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They lost the plot. Jump the shark on this one. How do these lunatics even make it to the end of the day? A pathology of thousand ism.

"The media are turning a child murderer into a sympathetic celebrity because they agree with the horrific violence and want to encourage more. Not sure if it's original to Tucker Calson but he used the term "transgenderist" yesterday and this is the correct nomenclature going forward"


Krunoslav 9 Mar 31
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Poor demented souls.


A word to the wise: Don't feed the trolls. Their goal is to consume humanity.


The NRA held their convention in 2022 in Texas less than a week after the Uvalde Texas shooting at an elementary school. Did you complain then? Say it was too soon? Say it was inappropriate to have a gun celebration less than a week after multiple children were murdered by guns? Especially as there were multiple "good guys with guns" who did nothing, debunking that "solution" of more guns the NRA loves to claim.

There have been around 2800 mass shootings over the past 5 years. Only 3 of those shootings were perpetrated by trans / non-binary individuals. Trans people make up about 1-2% of the population, making them 0.04% of mass shooters. 98% of shooters are cis men. The right-wing are using this as an excuse to make claims of a "violent movement" of trans people, using it to back their draconian laws.

The right wing are calling for an all-out genocide of trans people, even before this shooting took place. And you think it is absurd for trans people to complain about this? When did Christians stop their persecution complex and decide to tone down their rhetoric after a Christian shooter? When did the right wing stop their gun lust and violent rhetoric after a right wing shooter? You want trans people to just accept genocide now because a trans individual was a shooter? Do you equally blame all Christians or all White Men or all Right Wingers when they are shooters? Or is it "different" then?

Maybe when Christians are statistically the larger target of violence, like trans people are today, they can complain. Maybe when multiple prominent members of the Left Wing go to an official conference and call for the total eradication of Christianity, then they can complain.


Mass media caused this psychotic behavior. People are generally pliable and easy to warp if they lack critical thinking skills, and especially those who feel that they do not fit in anywhere. These types will latch onto a virtue-signaling, group-think mob. They get the membership feeling. They get a feeling of doing something important and meaningful in their lives, while getting the approval of their fellow virtue signalers. Typical simpleton behavior that does not create solutions or dialogue

Weather the reasons, the results are truly disturbing.

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