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"With Trump, immigration was the issue, then by the end of it immigration was worse than ever.

With DeSantis, culture war will be the issue, then by the end of it transgender will somehow have become a conservative value."

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Ain't it the truth. Politicians will say anything to get elected. But as the Chinese say. Talk doesn't cook rice. Just 10 to 15 years ago Obama was against gay marriage, and even immigration, and today its conservative value and you won't see neither Trump nor DeSantis go against it. So how long before conservatives accept child grooming as conservative value? I swear they are so pathetic they could not conserve a cup of coffee. And the other side knows it. So we move more and more to the left.

Krunoslav 9 May 25
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I can't speak for Trump or DeSantis, but the Republicans are quite literally trying to make same-sex marriage illegal again. Iowa Republicans introduced a bill to ban it, and all but a few Republicans voted against protecting marriage equality in Congress. The Conservative members of the Supreme Court have expressed their desire to overturn Obergefell, and Republicans like those in Iowa are trying to get a case in front of SCOTUS to give them the opportunity. Of course it would be smart of Trump and DeSantis to not go along with that, as the majority of the country supports marriage equality, and supporting a ban would be a surefire way to lose the election.

So how long before conservatives accept child grooming as conservative value?

Haven't you heard? It already is. With the multiple multiple multiple cases of prominent Conservatives and Republicans being convicted of pedophilia and CP, with their hard-line efforts to lower or remove marriage minimum ages, their attempts to lower child labor law ages so children can get sick in a meat packing facility, etc etc.

Not to mention the 3 bills being passed in Texas:

  • To display the Christian 10 Commandments in every public school classroom, using public taxpayer funds if necessary to pay for them.
  • To allow un-certified Christian chaplains to replace public school guidance counselors, also to be funded by public taxpayer dollars, but not allowing representatives from other religions.
  • To set aside time during the school day for Bible reading - or other religious text - but also allowing for Bible prayers to be broadcast over the loudspeaker.

How is any of that not grooming?

By your meaning, every aspect of bringing up children is grooming?

@govols by your (and Republican's) meaning, everything is grooming except far-right Christian theocratic indoctrination.

Teach kids that slavery happened? Grooming. Teach kids about the Holocaust? Grooming. Show kids a movie with 99.9% heterosexual relationships, but one character just happens to be gay? Grooming. Letting a department store sell a rainbow shirt? Grooming.

But allow proselytizing Christian groups to come into public schools, while blocking and threatening non-Christian groups from equal access? Not grooming. Lowering minimum ages for marriage, allowing old men to marry children? Not grooming. Covering up sexual abuse cases at the Catholic Church, and just moving offending priests to a new location? Not grooming. Forcing children to go through genital inspection to play a sport, due to the maybe 10 trans athletes in the country? Not grooming.


Conservatism is always within a context of liberalism, and the left isn't liberal; the left is revolutionary liberation theology and friend/enemy totalitarianism.

govols Level 8 May 25, 2023

"Conservatism is always within a context of liberalism" Indeed. Conservatives are the losers of French Revolution who became liberals, but not fully, although within liberalism. They are liberals light They always follow the more radicals and at best slow the "progress" of the progressives but never stop it or oppose it in any meaningful way.

"There is nothing more conservative than a liberal institution." - P.J. O'Rourke.

It's a shame that the USA doesn't have a "left" - at least not in power. Only Far-Right and Center-Right.


By left you mean what? Class based worker's party, or what?


Will be interesting to see if Trump tries to explain why he let rioting spin out of control in the summer of 2020.

sqeptiq Level 9 May 25, 2023

Yeah. He didn't do anything about that, because he is morally weak. But he did brag about warp speed, even when everyone knew about the consequences of the jab. Now he is running by claiming neocons are the problem for war, and yet he filled his cabinet full of neocons.

DeSantis had to go to Israel to be told to pass anti-semetism hate speech law or he would not get donations for campaign. Funny how that works. Also DeSantis was ivy league groomed and posted in Gitmo, clearly a necon product, and he supported most of their projects and forever wars, That is why in recent times he was most silent about forign policy but was more vocal on culture wars, domestically. worked good for him. When he finally said that maybe Ukraine thing should be handled with diplomacy, about a week later he was back in support of war. No doubt, neocons called up for a little chat to correct his views.

...etc...etc... etc...

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