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"The latest fad in western nations is child abuse" Auron MacIntyre @AuronMacintyre

Ain't it the truth? Sacrificing your own children at the alter of wokeness. Your parents must be very proudm indeed.


“Saturn Devouring His Son” is a painting by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, created between 1819 and 1823. It is part of a series of 14 paintings known as the Black Paintings that Goya created during the later years of his life. These paintings were not commissioned but were painted directly onto the walls of his home, known as the Quinta del Sordo (House of the Deaf Man), near Madrid.

The painting is a horrifying depiction of the mythological story of the Titan Saturn (also known as Cronus in Greek mythology), who, fearing that his children would overthrow him, devoured them at birth. In Goya’s interpretation, Saturn is portrayed as a monstrous figure with wild eyes, consuming the body of a partly dismembered child, with blood dripping from his mouth and fingers. The dark, unsettling nature of the painting is characteristic of the other works in the Black Paintings series.

“Saturn Devouring His Son” can be interpreted as a reflection of Goya’s pessimism and despair during this period of his life, as he was experiencing personal hardships, including the death of his wife, the loss of his hearing, and the increasingly repressive political climate in Spain. The painting’s disturbing imagery is also said to represent the destructive nature of time, as well as the cycle of creation and destruction present in both human history and individual lives.

In 1874, the Black Paintings, including “Saturn Devouring His Son,” were transferred to canvas from the walls of Goya’s home, a process that damaged some of the works. The paintings are now part of the permanent collection of the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. “Saturn Devouring His Son” remains one of Goya’s most famous and haunting works, showcasing his extraordinary ability to convey powerful emotions and psychological depth in his art.


Moloch, also known as Molech, is an ancient deity mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, primarily in the context of child sacrifice. The name Moloch is derived from the Hebrew word “melekh,” which means king. Moloch is often associated with the Canaanite god Baal and the Carthaginian god Baal Hammon, all of whom were associated with fertility, agriculture, and child sacrifice.

Moloch is depicted in various ways, but is often described as a horned, humanoid figure with outstretched arms, seated on a throne. In some traditions, Moloch was also represented as a bull or an owl. He is often associated with fire, and child sacrifices to Moloch were believed to involve the burning of children on the idol’s outstretched arms.

In the Hebrew Bible, Moloch is associated with the practice of child sacrifice, which was strictly forbidden by the Israelites. Several passages in the Bible, such as Leviticus 18:21 and 20:2-5, condemn the worship of Moloch and the practice of sacrificing children to him. The Israelite King Solomon is said to have built a temple to Moloch, and later kings like Ahaz and Manasseh are accused of allowing the practice of child sacrifice to continue.

The worship of Moloch has been associated with various cultures throughout history, including the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, and the Carthaginians. The Roman historian Diodorus Siculus and the Greek historian Plutarch both describe the practice of child sacrifice in Carthage, which they attributed to the worship of Baal Hammon, who was often equated with Moloch.

In modern times, Moloch has become a symbol of greed, cruelty, and exploitation, particularly in the context of sacrificing the well-being of people, particularly children, for the sake of wealth or power. The image of Moloch has been used in literature, film, and other forms of popular culture to represent these themes.


Goya's painting was artist outer expression of inner world, not advocating public policy. While the tale of Moloch was a cautionary tale, meant to teach the moral pitfals of doing so.

“Saturn Devouring His Son” seems very appropriate painting depicting western nations and America and Canada in particular. At least Moloch was a morality tale. Behind current sacrifice , there is no moral lessons other than those which can be learned by the outside observers. What nation can possibly survive the practice of sacrificing its own children in this way? None. Something has to break. Sooner or later.

Krunoslav 9 Apr 3
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