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Hamas is Wicked-Evil & There is NO Palestinian People

SUMMARY: Undoubtedly with Leftist incitement to cause chaos in a Christian-oriented culture; Pro-(Pseudo)-Palestinian protests/riots against Israeli reprisal to Hamas Islamic Terrorist brutal-outrageous murders of Jews. … I’m about to rile all the Antisemites, the Jew-Haters, Those who can’t distinguish between Covenant-breaking Leftist Jews and Covenant-Keeping Chosen-People Jews,… MORE2READ: []
#HamasWickedEvil #PseudoPalestinianFakePeople

JohnHouk 8 Nov 6
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Hamas is the Arabic word meaning violence so pro Hamas is pro Violence.
This all goes back to to bothers and ones vow to kill the other and all his descendants.


Unfortunately, jews are not the "chosen ones". They rejected our savior and king of kings and they killed him. Christ said, "No one shall enter the kingdom of heaven except through me..."

The jews you see in Palestine today are not the ancient jews of the covenant. They are anti-Christ criminals! They will start a world war to retain their false narrative and their belief that all non-jews shall serve them in slavery. These are evil Talmudic jews who despise everyone who are not part of their Zionist conspiracy

That perception isn't exactly correct. THE FIRST Christians were Jews (including the Apostles of the Lamb). Christ's Redemption engrafts Believing Gentiles into the Covenants & Promises made to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob - Ergo, Redemption does not replace Jews but makes Believing Gentiles Joint-Heirs. When Christ Returns, Jews will be provided one more en masse opportunity to recognize their Messiah or foolishly join Satan in the Lake of Fire. (The same option will be given to non-Jews as well). Sadly many Jews (especially covenant-breaking Leftists) and Gentiles (those trusting the Satanic World Order) will reject the Messiah and burn.

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