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LINK The Muslim-Democrat Clash Intensifies: U.S. City May Ban LGBTQ Flags

“Our strength lies in our diversity!” Some may wonder for how much longer we’ll hear this rallying cry now that leftists, at least in one U.S. city, are being “diversified” right out of a cherished agenda. The place is Hamtramck, Michigan, where officials are now poised to prohibit the display of the “LGBTQ” rainbow “Pride” flag on city property, such as government buildings and sidewalks.

This move goes far beyond simply pushing back against the MUSS [Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”] agenda, which, as a radical new sexual devolutionary tentacle overtly targeting kids, has inspired robust opposition. In fact, it strikes closer to the sexual devolutionary movement’s very foundation and at behaviors much of the general population has already been inured to. And as you read the following, see if it contains any clues as to why this “bold” move is occurring in Hamtramck.

“A resolution on the agenda for Tuesday night’s city council meeting, introduced by Hamtramck Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Mohammed Hassan, would prohibit the display of any flags related to sexual orientation as well as racial and political issues,” reports the Detroit Free Press. “Over the past year, there has been intense debate in Hamtramck over whether to allow the flying of an LGBTQ flag on a city sidewalk. Hamtramck’s Human Relations Commission Chair Russ Gordon drew criticism from Mayor Amer Ghalib and others after he put up the Pride flag last year on Jos Campau Avenue along with the flags of various nations.”

“The resolution says Hamtramck must remain neutral instead of favoring certain groups such as LGBTQ communities,” the paper also writes.

The “neutrality” claim tells, at best, only half the story (note that a Hamtramck ordinance allows the Islamic call to prayer to be blasted through the city via loudspeakers). The mainstream media don’t even tell that much, and this is for the same reason why you won’t hear too many leftists scream “Intolerance!” or hurl the “fascist” label:

Hamtramck, long a “Polish” enclave, is now the first “US city run by Muslim Americans,” as the BBC put it in 2021.

In fact, the municipality became that year the first American jurisdiction in which all the elected officials are Muslim. This is unsurprising since the city is now majority Muslim.

As such, it’s a Petri dish for observing what happens when immigrants leftists welcomed because it was assumed they’d vote Democrat do vote Democrat—but reject the party’s woke agenda.

Make no mistake, too: This is a battle among Democrats. Councilman Hassan and Mayor Ghalib are both Democrats; so are, apparently, ex-four-term mayor Karen Majewski, Russ Gordon, and the entire Hamtramck city council.

And why Majewski lost to Ghalib in 2021—ending a 100-year streak of Polish-descent mayors—by more than a two-to-one margin after beating him in 2017 by a two-to-one margin is instructive:

She’d voted “to fly a flag the Muslim population didn’t want to see,” as Medium put it.

So the lesson is clear: When Muslims gain majority status, there’s no pot of political gold at the end of the rainbow flag.

sqeptiq 10 June 13
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