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2305241600W NEOTENY (aka pedomorphosis) versus PORNOGRAPHY?

DISCLAIMER: I personally like Ted Cruz, but every time I see him I think of Lyndon Johnson of whom I can’t forget the atrocious policies of which he was guilty. But that’s my personal sword of Damocles with which I have to contend.

Women have historically resorted to ‘neotenous’ self presentations to gain the favor for themselves that is natural to children – to present themselves more attractive/comely to others as it were.

Pornography, on the other hand, is determined strictly by the eye of the beholder. What I’m trying to point out is that ANYTHING can be considered to arouse someone – anything at all. One person’s art is another person’s pornography and visa versa – it’s as strange as the human mind can be.

Admittedly, a person aroused by Betty Boop cartoons more than likely should seek out psychological counseling for themselves – just a suggestion mind you, not a condemnation. As I said before, pornography is in the eye of the beholder – where it should remain for that matter.

‘Neoteny’ is natures defense of the young that really shouldn’t be co-opted for the use of adult female humans. But that’s just my personal opinion as I don’t see it being done by men – do you?

Women (in generalities) understandably don’t like to think of themselves as secondary to children in the consideration(s) of fathers, but that’s exactly the position a husband and father finds himself at the instigation(s) of the mother of his child which extends to alienation and his inevitable extrication from the family unit.

This appointee for the Justice position may be a great associate on the Supreme Court – then again she might not? The issue of child pornography should possibly be limited to just one of many considerations for that post – just saying, as pornography is strictly in the eyes of a beholder and nowhere else.

PS1. If there’s a need to attack someone, attack the cosmetic industry for catering to a neotenous look for women – co-opting the innocent appearance of children for them.

PS2. What a loathsome opinion women are taught to have of men – their father, their husbands and brothers.

PS3. This is NOT an approval of child pornography in any way – as long as it is real child pornography of which we speak. And not just another condemnation of male humanity by feminists.

PS4. Then again, there just may be a lot of sick-oes out there that I’m not aware of?

Posted by: Gunelin Metbexi ~ 10 hours ago ~ 129K views ~ 87.6K subscribers
“'ONLY THREE MONTHS' Ted Cruz SILENCES 'SCOTUS Judge' J.ackson with CHARGES after 'past' case”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance? Especially since, admittedly my fault, my word processor’s spell checking capability is out of control changing words without warning. And to think that AI is supposed to overwhelm us – what a mess that’ll be.

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Commun-ist (whether he’s capable of realizing it or not?).
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neoteny (noun)

the retention of juvenile features in the adult animal. Also called pedomorphosis

  • the sexual maturity of an animal while it is still in a mainly larval state, as in the axolotl. Also called pedogenesis

early 20th century: from German Neotenie, from Greek neos ‘new’ (in the sense ‘juvenile&rsquo😉 + teinein ‘extend’.

1914wizard 8 May 24
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Women have historically attempted to present as childlike in order to access from males the status usually reserved to children? Really?

govols Level 8 May 24, 2023

From humanity, not just men. Thanks for the comment, 1914wizard OUT


Off with their balls should be the minimum.

Sounds like a winner for actual dealers in pedophilia. Thanks for the comment, 1914wizard OUT

@1914wizard A Brazilian with Crazy Glue for the rest.

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