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Dr. McCullough – mRNA Jab Should be PULLED
Bad Science is More About Money than Individual Health

SUMMARY: This post takes a look at Dr. Peter McCullough’s testimony before the European Parliament on 9/13/23.

The post includes Dr. McCullough’s Substack post which included a 10-minute clip of Emerald Robinson interviewing the good doctor about his mRNA testimony.

Then I am cross posting The Exposé which has excerpts of the testimony and a 17-minute of Dr. McCullough testifying. In essence Dr. McCullough testifies the mRNA Jab is more dangerous than helpful and should be pulled from the market and NOT be used even in booster form. … READ & WATCH: []
#BadmRNAJab #Listen2DrMcCullough

JohnHouk 8 Sep 19
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If I had not feared wife and I would be unable to secure necessities if one of us had not been vaccinated (I really thought they were going to issue Soviet style papers) I would not have got the first two. I'm usually not that nervous about getting shots but the whole experimental thing and the history of new vaccines made me very nervous. Turns out they were worse than I imagined. They made safe and effective a joke. So far I don't know anyone who had a serious adverse reaction so I guess we were lucky.

The real question is why did they go ahead with the mRNA "vaccines" after it was clear they were ineffective at stopping the spread. There was plenty of time to develop traditional vaccines. I'm not asking why the Pharmaceudical companies may have made that choice I'm asking why didn't people object.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 19, 2023

A very effective brainwashing campaign is your answer.


Jab me once, shame on thee; jab me twice, shame on me!

sqeptiq Level 10 Sep 19, 2023

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