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And the most exciting woman in the world (Eartha Kitt) as adjudged by the great Orson Wells. And I can’t think of much that Orson Wells wouldn’t, or couldn’t, be a qualified judge of.

The accolades of Mr. Stout go without saying being the creator of Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes’ illegitimate son as it were. (a little humor of course)

Ms. Kitt however, caught me by pleasant surprise as I can’t quite place her. Being one of we unaffected Americans, it’s reasonable that I wouldn’t recognize her as she apparently is among those entertainers that, over time, fled this United States out of rancor over their leftover racial grievances.

I do however seem to place her voice as having, at one time, sang one of the “James Bond” theme songs. Perhaps you can recall as I’m still stymied?

Posted by: The Dick Cavett Show ~ 10 months ago ~ 7.8K views ~ 296K subscribers
“Nero Wolfe' Author REX STOUT Chats About Writing | The Dick Cavett Show

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“Speaking Freely: Eartha Kitt”

NOTE: For reference: Johnson was a democrat (the party of Andrew Jackson) that wanted to micro manage the Vietnam war from his office in Washington, D.C. And it;s always been Republicans that’ve ended up avoiding and/or extricating us from war(s) – not the warmongering democrats.

PS. Everywhere you look, if you keep your minds eye open, you’ll find real history full of disproof, of the toxic feminist theory, that women have been historically oppressed by men rather than by nature.

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Commun-ist (whether he’s capable of realizing it or not?).
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an existentialist (individualist) philosophy of life.



  1. consider or declare to be true or the case:
    "she was adjudged guilty"

▪ (in legal use) award something judicially to (someone):
"the court adjudged legal damages to her"

▪(in legal use) condemn (someone) to pay a penalty:
"the defaulter was adjudged to pay the whole amount"

Word Origin:
late Middle English: from Old French ajuger, from Latin adjudicare, from ad- ‘to’ + judicare, from judex, judic- ‘a judge’.

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