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The New World Order (NWO) instigated by ultra-wealthy elite-class vermin who seek to become the regal overlords with total power and control over the masses of common folks throughout all Western countries have an army of well-paid cronies doing their bidding.

Also assisting the tyrannical elites are the leaders in every corporation that the elites either own outright or control in various ways. Much of the West's mainstream media works towards assisting the NWO agendas. It should be evident to all that a percentage of politicians and bureaucrats in most Western countries operate on behalf of their moneyed masters.

Evidence of NWO growth and advancement is all around us. Canada is full of wimps and the purposeful anti-West anti-Canadian immigration policies is assisting the traitor elites and lackeys in that declining country with forcing the NWO on those foolish folks.

Slowly and steadily the endless Woke politically correct NWO propaganda and indoctrination grooms the people of the West to accept the insanity being piled upon us. Bit by bit the powerful few and their growing army of traitors loyal to the elite's shared wealth will eventually clamp down and bring a New Dark Age to the people of the West,

There is text and video at the link. Enjoy the show!!!!

Canadian State TV Releases Special Introducing Children to Drag Queens


If you do not endorse the Canadian activities regarding grooming youth to, at a minimum, accept deviancy that no child should be forced to experience a USA Congress Wench has some stern words for you you bigoted, biased, evil, unAmerican trash!!!!!!!

"Democrat Kathleen Clark BLASTS “Politicians and Preachers” and “Right Wing Extremists” for Cruelty to Transgenders After Wicked Transgender Guns Down Kids at School – Forgets to Mention Her Son Is Violent Trans Antifa Felon"

Text and video at the link below.


Quasar 7 Mar 29
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Not my posse.

They can do what they want, but if they make a single move to do anything to compromise the rights of any other American, I’ll be demanding of my reps that officials enforce the Constitution with prejudice.

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