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At a fundamental level fascism and communism are the same thing, they both use initiatory force and violence.

FocusOn1 6 Sep 17
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It seems to me that there has only ever been two competing political philosophies: Individualism and Collectivism.
Your actions are either determined at your sole discretion, or that of somebody else. There is no in-between.
And, who that "somebody else" is hardly matters; whether it's a dictator, a PolitBuro, or a political class that refuses to honor the natural constraints of its legitimate authority. (I'm looking at you, American Democrats and RINOs.)

rway Level 7 Sep 17, 2023

Good observation.

You have likely noticed the American Constitution is based upon the protection of the individual and his rights within a societal framework. Groups are not recognized as having "rights", unfortunately certain groups have lobbied government for rights but they are simply "privileges".
The rights of every individual have already been recognized by the Constitution. The recognition of the status of "individual" is what was needed and could be earned through citizenship.

An example of a group gaining privilege as a recognized individual is corporations. Women demanded reproductive rights. They are not rights, of course, but privileges. Today LGBTQ are demanding "rights". These collectives are destroying the social fabric that has developed over America's existence working towards a more perfect union. Government interpretations of the Constitution that result in protections of collectives or the granting of "rights", in reality; "privileges",are the source of a great deal of problems.

Liberalism has an inherent flaw in that it protects the rights and freedom of collectives, confusing them as individuals. Socialism fails because it is entirely about the collective. There is no balance with the individual. The individual under a total socialist state has no rights, really. The State is supreme.


Just different flavors of socialism dependent upon who the dictator is.

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