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The cast of characters herein include ‘Thinking-Ape’ (aka Stardusk) the host; CS MGTOW a guest; with discussion about ‘Rollo Tomassi.’ a professed PUA (Pick-Up Artist).

The greatest discriminatory factor is ones physical symmetry rather than race or any other factor(s) such as race and/or ethnicity – or even religion and/or politics. So appearances really do matter – unfortunately.

The next most attractive thing to a female human is ‘security’ – again, unfortunately. And for some unknown reason, when sizing a man up, female humans (subconsciously or otherwise) equate a male’s self confidence with with their protection and security.

Given the above, and feminist autonomy, one would reasonably conclude that feminism and male authoritarian self confidence would grate each other immensely?

Whether is comes up or not (and generally speaking of course) marriage confers upon a woman ( in most places) a (an at least implied) POA Power-Of-Attorney authorizing her to transact business on behalf of her husband. Which conferral is definitely not reciprocal.

I suppose what I’m trying to point out is that MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) philosophy of life is against anyone controlling anyone else. Whereas feminism is obsessed with seeing everything through the Marxist lens of zero-sum-game ‘dualism.’

I think what’s being danced around is the fact that a man makes himself a slave when he says I Do to a commitment whether he’s the controlled or the controller. There’s no way for a man to actually win this commitment game with women vis-a-vis gynocentric government.

PS1. MGTOW isn’t about control of anyone other than ones self – it’s about going your own way.

PS2. No one can escape the fact(s) that women are hypergamous and men are prolific – it’s nature itself.

PS3. Please feel free to correct for yourself any errors that you may discern.

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“MGTOW Talks: PUA and Rollo Tomassi with CS MGTOW”



  1. the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided:

"a dualism between man and nature"

▪ a theory or system of thought that regards a domain of reality in terms of two independent principles, especially mind and matter (Cartesian dualism).

▪ the religious doctrine that the universe contains opposed powers of good and evil, especially seen as balanced equals.

▪ in Christian theology, the heresy that in the incarnate Christ there were two coexisting persons, human and divine.

  1. the quality or condition of being dual; duality.

Word Origin:
late 18th century: from dual, on the pattern of French dualisme.

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Physical symmetry: the downfall of the one-eyed!

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