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Attack on house of Justice Minister Bushman in Gelsenkirchen "Militant" trans activists

05/31/2023 5:38 pm

The house of the Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) in Gelsenkirchen has been smeared, also the door is slightly damaged. The police are now investigating a web portal entry in which a "transphobic influence" is given as the reason.
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In Gelsenkirchen, the residence of Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) became the target of an attack - one day before the 4th Christopher Street Day on May 20. Police confirmed the incident on Wednesday. First, the "World" had reported that walls were smeared and a window damaged.

According to information from his ministry, Bushman had appointments in Berlin that day. Although the incident is now almost two weeks ago, nothing has yet come to the public except the newspaper report.

Residents had called the police "after they had noticed a graffiti as well as a slight damage to the house door," the police said. "Since the Federal Minister of Justice is also registered at this address, the State Protection of the Gelsenkirchen police took up the investigation on the same day." A ministry spokesman said in Berlin that Buschmann "immediately filed a criminal complaint" after the incident.

Buschmann himself confirmed the incident on Twitter and showed no sympathy for the perpetrators. "Democrats argue with arguments - not with violence and damage to property," the politician wrote on the platform. Of course, his political opinion could not be influenced by such actions, he elaborated.

According to the police, there are no indications of suspects so far. One examines however an entry in the Web portal "Indymedia", so a police speaker. The portal has been classified by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a "secured left-wing extremist effort."

Militant trans and queer activists behind the attack

In the entry on the left-wing extremist web portal "Indymedia", it is written about the incident that Buschmann's house in Gelsenkirchen had been "marked".

As a reason for the damages, the author of the entry names protest against the draft of the "self-determination law", which is described as "massively trans-hostile". According to the entry, the words "Self-determination instead of bathroom bills" and the transgender anarchy symbol were smeared on the house.

A window in the front door of the house has also been smashed. The author of the text comments on this by saying, "He (Bushman; editor's note) also enjoyed an architectural makeover with regard to the glass elements of the entrance."

Signed is the entry in the radical left blog with the call for further radical protest actions "for the militant self-defense of trans and queer people!". Fight back if we are to be second class people!"
Simplified name and gender change

At the beginning of May, the federal government had published a draft of the so-called "self-determination law". The traffic light parties had agreed on the project in their coalition agreement.

According to the plans, everyone in Germany will be able to determine their own gender and first name in the future and change them in a simple procedure at the registry office. According to the family and justice ministries, the law is aimed at transgender, intersex and non-binary people. The Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (LSVD) welcomed the publication of the draft.

"Affected people and their advocacy groups have been waiting a long time for this next step since the presentation of the key points paper in June 2022, which has been postponed several times," said Mara Geri from the federal board. The association now wants to analyze the regulations in detail, she added.

The Federal Trans* Association expressed a similar view. "For far too long, there has been a lack of initiative at the political level to get a human rights-based regulation off the ground. Finally, the current government is tackling this long overdue project and presenting a draft to the associations," said Kalle Hümpfner.

"Trans," according to the ministries, includes people who do not identify or do not identify only with the gender they were assigned at birth. "Inter" means having congenital physical characteristics "that cannot be clearly classified as (only) male or (only) female according to medical standards." "Non-binary" is defined as a self-designation for people who identify as neither male nor female.


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Krunoslav 9 May 31
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