew what it was then people like Nancy Pelosi wouldn't be running around like a heretic claiming "our democracy is at stake" even when a universal democracy was never the intent of the Constitution. It is a representative republic. By the way, so was the soviet union, the difference being there was never a choice of political party. Only one political ideology was allowed. Although communism/socialism is very left wing it is politically very conservative. Unfortunately, liberalism in America, in its proud defense of freedom and liberty, opens the door to socialism, because its a free country and you can be a socialist if you want. It fails to realize that the socialist ideology destroys freedom and liberty. The way to avoid this infringement upon the freedoms and rights of the individual is to have a very conservative government yet a very liberal society. Uneducated politicians think that it is government that needs freedom and liberty and they will always try to untie their hands and exert more power and control over the populace.

Democracy and liberalism are what will destroy western civilization.

End of rant.

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